Ajnabee Part 9

Ajnabee by Shazi Part 9:

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Guys I do read all the comments but I was unable to reply to everyone individually. Love u all for taking your time and commenting on my ff it really makes me feel happy that u like the ff. It is indeed a RagLak fanfic so plz stop bashing and if you don’t like them then do not read the ff…

Janki: Ragini my love listen
Ragini turns around and rushes in her room with the child
AP: don’t worry give her time to think I can understand that it is a very tough decision
Janki: ask Laksh about this too
Uttara: we need to do this for the child! I am a mother myself and I know that children need their mother more than anything. Ragini is so attached to the child she can handle her
Janki: you guys are right I need to ask her but the end decision will be hers
AP: ok sure
They go home after everything and AP comes to Laksh’s room who is staying with them for now.
AP: my son I am very sorry for whatever happened!
Laksh: I know mom it was shocking for me too
Uttara: bro I know it won’t be easy for you to think like that at this point but we need to move on in life
Laksh: what do u guys mean?
AP: well the child is attached to Ragini a lot and we think that Ragini is a very nice girl
Laksh: no doubt mom Ragini is amazing

AP: well it would be good if…
Uttara: if you and Ragini get married
Laksh: at this time? Mom it won’t be easy for anyone
Uttara: but the child needs a mother and a father
Laksh: I don’t know about so soon I mean if Ragini agrees then I have no issues but if she doesn’t then I will wait for her
AP and Uttara get very happy seeing that Laksh is ready to move on in life. AP goes to ring Janki…
AP: hi Janki!
Janki: hi what has Laksh said?
AP: he has agreed but he is constantly saying that it is up to Ragini
Janki: I still need to ask her but in the evening
AP: we will be waiting
Ragini gets thinking in her room about everything and she is very confused.

Ragini’s pov:
I am thinking about everything! What shall I do? I mean he was my sisters’ husband and would it be ok if I marry him? I can’t marry him! But if I don’t his parents will get him married to someone else and my baby will have a step-mother who won’t love her… I don’t want my sister’s child to suffer because of my decision… Ugh I am so confused! Laksh is a nice man but I have never thought of him in that manner. Let me call Payal and ask her!
End of her pov.

Ragini’s phone rings and she picks up but is very surprised…
Ragini: I was just about to call you!
Payal: really?
Ragini: yah how are you?
Payal: fine I wanted to tell you that my marriage got fixed
Ragini: what? When!
Payal: nothing to get excited about it is my family friend and he works in an office not very good looking but oh well…
Ragini: why are you getting married to him?
Payal: Ragini we don’t always get who we want in life.
Ragini: mom has asked me to marry Laksh because someone else won’t be able to take care of the baby
Payal: Laksh is a nice man you should accept the proposal
Ragini: what are you saying?
Payal: yah and you know him too we dream big but we don’t get what we want so I think you should agree
Ragini gets thinking and the only thing that really matters to her is the future of the cute little girl that is lying on her bed.
Payal: anyways I have to go will talk to u later
Ragini: bye

Ragini is unable to sleep and she remembers Swara then cries a lot.
Ragini to the baby: my small little cupcake I will always love u! you are my life! I don’t want you to be upset because of me and my decision… I will take care of you as Swara would have! Let me name you Swasna for now do u like it?
The baby smiles and Ragini’s heart melts…
In the morning, Ragini has red eyes and dark circles due to fatigue and she speaks up.
Ragini: Ma I am ready to get married
Janki: really? I am so happy Laksh is a very nice man you will be very happy
Janki hugs her and Ragini says: I am doing this for Swasna
Janki: Swasna?
Ragini: the baby! I have called her after Swara so Swasna was a good name
Janki: you are right let me inform AP
Janki calls them…
AP: what are you saying? Are you serious?
Janki: yes

AP: let’s get them married as soon as possible
Janki: yah I was thinking the same
AP: Swasna is a perfect name for our small princess
Janki: thank you for understanding us
AP: thanks to you guys for giving us a daughter like Ragini
AP rushes to Laksh’s room and he is sitting and observing the sky from his window.
AP: Laksh! Ragini has agreed to marry you!
Laksh: seriously ma?
AP: yah!
Laksh: I really can’t believe it! I thought that Ragini would say no
AP: don’t think negatively and get ready to start a new life
Laksh: you are right mom I should really do that
After three days, Ragini is getting ready in her bridal attire when her mother comes in…
Janki: you look fabulous my love… I was thinking that you should leave Swasna with me for a few days so you get used to Laksh
Ragini: I have decided to marry him for my baby so she is coming with me
Janki: but Ragini…
Ragini: please mom don’t force me

Janki: you are very stubborn I swear
Laksh comes and sees Ragini but he gets mesmerised when she approaches the wedding stage… She looks down and is unable to think about anything.
Laksh is looking at her with a lot of love because he is still not able to believe that Ragini is finally going to get married to him. He fills her forehead with vermillion and puts mangalsutra in her neck! She looks at him and can only see love but she doesn’t want to see it yet!
They head to Laksh’s parents’ house and the room is fully decorated with the baby sleeping peacefully. Ragini is sitting in bed and looks at Laksh approaching. He comes and sits next to her and takes her hand in his hand…

Laksh: Ragini I know it is hard for you to accept all this but I want us to move on in life
She feels a bit uncomfortable seeing this and tries to remove her hand…
Laksh: don’t worry Ragini we will give our relationship some time!
He makes her wear a ring and she looks at him with a confused face…
Laksh: I have started loving you since the first time I saw you!
Ragini takes her hand away and looks at him with disgust which leaves him absolutely shocked.

Precap: Ragini gets very angry on Laksh!

So guys I know I have ended the part at a peak point but building up the suspense is always good hehe… Leave your comments 🙂 And thanks for those who have shown so much love to my ff 😉

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