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Thank you guys for loving my os (part one). Thank you to all the commenters and silent readers. Thanks to aayushi, harna, mannat, rashi, ria, panchi, lama, sadaf khan, baby, meghna shanti, cutie pie, roshini, zikra, and fatarajo, Fiona, Hima.S and Sam. Here’s part two (last part).
So let’s start.
Kunj and Twinkle are having their breakfast.
“Kunj, don’t u think we should go out to have fun, today.” Twinkle said.
“U r saying right. I too haven’t gone anywhere to have fun.” Kunj said.
“Okay. We will go but where shall we go?” Kunj added.
“Park” Twinkle said.

“Yes, okay get ready we will go.” Kunj said. Twinkle jumped.
Twinkle and Kunj Both reached the park. They sat on the green, cold grass.
“Kunj, I wanted to ask u that how was your life going till I entered in your life.” Kunj turned to her who was looking at the blue skies, green grass.
“My life, boring. Only work. I was workaholic. I used to come for a walk every evening, but I didn’t have many friends, with whom I could enjoy. To cover the loneliness, I used to talk to the birds, the sky, the water, strange na, but I did not think so. They become my best friends.” Kunj said.
“R u mad. U used to talk with nature, but I liked your way.” Twinkle said smiling.
“How your life was going on before u met me.” Kunj said.

“My life, it was full of enjoy, happiness and not like u. Mr. Boring SARNA. I had many friends with whom I used to chill out, but then at my problem time they didn’t come for my rescue, but an unknown person came for it.” Twinkle said.
“okay, but Me, boring sarna, actually u r right.” Kunj said giving thumbs up to her
“Hmm. But, my life took such a turn, I couldn’t even imagine. My job went off and my boyfriend Yuvi ditched me. I actually thought to give off my life, but I didn’t think about my parents, how they would survive without me.”
“Yuvi, he was my school friend, if u say then, I can talk to him.” Kunj said.
“No, no. I don’t want to be with him, he was doing two timing.” Twinkle said.
“I never knew he would do this.” Kunj said dropping his jaw.
“Take your jaw up.” Twinkle said. Kunj did as she said.
“But, Kunj I’m really thankful to u that u helped me and give me place in your house. I don’t know how I will refund your favors.” Twinkle said.

“Stop it Twinkle.” Kunj said. Twinkle nods.
“By the way Kunj, I think I should shift after two three days to new house on rent. Till now I have given you a lot of tension” Twinkle said.
“No Twinkle u will go but u will leave in my other house and u can pay the same rent has you were paying in my house.” Kunj said.
“Thanks Kunj. I have nothing to say.” Twinkle said and hugs Kunj; she felt peace in his arms. But Kunj did not hug her and she broke the hug.
They spend their day doing different sorts of things and at the end of the day, fully exhausted and tried come home. Twinkle, as entering in the house goes directly to her room.
“Twinkle this is my other house key, u said u want to go then, stay there.” Kunj said placing the keys in her hand.
“Kunj, but what about your meal.” Twinkle said.

“I will manage it.” Kunj replied.
“Wait; do this that u everyday come there to have your meal.” Twinkle added.
“Okay, as u say, but u don’t have any problem na.” Kunj said.
“No, I don’t have.” Twinkle said. Kunj smiles.
@Twinkle’s office
Twinkle is lost in her own thoughts.
“Twinkle, what happen? Where r u lost?” Yashita asked, Twinkle’s office colleague. Twinkle give no respond.

“Twinkle, Twinkle.” Yashita said and snapped her fingers in front of her. Twinkle comes to senses.

“What Yashita?” Twinkle said and gets back to her work.
“What am I thinking? Why Kunj is coming in my thoughts? Please babaji, resist me from thinking this.” Twinkle thought.
After some days, Twinkle realized that she has fallen for Kunj and is in love with him. She decides to propose him. She arranges a dinner night at her house for him.
@ 8pm
Kunj enters Twinkle’s home and looks at the decoration. Candles, heart-shaped balloons were used to decorate the house.
“Twinkle, what is this?” Kunj asked. But, he finds no one nearby. Just, then Twinkle comes and she is looking very hot.
“Kunj, u helped me in my bad time, u took care of me and I don’t know how I will refund your favors.” Twinkle said. Kunj is surprised and said “Twinkle what r u saying?”
“Kunj, I love you.” She said, shocking Kunj.

“Kunj, I don’t know how but I started liking u and fell for u.”
“Twinkle, r u out of your mind. How can u even think that I love u. Twinkle I just helped u and nothing else.” Kunj yelled at her. Twinkle was about to burst out.
“Twinkle this was not expected by u, Twinkle. I will never talk to u.” Kunj said and went from there, banging the door. As he went, Twinkle fell down and started crying. More than, a week Twinkle did not come out of the shock. Every day, Twinkle and Kunj ignored each other.
One day, Twinkle and Kunj met in the elevator.
“Kunj, how do manage your meal.” Twinkle asked quietly.
“I go out for the meal.”
“okay.” Twinkle said.
Twinkle reaches her floor and goes out.
“How will I tell u that I…..” Kunj thought.

In the morning, Kunj gets a call of Yashita.
“Hello.” Kunj said.
“Kunj, I just wanted to tell u that Twinkle is leaving for India today.” This shocked Kunj. He rushes to Twinkle’s house and continuously rings the doorbell. Twinkle opens the main door and finds Kunj.
“Kunj, why r u here?”
“Twinkle, why r u going to India.” Twinkle goes inside without answering him. Kunj bolts the main door and goes in her bedroom.
“Twinkle tell me why r u going to India.” Kunj asked.
“Kunj, please I want some change and yes i wanted to thank you for the last time because u have helped me a lot. I don’t know when we will meet and I don’t know how I can refund your favor done on me.”
“Twinkle what u mean by last time.”
“Last time, means I don’t know if I will come back to London.”

“what? and u said that how u can refund my favor. U can refund them by.”
“How?” Twinkle asked.
“by being my life partner. Tell me Twinkle will u be my life partner, will u become my wife.” Twinkle was shocked.

“Twinkle this is the thing that can refund all my favors.” Twinkle who was all shocked sat on the couch. Kunj sat on his knees in front of Twinkle.
“Twinkle, I know I did wrong that day when u proposed me, I yelled at u, but after that I got to know your importance in my life when I stopped talking to u. Twinkle, I don’t know how I fell for u.” Kunj said. Twinkle stood up and gave no answer.
“Twinkle, do u love me.” Kunj asked. Twinkle nodded in no.
“U don’t love me that means there is no effect on u if I come closer to u.” Kunj said. He pulls Twinkle closer to him.
“Kunj please.” Twinkle said.
“Shhhhhhh” Kunj said.

He moved Twinkle’s hairs from her back and got them in front. He starts searching for her top’s zip. He comes closer to her lips. Twinkle is deeply lost in his eyes. Kunj gets the zip of her top and he starts opening it. He accidently touches Twinkle’s bare back. Twinkles feels butterflies in her stomach. Kunj moves closer to her lips, but instead he goes to her ear and says “Is your heart beating fast and r u having no effect when I come closer to u.”
In present, Twinkle’s heart is beating faster and effect is happening on her. Kunj continues to open the zip. She comes to senses and pushes him. Twinkle closes her top’s zip and sits on the couch. Kunj is left all shocked.
“Kunj, I’m not ready for third heartbreak.”

“Twinkle, trust me I will not let this happen. I really love u.”
“2 times I had heartbreak, first Yuvi and then u; please I don’t want the third.” Twinkle said while crying.
“Kunj, I just want to be away from all this. I want to go India for some peace, away from all this.” A frustrated Kunj holds Twinkle by both her shoulders and pinned her against the wall and locked his lips with her. It seemed that he removed the whole frustration on Twinkle’s lips. The kiss was wild, intense and passionate. after some time, Kunj breaks it and kisses Twinkle on her forehead and cheek.
“Twinkle, I really love u and I promise u that I will never break your heart.” Kunj said. Twinkle was standing still, to know what happened. Then, Twinkles hugs him tightly and Kunj hugs her back and says “I love u too Kunj.”

“I knew it.” Kunj said….”I love u too, Twinkle.”
Kunj decided to come with her to India to talk to their parents about their marriage. Twinkle’s parents had no doubt on Kunj, but Kunj’s parent’s had doubt on Twinkle, but later accepted her. And they get married and they lived happily forever.
I hope u guys like it.
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Credit to: Mitali

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