AJNABHII – Episode 11

Recap : Arnav get angry for inviting his parents to engagement & get drunk

Shantivan : ( jahan aaj zaroorat se zyada shanti hai ?)

Kushi is waiting for Anjali.. Aman come there

Aman : Good morning kushi

Kushi : good morning aman.. Is Arnav ok

Aman : till now he is..

Kushi look confused as what he meant

Aman : after the drama he created yesterday night dont know what nani will do now

Kushi : oh.. Nani got to know.. You should have not told to her

Aman : we tried to hide but he revealed everything to trouble us & even told so many past secrets too

Anj – Shy room

Anjali is drying her hair & shyam’s getting ready

Anjali : will you go to court today

Shyam : no.. I’ve shifted one important meeting at home only that’s it.. I’m not going anywhere

Anjali : bahut gussa ho aap chote se ( are you very angry on chote)

Shyam : when he did this for 1st time didn’t he promise he won’t repeat again.. He always does this..


Kushi : past secrets..?

Aman : one of his ex girlfriend shreya..

Kushi get angry..

Kushi : who shreya..?

Aman : wahi model who married mittal

Kushi : woh super model who married that old man chii.. She was his girlfriend

Aman gets arnav’s message asking where he is..

Aman : arnav’s calling I’ll meet later..

Arnav’s room

After taking shower Arnav is sitting on recliner holding his head while aman enter..

Aman : finally you came back to senses

Arnav : it was just a half filled small bottle aman don’t know how I lost my senses..

Aman : because it was not any imported wine it was pakka desi daaru

Arnav : dammit.. Now what..

Aman : Nani may throw you out of house.. Di won’t talk to you for sure.. Jijaji was so angry that I don’t know what he will do with you

HP enter with lime juice

HP : nani ji told to have it & come down she want to talk


Kushi is murmuring about that shreya & arnav.. Arnav passing by hears it & he even recall her saying jelebi yesterday..

Arnav : jelebi..

Kushi : who’s jelebi.. Ah..

Arnav : you should know who it is you only said that yesterday

Kushi : I don’t know leave.. ( she try to go )

Arnav pin her to wall
Arnav : well you didn’t answer me..

Kushi : I think you better concentrate on apologising to your di & jijaji instead of some jelebi.. ( she’s angry hearing about his ex gf)

HP : Arnav bhaiyya..

Arnav leave kushi

HP : Naniji bula rahi hai.. Kushiji Anjali didi unke kamre mein hai aap wahi jayiye ( nani is calling you & kushiji Anjali is in her room you go there )

Kushi : all the best


Nani : toh kabka ticket karaye US jaane ke liye

Arnav : nani.. Woh..

Arnav : I didn’t mean it nani..

Nani : don’t give any explanations now pehle jaake Anjali bitiya aur shyam bituwa se maafi mangiye ( first go & apologise to Anjali & shyam)

Anjali’s room

Kushi is showing some exercises to anjali when Arnav knock the door..

Anjali : kushi tell him I don’t want to talk to him

Arnav : di.. Not again please

Anjali : ask him to go we have work..

Arnav : di sorry I was drunk I didn’t mean it

Kushi : when drunk people say truth

Arnav glare kushi..

Arnav : di I was angry sorry..

Anjali : don’t talk to me chote.. You explain this to your jijaji..

Arnav come & sit beside Anjali making innocent face..

Arnav : di.. This is last time.. If I talk something like that again.. You give me any punishment.. Sorry please..

Anjali smile : last time ok..

Arnav nod

Anjali : don’t tell your jijaji I forgave you.. He will complain I’m spoiling you first go & console him

Shyam enter room finishing meeting..

Shyam : what’s he doing here?

Anjali ( fake anger) : he’s not listening to me aap hi baahar bejiye ise ( you only send him out)

Shyam gets a call..

Shyam : ( on call) how many times I’ve to call you.. Is it a way to work.. Your file is good for nothing… ( he go on shouting on other person on call)

Arnav understood its his part of scolding someone else is getting.. Because shyam is very calm person never shout on others or his staff

Anjali : I’ll bring coffee for him till then you talk ok

Anjali leave.. Shyam’s phone ring..

Kushi : you were faking till now.. ( she exclaim)

Shyam : sshh.. Rani sahiba might hear..

He go & close the door..

Shyam : chote you’re too much do you know how much you troubled us yesterday & that US

Arnav : sorry.. I didn’t mean it

Shyam : I know but what about your di..? & dadi.. God chote you told her about shreya

Arnav : I’ll manage those 2 just you don’t get angry..

Shyam : why will I be.. I understand but just dont tell this yo your di.. She’ll complain I’m spoiling you..

Arnav nod & kushi is surprised.. What a trio ? But her head started paining as if she has seen all this before.. Anjali enter with coffee..

Shyam : ( whisper) there comes the lioness chote start..

Anjali gesture did shyam forgive..
Kushi start getting flashes seeing this.. She see some big room it seemed like some palace.. There she again saw those 2 kids who were always in her dreams but she could see a other 2 persons whom these 2 kids were adressing as di bhaiyya..


Elder girl : you’re spoiling them day by day

Elder boy : me.. Oh come on I didn’t know anything I’m also angry on them

Some servant come & call that girl she go..

Elder boy ; ( to kids) see how angry your di is.. You both always get caught with her

Small girl : are you not angry on us for climbing that tree

Elder boy : no.. When will you enjoy if not now but safety comes fast next time you take me too with you ok..

Kids : ok bhaiyya..

Boy : di is coming

Elder boy again become serious

Kushi open her eyes..

Kushi : ( involuntarily) oh you both have forgiven him then why are you acting like this.. Dont worry we won’t get spoiled..

All 3 : what..!!?

Precap : Ring ceremony..

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