Ajnabee Ya Humsafar-Ragsan (three shots by Drashti /shot 3)

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After few Days…

Today both their faces was glowing with happiness, as today Ragini is going to join training academy, to get training to become a IPS Forensic Expert, where Sanskar is also called sometimes as faculty. Being a best IPS cop in town and also for his sharp mind and best shooting skills, he is called sometimes to train the new trainee officers, and to motivate them.

Sanskar and Ragini went to academy together. Sanskar droped her there and left for work.

First day at academy is not so easy for everyone, but luck was always with Ragini, she made new friend with Adrash, Pari, Kavya and Nikhil.

(Ragini and Nikhil were pursuing IPS Forensics whereas Adrash, Pari and Kavya were pursuing IPS cop Training…)

Nikhil gave his heart to Ragini at first site. She looks so beautiful .He can’t even blink his eyes when he first saw her walking in the corridor, whereas Adrash and Pari were in relationship for more than an year. Kavya and Pari were childhood friends and started their carrier as IPS trainees together.

Ragini made a cute small group with them. All of them hook up very amazingly with each other, days went like this. All enjoyed each other company and studied very well, helping each other and knowing each other well.

After 1 month

It has been more than a month of their marriage. Thing got changed between Ragsan. Both become very comfortable with each other. Both started feeling for each other. With each and every day Sanskar’s love and respect for Ragini increased whereas feeling started to develop in Ragini’s heart too.

This was a normal day for Ragsan. But today Sanskar is going to visit academy where Ragini studies. He is called to give a motivating lecture and share is experience as a IPS officer, to all the candidates in academy either cops or forensic trainees, and Ragini is very excited for this but she is nervous too, what if her friends come to know about her marriage, she dint tell anyone that she is married to the famous IPS cop.

Ragini sat in the auditorium and waited for Sanskar to finish his lecture. Every girl was drooling over Sanskar when he entered the academy. She fumed to see him with other girl named Mansi. She is so chipku…uurghhh, she hate it…

Sanskar noticed Ragini’s reaction when he was talking to Mansi, he liked it when she got angry to see him with another girl. He felt very happy, he loved this feeling.

After the lecture got over, Ragini left the hall and kept her books in her private locker. Her each and every cell is burning with jealousy but she smiled when she saw many people praising her husband. How amazingly he answered the entire question with so much confidence. He have every answer and every solution to the problems asked, she felt proud but still how can he ignore her in front of all. OK fine she didn’t tell anyone about their marriage but still he should have thought about her.

Ragini folded her hands on her chest when two arms come from behind and hugged her tightly. Ragini closed her eyes feeling the touch, she kept her head on his chest. He whispered in her ear “Ragini” Ragini”s eyes opened instantly and she got shocked when she recognizes it’s not her husband’s voice. She turned around immediately and her eyes widen to see Nikhil.
“what are you doing Nikhil…..plz leave” Ragini fumed in anger…

“plz Ragini listen… I like you Ragini….I really really do” Nikhil told her his heart’s feelings.

 What? are you crazy Nikhil.. I’m sorry I can’t love you…I’m really sorry Nikhil but I can’t, main kisi aur ki hun” Ragini whispered last sentence.
How can she love Nikhil when she loved her husband? Wait where did that come from, Ragini thought for a moment. She never knew she liked Sanskar, though she never thought to leave him…fine she respected him..he is very caring..He also said that he loved her but she dint thought about her feeling for him once, then today why her heart spoke out all these things…just why…?

“What? but Ragini tumhara to koi boyfriend nahi hai, you told me naa…plz Ragini understand my feeling…I love you soo much'” Nikhil pleaded for his love. Ragini’s heart felt heavy, now she realized how much she loves Sanskar.

Nikhil grabed her arm and pulled her closed to himself making her shocked.”Plz say it Ragini…plz say that u love me…plz” Ragini pushed him hard and opened the door and ran out of there. She ran and ran. She covered her mouth with her palm…controlling her sobbing…While running she collide with some, she was about to fall when two strong arms grab her waist, saving her from hitting the ground.

Ragini opened her eyes and saw she is in her husband’s arms. She stood up immediately and hugged him tight. Sanskar was shocked to see her crying. He was confused what he has done? She is crying because he was talking to Mansi…

No he knew Ragini is not that weak. He rubbed her back when he heard her sobbing. He cupped her face and wiped her tears “what happen jaan” this is for the first time he called her “jaan” Ragini felt very good to hear that.

She shook her head and just hugged him tight “plz Sanskar take me home…I want to go home” Sanskar smiled at her request.

She had never said anything like this before. He hugged her from side and took her to their car.

They enter in their home feeling bliss with eachother. Ragini was in Sanskar’s arms. Sanskar took her in his arms before she could come out of the car, they enter their room.
Sanskar made Ragini lie on the bed and sat beside her. Ragini kept her head on his lap where as he patted her head.

“Are you feeling all right jaan” he asked while kissing her on her forhead.
Ragini sat straight and look at him “Sanskar I wanna say something to you…its important.” He nodded and signal her to continue..

“Sanskar wo main apse..” before she could say anything his cell start ringing he pick up the phone and said yes to the other line. He cut the call and looked at his beautiful wife.

 He kept his hand on her hand and spoke “Ragini get ready hame ek party main jaana hai” Ragini nodded and stood up to get ready.
Ragsan both entered into the party with his hands around her waist, Every eye was on them, admiring the couple. They look perfect together. She wore black halter neck gown and to perfectly match her, he wore black denim and dark blue shirt with black jacket on it… Sanskar’s breath stopped when he first saw his beautiful wife who wasn’t looking less than a angel, somehow he controlled his urges to kiss her like crazy.

Both met with other officers, Sanskar’s colleague, Ragini’s family and finally Ragini told her friends about their relationship…Everyone was shocked but they were happy for their friend. No one was mad at Ragini, they can understand her situation, it gets really hard sometime to disclose your identity, but still they were glad to know this.

Party begins with a flow. Couples hit the floor with their partners. Ragsan too dance with each other, happily, surrounding near them seems so beautiful. But they were unaware of two devil eyes, watching them from far distance…Who is it..?

Suddenly Ragini’s dress got spoiled when someone collide with her and spilled some juice on her dress. She excused herself and went to the washroom. It has been 30 minutes but Ragini didn’t show up, which made Sanskar worried. He moved towards the washroom to search for Ragini but someone pulled him inside a room.
The room was dark and silent. He felt a hand coming from his back to his chest. He clutch her hand, but wait he knew it’s not his Ragini. He grab the hand and pulled the person in front of him. He was shocked to see Swara there…yes it was Swara…

“Swara what are you doing over here and what is this” he said with anger in his voice.
Swara come forward and grab his hand in hers, “Sanskar I m sorry maine aab realize kia….I love you Sanskar, plz mujhe maaf kar doo. I was so stupid and dumb to reject your love.

plz Sanskar forgive me” she cried with her eyes turning red. Sanskar was so shocked at her sudden confession, he closed his eyes and spoke “listen Swara it’s all over, I love Ragini ok…and I won’t leave her for you…because I love her like anything. She is my wife, my life, she is everything to me…so plz just leave.” Swara cried more when she heard this

“Sanskar plz I m so sorry, I cannot live without you, u love me not Ragini, it’s just that you are angry with me, plz forgive me, plz accept me back “. Sanskar jerked her hand away and turned around to get his life’s biggest shock, there stands Ragini with tears in her eyes. He ran behind her when he saw her running out of the door.

He saw her getting in the taxi and drove away. He took his car and drove like crazy on the road in hope to get a glimpse of her.

He stopped his car in front of his house and ran inside. He entered in his room and saw her standing near the window with her bag. .

“Ragini” he whispers with tears in his eyes. She turned around, her face was covered with hot tears. She said “Sanskar plz aap kuch mat kahiye, I’m sorry ki main apke aur di ke beech agayi, Di sahi keh rahi thee Aap unse pyar karte hai, aap sirf unse naraz thee isliye aapne mujh se shaadi ke, aapko mere saath zabardasti rehne ke ko zarurat nahi hai, aab sab theek ho gayga, mai aap dono ke beech kabhi nahi aaungi, mai chali jaungi, I promise main yaha se chali jaungi, aur kabhi waapis nahi aaungi…bas apse ek aakhri baar milna chahti thi isiliye ruk gayee”.

Sanskar’s eyes were fuming in anger, he moved forward and grab her shoulder tightly “Enough Ragini, bahut bole liya tumne aur bahout sun liya maine , what do you think of yourself haa, jo mann me aayega wo karogi…mahan banne ka bahout shonk chadha hai, chali jaugi mujhe chod kar… listen Mrs. Ragini Sanskar Maheshwari, I won’t let you go because your are mine… got it.

Aur kya kaha tumne haa I love Swara, mai sirf usse naraz thaa is liye tumse shaadi ke, listen to me very carefully, I love you more than anything else in my life, and won’t allow any 3rd person’s name in it, get this clear in your mind…so don’t u dare think of leaving me again…you are mine…”He said with anger in his eyes, which made Ragini scared.

“Sanskar di bhi to aab apse bahout pyar karti hai…” Ragini said being a little scared.

“wo karti hai mujhe usse koi fark nahi padta…tume kya lagta hai ki mujhe usse fark padta hai, bolo Ragini kya tum mujhse pyar karti ho” He asked in strong tone which made Ragini gulp hard…”say it Ragini” he whispered, finally giving up.

Ragini looked in his eyes and said “I love you Sanskar”… I love u Sanskar to the rest of my life. Sanskar I love u I don’t know when I started loving u but I can’t live without u the way u care the way u treat me I love all that I need u forever. She said with tears in her eyes. Sanskar wipes her tears and said oh Yaar Ragini what I said that there is no need of third person in our life then why these tears he said dramatically which makes Ragini smile.
He picked her up in bridal style and laid down to the bed and they consummate.

 3 years later…

“Ahh Sanskar u dumb leave me” Ragini  shouted on top of her lungs, when he cracked stupid joke in her ears that to when she is in deep labor pain.

“Ragini sweetheart I am trying to make u relax” he said innocently. Ragi  while hitting her head said “shut up Sanskar you are making the situation more worst got that.” She shouted in his ears, making him deaf.

“Sir plz aap bahar jayeye aap hame apni wife se zyada tension de rahe hai” sister glared at Sanskar, who quietly left the room.

After 10 minutes…his head shot up when he heard the cry of baby. It was so beautiful. Nurse came out of the labor room and signaled him to come inside. He entered inside and saw his wife hugging their child.

He sat beside her “Sanskar it’s a girl” Ragini whispered. Sanskar smiled and kissed both of his angels.

“So what are we going to call her” Ragini asked while keeping her head on his shoulder”

“Khusboo” He whispered and hugged both of his angels.

It was against all scientific reasons for two people who hardly knew each other, with no ties at all between them, with different characters, different upbringings and even different genders, to suddenly find themselves committed to living together, to share their life, there destiny to meet… Then how can they be AJNABEE, they are meant to be HUMSAFAR…

                         THE END

Thanks for the reviews, they mean a lot to me…And thanks to everyone for the lovely ideas u messaged me…well, I wasn’t able to use them in this story but surely will use them. And sorry if the end of story was not up to your expectations…I’ll try to improve my writing skills, and will be back with another story… THANK YOU ALL:)

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