AJNABHII – Character sketch


Character sketch..

Arnav Singh Raizada : A young self made business tycoon.. As usual rude, arrogant love his di a lot for change hate his parents ( who’re alive ) & most important he has already given his heart to someone in childhood itself but will they meet again.. Let’s see…

Kushi Singh Rathore : A young doctor.. Physiotherapists.. Born in Lucknow brought up in London by her buaji.. & taken care by Shashi Gupta ( her father’s friend ) She lost her parents at young age.. She’s full of life.. Recently planned to shift to Delhi for her best friends..

Anjali Raizada & Shyam Raizada : Arnav’s di & jijaji.. Shyam is son of Mama & Mami.. He’s a lawyer graduated from London university.. Our sweet Anjali run a NGO.. These two are parental figure for Arnav.. & they too love him a lot

Raj Malik & Gayatri Singh Raizada: Arnav Anjali’s parents separated 15 years back.. They live in US ( Raj ) & Australia ( Gayatri )

Payal Gupta & Lavanya Gupta : Kushi’s best friends & Shashi Gupta’s daughters..

Akash Raizada & Aman Cisodia : Arnav’s brother & Aman is Arnav’s best friend cum secretary


Arnav talking on phone..

Arnav : I want my di’s leg perfectly fine at any cost doctor..

Doctor : we’re trying Mr Raizada

Arnav : I don’t want a damn try..

Doctor : Dr Shashi Gupta is shifting to India next week we shall talk to him..

Arnav : But he is a cardiologist

Doctor : His student Dr. Kushi.. She is Physiotherapists trust me Mr Raizada she have magic in her hands..

Arnav : cut it.. I’ll see further..

He cut the call..

Rathore mansion

Kushi is all busy in setting the house.. Instructing everyone where everything should be.. & buaji is feeding her..

Buaji : arre sanka devi tanik shanti se baitke khaana toh khaalo ( oh kushi at least have food peacefully for a while )

Kushi : there’s still lot to do & I’ve to attend a party too today..

Buaji : waha party mein koyi accha sa ladka bhi dekh lo payal ke saath tumra bhi haath peela kar hi devat hai ( look at some boys aso in party.. We shall get married you too with payal )

Kushi : buaji dekhenge.. Lekin sirf humare takkar ke ladko ko.. ( I’ll see but the only who match me ) she remember her meet with arnav..


Kushi enter checking her phone & bump into Arnav..

Both together : tum..!!? ( you..!!?)

Kushi : mera peecha karte karte yaha tak aagaye ( you came till here following me )

Arnav : what..?

Kushi : don’t act innocent.. Khoobsoorat ladki dikhi nahi aur bas.. ( saw beautiful girl &.. )

Arnav : enough… Tum mere liye sirf ek ajnabhii ho.. Jo meri party mein guss aayi Aur rahi baat khoibsoorat ladki ki toh mujhe koyi yaha dikhayi nahi de rahi.. ( you are only a stranger to me who sneaked into my party & I’m not finding any beautiful girl here.. )

Kushi : mein guss aayi.. Hello. Mr Akadu mere paas invitation hai.. ( she show him a card ) aur ek aur baat shaayad aapki aakhe teek nahi.. Yeh raha humara hospital.. ( she give him card ). ( I sneaked into party Hello. Mr Arrogant I have a invitation ( she show him a card ) & I think you have a eye problem.. Take this our hospital card

Arnav : how dare yo.. ( kushi interrupt )

Kushi : excuse me now.. Mujhe Ajnabhiyo se baat karne ki aadat nahi aapki tarah ( I don’t have a habit of talking to strangers )

Kushi go leaving behind fuming arnav..

Anjali : Koun hai yeh.. ( who’s she.. )

Aman : Jo bhi ho.. Lekin hai badi pataka..

This ff will replace MAJBOORIYAAN guys.. Tell me how is prologue..
Majbooriyaan will end in next part which I’ll post tomorrow

Credit to: Anaya

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  1. Veronica

    Awesome dude….I am sad that u are stopping Majbooriyan but I am happy now seeing this……Arshi are the best…..Anaya u are doing a gr8 jib dea….love u loot

  2. Wow i love ARSHI they r in my heart n no one can replace it… N this seems to be intresting n khusi physiotherapist i love it as m also a physiotherapy student 🙂 🙂

    1. thank u naina.. have u read Majbooriyaan.. its also arshi ff. AJNABHII is replacing it..

  3. jasmine Rahul

    nice cs n prologue.guess khushi will b Anjali’s DR

  4. It is quite interesting
    Liked the begening

  5. Thanks a lot veronica, naina, jasmine & kajal

  6. It’s awesome

  7. Fanficoholic

    Awesome anaya. Loved it. Plz continue tis. And post regularly. Eagerly waiting fr tis.

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