Do Ajnabee : TWINJ (Part 1)


Thanks guys for loving my all os. Really your love has encouraged me to right one more. Thank you to all the people who commented on my os and all the silent readers thank you sooooooo much.
So, here my next os.
A girl is standing on the railing, murmuring “God, why did u do this to me. Why God? Why?”
A boy is passing by the bridge, looks at the girl and says “R u gone crazy, trying to suicide.” The girl peeps behind and says “My Life is getting worst.”
“First get down, then we can look for the solution.” The boy said.
“No, let me die.” The girl yelled. The boy got her down. She started beating him. He held her hands and placed her on the nearby bench.
“Tell me, what happened.” The boy said.
“My job has been taken away from me and my boyfriend cheated me.” The girl said.
“What? How come.”
“My company has removed some of the employees, including me. If I don’t have job, then how will I survive so I was dying. It would have been better and my boyfriend cheated me” The girl said sadly.
“Look u will get some solutions and u r drunk.”
“Yes, I’m and No, I will not get any solutions, I’m going.” She goes and tries to stand on the railing. But the guy stops her and gets her back on the bench.
“Look I could help u. my name is Kunj Sarna.”
“Kunj, what kind of name is this. I hate your name.” the girl said.
“That’s not important. Where is your home?”
“I left my house. I thought I’m going to die then what’s the use of house.”
“Crazy or what.” Kunj said. He goes where her bag is placed, he checks if her identity is there. Just then, she said my name is Twinkle Taneja.
“Okay, if u don’t have any option then, I will take u to my house.”
He takes her and her bag to house.
“Oh god, I got her here, but where will she sleep……mom-dad’s room. Okay”
He places Twinkle softly on the bed.
“What am I doing? I got a girl home. But I’m helping her…..its okay.” Kunj thought. He goes to his room.

Twinkle stretches her hand and gets up. Kunj enters with coffee.
“Aaaaaaaaaa” Twinkle shouted.
“Shut up” Kunj said.
“How did u enter my house? Go from here.” Twinkle yelled on him.
“Madam, you are in my house.” Kunj said.
“How come?” She said. Kunj tells her everything what happened the last night.
“Oh god.” Twinkle said.
“I have to go from here.” Twinkle added.
“No, u will stay here.” Kunj said.
“Why?” Twinkle asked.
“Ya, I can’t go because I left my house.” Twinkle added.
“Look, I think that u should live here for some days then, I will shift u to my other house. It’s here in the same colony.” Kunj said.
“But, how can u and I stay in one house.” Twinkle said.
“What do u mean?” Kunj said.
“I mean that u r a boy and I’m a girl, how come we stay in one house.” Twinkle said.
“Look I’m not that type of boy, u r thinking, please trust me. I’m happy that I could help someone in need. So u can stay here.” Kunj said.
“Thank you so much, but look i will pay u. by the way what is your name and can we be friends.” Twinkle said.
“My name is Kunj Sarna and yes we can be friends and u can pay rent, but after u get your job and first salary”
“Ya, my job.” Twinkle said and starts to panic.
“Chill, calm, I know a company which needs employees. U can try there. Look I can get u a job, not boyfriend.” Kunj said.
“No, no I don’t even want any boyfriend. But, thank you so much. I will never forget your favors.”
“Okay, but do u cook. Actually, I don’t know how to cook and I everyday go out for dinner.”
“Yes, I know to cook, I can cook. I will be happy if I can help u.” Twinkle said and smiles.
“Twinkle, please don’t think that I’m using u for preparing my dinner.”
“No, no.” Twinkle said.
“Come on, get ready and go to give interview.”
“Sure” Twinkle said. She gets ready and prepares breakfast for him.
“Kunj, your breakfast is ready.” Twinkle said. She places the breakfast on the dining table. Kunj comes and starts eating. Twinkle looks at him.
“Thank you babaji, I did not know that there r people like Kunj in this world. Really I’m thankful to him.” Twinkle thought.
“Twinkle u r not eating.”
“Ya” Twinkle said.
“Sit” Kunj said. Twinkle nods.

@some office in UK
“Twinkle I will come at 2 pm to pick u. Fine.”
“Fine.” She goes inside and the receptionist (let’s keep her name Sia) asks her to wait for her chance.
After sometime “Excuse me, u can go in.” Sia said.
“So, what’s your name?” The interviewer asked.
“My name is Twinkle Taneja.”
“Okay, did u do have experience of job.” The interviewer asked.
“Yes sir, almost one year.” Twinkle said.
“Okay, why did leave the job.” The interviewer asked.
Twinkle told him everything. He asked different sorts of questions and Twinkle asked him.
“Okay, your interview is done. Wait outside then, we will answer the results.”
“Okay, sir. Thank you.” Twinkle said.
After sometime, Twinkle gets to know that she has got the job.
Kunj is waiting outside the office. Twinkle comes out running and tightly hugs Kunj. Kunj is surprised.
“Twinkle what happened?” Twinkle breaks the hug; their faces were expressing the awkwardness. Twinkle breaks the silence.
“Kunj, I got the job.”
“I’m glad that u got the job.”
“They said that I have to come from tomorrow from 8am onwards.”
“I will drop u every day.”
“Okay and thanks a lot Kunj. I don’t know how I will refund your favors.”
“Welcome, Twinkle.” Twinkle gets her mother’s call. She attends the call. She signs Kunj.
“Ha, Maa.”
“How r u my princess.” Leela said.
“Well” Twinkle said.
“What happened r u tensed?” Leela asked.
“Nothing mom, I’m not tensed.” Twinkle said looking at Kunj. But, Kunj signs her to tell the truth. Twinkle nods.
“Maa, actually.” Twinkle tells her everything.
“Twinkle, u r a strong girl. This was expected from u.” Leela said.
“Sorry Maa.”
“Okay, now where r u living.”
“Maa, a Kunj named guy helped me and gave his place to live.”
“God bless him. Can u give him phone if he is nearby?” Twinkle gave the phone to him saying “my mom.”
“Paari pona aunty.” Kunj said. (sorry if I did any mistake in the spelling.)
“Beta, god bless u. u helped my daughter. Really there is no person in today’s world who helps like this, thank you.”
“don’t say thank you aunty. I’m happy that I could help someone.”
“Okay beta bye and say bye to Twinkle also.” She cuts the call.
“Your mom said thank you to u.” Kunj said. Twinkle smiles.
“Let’s go.” Kunj said. Twinkle nods.
Twinkle gets her first salary.
“Kunj your rent.” Twinkle said placing the packet of money in his hand.
“Thank you.” Kunj said.
“Welcome” Twinkle said. Kunj smiles. Even Twinkle.
“Come and eat your breakfast” Twinkle said.
“Yes” they both enjoy their breakfast on Sunday.
The screen freezes on their happy faces.


I hope guys u like it.
Guys I tried my best to get a new concept.
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Credit to: Mitali

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