AJNABHII – Episode 1


Hotel – Sky heights..

A young man in black suit standing infront of a mirror checking himself.. Soon a door gets open..

Aman : ASR are you ready..

Arnav : yep let’s leave..

Aman : actually I need to talk..

Arnav : Let’s continue it in car..

Gupta mansion

Every worker is roaming here & there. As Arnav was coming…

Shashi : Everything needs to be perfect double check everything..

Payal : Lavanya get ready fast & what’s this your hairs are all messy..

La : di.. I’m scared.. What if something goes wrong..

Payal : nothing will go wrong..

La : if we get caught & after that if everyone force me to marry Arnav then..

Payal cupp her face..

Payal : oh ho come sit here.. Look nothing wrong gonna happen you will get your love.. Akash assured me that Arnav is never gonna let that happen so just chill.. And get ready fast..

Buaji come there..

Buaji : yeh lo.. You both haven’t got ready yet.. And where is our titliya.. Did she reach ? phone karo usse koyi..


A girl in jeans & green top come out..

Kushi : Hello London.. I’m back for the one last time..

She spot her car waiting for her.. With a bright smile she greet the driver..

Kushi : Hello George.. How’s your ankle pain now

George : Perfectly fine with your magic mam.. Shall we leave..

He open the back door for her.. She push it back..

Kushi : No.. I’ll drive today.. We’re staying here only a week more.. Let me enjoy a ride here..

She take car keys & sit in car..

Arnav’s car..

Aman : ASR I think we are putting ourselves in big trouble..

Arnav : what..? And talk in Hindi.. Di’s spies are all around us ( he say hinting about driver )

Aman : Hume sab sach bata dena chahiye.. Chalo wapas chalte hai please ( we should tell the truth.. Come let’s go back )

Arnav : are you out of your mind.. Mein sab sambhaal loonga dont worry ( I’ll handle everything )

Aman : bhagwan jaane kya sambhaloge.. Pichli baar bhi aise hi bolke pitwaayi thi.. ( God knows what you’ll handle.. Last time also you said you’ll handle & got us bashed )

Arnav give him angry look

Driver was trying hard to understand their talks but failed as he couldn’t understand Hindi.. In this process he bumped into another car on road…

Arnav : What the..!!?

All 3 get down..

Aman : where the hell is your concentration.. on road or..

Arnav : or our conversation idiot..

He was about to continue scolding his driver but he see a girl coming out of the car they bumped into..

Both together : Tum..!!?? ( you…!!??)


A week before..

Kushi was in India to attend some important case.. She was returning to her hotel room driving the car herself.. She was finding it extremely difficult because it was her first time in India & there were many changes in car & traffic rules compared to London.. Somehow she was managing but ended bumping into a white Mercedes Benz..

Kushi : Oh..!! What have I done..

She see a tall handsome man getting out of it giving her some dangerous looks.. She too get down.. & walk towards him but slip in midway but our hero Arnav manage to hold her.. Both are lost in each other’s eyes.. There is some unknown attraction towards each other.. They come back to senses with horn of vehicles & he make her stand straight..

Kushi : I’m so.. ( Arnav interrupt )

Arnav : When you don’t know to drive then why are you risking others life.. ( she shout )

Kushi : Look Mr.

Arnav : pehle teek se chalna seekho baad mein car chalana ( first learn to walk properly then drive the car )

Kushi about to shout but arnav sit in his car & drive off..

Flashback ends..

Kushi : tum.. ( you. )

Arnav : pehle hi kaha tha.. Agar car chalana.. ( first only I told if you dont know to dri.. )

Kushi ; oh hello Mr Whatever stop teaching me & put some senses inside your driver.. He bumped into my car.. And you ( pointing at driver ) where is the road infront of you or behind idiot

Aman : excuse us for inconvenience. Sor.. ( Arnav interrupt )

Arnav : stop it aman no need to explain her.. She too is no different from this idiot & you ( pointing at driver ) get lost you’re fired..

Arnav & Aman drive off..

Kushi ; how rude..

Gupta mansion..

Arnav Shashi Gupta are talking…

Arnav : without beating around bush I’ll come straight to the point uncle.. I’m ready for the marriage with Lavanya..

Shashi, Buaji & gets happy.. While La & Aman are bit tensed..

Arnav & Aman leaving Gupta mansion & kushi entering..

Aman : you’ve just now got us into big trouble

Arnav : you’re such a coward..

Kushi : because of that rude.. I got late.. Now buaji will eat me up..

They again bump into each other.. Again they feel some connection between them but ignore it

Both : Tum..!!? ( you..!!?)

They were about to argue but buaji call kushi & arnav gets a call so leave giving each other one angry stare..

Payal’s room..

Payal : oh relax kushi.. How long will you scold him.. Stop it now..

Kushi : how dare he idiot.. Akdoo..

In between all this Lavanya is silent least interested in their talks

Kushi : now what happened to you.. You should happy.. You’re getting married..

La : hmm..

Kushi : are you both hiding something from me ah..?

Payal ; no no.. Nothing.. Come let’s get ready we’ve party na…


Arnav is wearing casual black tee with a cool black jacket.. Kushi wearing golden top with black bottom

Its a mask party so everyone is wearing beautiful masks here.. Kushi, payal & Lavanya are on dance floor enjoying the party.. Arnav & Aman are sitting at bar counter toasting a drink..
Aman is drinking bit more..

Arnav : what are you doing aman.. I’ve brought you here to enjoy the party aur tum devdas banane ki taiyyari kar rahe ho ( & you are in process of becoming disappointed lover )

Aman: pyaar mein nahi pii raha hoon.. Vaise bhi Lavanya aati hi hogi mujhse Milne.. Mein dar mein pii raha hoon.. ( I’m not drinking in love.. La is coming to meet me here.. I’m drinking in fear.)

Arnav : darr? ( fear ?)

Aman : you’ve started all this drama na.. Don’t know what happens if we get caught by di..

Lavanya come to them & aman goes with her on dance floor.. Arnav see kushi dancing he couldn’t recognise her due to mask but he felt an unusual attraction towards her.. He involuntarily move towards her & forwarded his hand asking her for dance & she readily agreed..
They start dancing together

Some flashes start coming into their minds..

They see a huge palace & two children playing in its garden..

Boy : gelebi run slowly you will get hurt..

Girl : you cannot catch me that’s why telling so..

She trip & was about to fall but the boy hold her

Boy : didn’t I say..

Girl : Sor..

Boy : ( interrupting ) you don’t know to walk properly but you want to run..

Girl hit him..

Song ends & they come out of their flashes..

Precap :


Kushi’s scooty bump into Arnav’s car..

Both : tum..!? ( you ..!?)

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  1. Both meet in accidents only… wow…mihir drunk because of fear lol…. how arnav agree to marry la??. Waiting for ur next episode.. plz update it soon..

  2. nice
    keep it up

  3. Fanficoholic

    Whoa. Amazing epi anaya. Looking frward to the nxt episode. And u depict arnav’s swag attitude ver well. I wonder hw u can get such amazing ideas. Loved tis epi to the core. And ofc the suspense surrounding the plot is killing me. Plz update asap

  4. Nice rakrane wali meetings love d it
    Epusode was quite interesting
    So they are childhood bhicde hue friend
    Ur so irregular

  5. Veronica

    Woah awesome yaar

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