AJNABHII – Episode 10


I know all of you are waiting eagerly with lethal weapons to attack me for this delay.. I’m really sorry & this delay is for last time.. From today I will be regular.. But I can’t post all my 6 ffs in one day.. So I’ll post two everyday.. Hope you all are okay with it.. Sorry..

Arnav was giving tough time for anj, shy & aman. He was constantly refusing to go home.. They somehow managed to bring him to the door of shantivan

Shyam : chote no sound.. Keep quiet till we reach your room

Arnav : I won’t..

Anj : chote please nani will wake up

Arnav : you both never listen to me na.. Now see I’ll trap you both..

He is about to move in & scream nani.. But shyam & aman hold him..

Anj : chote maar khaoge agar shor kiya tho dekhlena.. ( you’ll get nice beatings if you make noise see)

Arnav : aap humesha aisa hi bolti ho par karti Kuch nahi.. ( you always say like this but do nothing)

Anj : ( pulling his ears) achha.. Subah dekhenge tab baat karna tum humse ( hmm… Let’s see in morning.. Then you talk to me)

Shy : Anjali stop it.. Chote please save us this time.. I’ll fetch ice cream & your di will give permission ok.. Please..

After much efforts arnav agree ( not really) All 4 stealthily move in not to wake anyone but to their dismay nani was awake waiting for them as she was worried. They encounter in mid hallway

Nani : what’s this chote is it a way to behave.. We were so worried here & you just stormed out.. Where you went ah..?

Arnav : I don’t know..

Nani gets suspicious about his state..

Nani : what’s wrong with him..

Shy : Kuch nahi dadi.. Neend aayi hai ine ( nothing.. He’s just sleepy )

Arnav : ( drunken voice) jhoot.. ( lie..)

Gupta mansion

Kushi : He was acting like a kid.. God I never thought the ASR would do something like this

Payal : bechare Anjaliji & shyamji.. He troubled them a lot..

La : my aman too…

Kushi & payal : ooh hoo.. Your aman.. Ah..!

La : ( throwing pillow) how many times I’ve told stop teasing me…

Payal : well.. Kushi.. We already have our fiancée you tell how should be your life partner..

Shantivan.. ( jahan aaj shanti nahi hai?)

Nani : ye kya harkat hai chote aapne sharaab piya hai.!? ( what’s this arnav. Are you drunk.!?)

Shy & Anj : ( immediately) No..

Nani look angrily

Shy : I mean someone has forcefully made him drink it..

Arnav : who will dare to force Arnav Singh Raizada.. They’re lying nani..

Aman : ASR please.. Chup ho jaav.. ( keep quiet)

Arnav : No.. Nani I have tell you so many truths today.. So listen.. I got drunk intentionally as I was angry on these two.. This is not first time.. I drink sometimes in party with di’s permission not to forget sometimes jijaji too join me.. And that girl shreya.. She was my girlfriend.. These two lied to you.. They just hide everything from you.. See now you know its not me alone who lie to you.. But you always get angry on me alone ( he complain like a kid)

By now nani was spitting fire on all 3 ASR was not in senses to realise it now but anj shy hung their heads low avoiding nani’s gaze.. Arnav was about to continue his session of revealing truths but nani intervened.

Nani : enough.. Go to your room now..( she roared)

Arnav was about to refuse but aman & shyam literally dragged him from there.. Followed by Anjali.. Aman left ..

Gupta mansion

Kushi starts thinking..

La : come on kushi close your eyes & go on telling some qualities..

Kushi : ( closing her eyes) hmm… He’s tall seems like he’s very khadoos but at heart he’s a child.. When alone he flirt a lot troubling me always.. And his signature smirk.. Oh.. It will take my breath away.. ( she go on explaining…)

La : kushi.. Who’s picture you’re seeing..

Kushi : Arnav..

Payal & la : what..!!!?

Kushi come to senses..

Kushi : not Arnav. I said salmanji..

Payal : jhooti. ( liar)

La : salman is not tall

Kushi : 1000 times I’ve told you la.. He’s tall..

La : only for you I suppose.. He have average height kushi.. Tall are abhishek bacchan hrithik roshan and.. Arnav..

Kushi : la.. ( finding hard to hold her blush)

Payal : I think there’s no need of fake engagement now.. Right Kushi..

Kushi : di.. Now you too started..

La : thank God I love aman otherwise you would have literally eloped with Arnav & would have got married to him right kushi.. Bhagodi dulhan ( run away bride)

Kushi : Lavanya ki bacchi.. you’re gone now..

Kushi starts hitting her with pillow

Raizada mansion
Arnav’s room

Arnav : why you two took me here.. Didn’t I say I don’t want to stay here.. Leave me..

Arnav struggled to get out of their hold.. But shyam’s voice made him shut down..

Shyam : ( sharp & loud) Chote..

Arnav looked at him & shyam’s face clearly revealed that he was displeased & angry on him..

Arnav : now why are you both getting angry on me.. Aapki galati hai aur ab mujh pe chilla rahe ho.. ( he frown like a little kid)

Anj : now sleep we will talk tomorrow

Arnav : No.. I won’t sleep.. I won’t stay here.. You two invited those monsters.. I’m not staying here for a minute more.. You two don’t love me..

Arnav was really hard to handle.. They just stood their staring him that’s when nani entered who heard it all passing by..

Nani : Whr will you go ah.?

Arnav : I will go to US & will never come here…

Nani : tomorrow morning you can go where ever you want now sleep..

Arnav : you will allow me to go.. How mean nani.. You should console me but in turn you all are getting angry on me ah..? Go I won’t stay here

Tears started flowing from Anjali’s eyes

Nani : what are you both staring at him.. Lock the door & come out he will sleep..

Arnav was about to intervene but was cut by nani’s sharp voice..

Nani : not a word more.. Sleep now

Arnav lied down on bed he was too tired & sleepy..

Anj : nani.. Woh.

Nani : we will talk about this tomorrow.. Let him come into his senses first..

Nani leave..

Next morning..

Arnav opened his eyes slightly.. He felt two hands on his chest.. Shyam & Anjali had slept on either side of him in sitting position.. It seemed they dozzed off unknowingly.. He heard a sound of door opening which disturbed sleeps of his di & jijaji.. He immediately shut his eyes pretending to sleep.. These two woke up & nani entered in..

Nani : Get freshened up its late already..

Anjali notice the clock which showed 11:30..

Anj : oh its already half past 11..

Shyam : I’ll stay here you go get freshen up..

Nani : he’s asleep.. He won’t go anywhere.. Not after what he did yesterday.. He need to answer for his behaviour..

Anj : I dont want any answers.. In fact I dont want to talk to him..

Shy : me too..

As all 3 moved out Arnav got up..

Arnav : damn.. I messed up everything.. & this head ache..

Precap :
Arnav has pinned kushi to wall
Arnav : well you didn’t answer me..

Kushi : I think you better concentrate on apologising to your di & jijaji instead of some jelebi..

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