Ajnabee Part 8


Ajnabee by Shazi Part 8:

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Hi everyone!!! A very big hug to all of u for appreciating my work I know that all of you are eager to see RagLak together but some patience guys it will happen very soon…

Swara goes to the doctor and sits on the chair with a smile…
Doctor: hi Swara how are you? Your reports have arrived where is your husband Sanskar?
Swara’s smile fades and she looks at her with pain and desperation: doctor what do my reports say?
Doctor: let me have a look
The doctor checks the reports and gets tensed. She then glares at Swara and her depression but she thinks that she shouldn’t hide anything from her.
Doc: look I won’t hide anything from you
Swara: go ahead!
Doc: we can either save you or the kid
Swara: I have no reason to live anyways so don’t worry about me and save my kid
Doc: are you sure of your decision?
Swara: I have never been so sure in life. But doctor promise me that you won’t let anyone know about this?
Doc: I promise but you could be due any day so be very careful and ask Ragini to stay with you ok?
Swara: you know her?
Doc: yes, she does a lot of social work for hospitals she is just amazing so she is quite famous in this hospital
Swara gets happy hearing this and she thinks of an idea. Meanwhile, someone is observing and hearing this conversation.
Person: finally, my plan worked

Swara: can you give me some tea please?
Servant: sure madam
Swara: who are you?
Servant: actually, my sister is unwell so I will work for you
Swara: oh ok please make it fast
Servant: yah (she mixes something in the tea and gives it to her whenever she gets a chance)
End of flashback…

Swara goes back home and sees RagLak fighting cutely again so she just observes them…
Ragini: Laksh you are so stubborn! Look at the paint! You have put it everywhere and it looks like a child has painted the room…
Laksh looks at it and says: no way I am a professional you don’t know how amazing I can be so please!
Ragini: amazing? This is ridiculous let me do it
Laksh: look at yourself first you have paint on your nose
Ragini: remove it then!
Laksh rubs her nose with his thumb and they both laugh together
Swara thinks: I have never seen both of them so happy and laughing like this before! I have ruined everything for myself but I will try do something for them…
Ragini sees her: hi mother to be where have you been? We were so tensed!
Swara: nothing I just wanted to take some fresh air
Ragini: look at me at all time because then the kid would look like me adorable and cute
Laksh: no ways look at me the kid would look innocent if you look at her and see her attitude then the kid will be very stubborn
Ragini: oh my god! You are just jealous…
Laksh: yah yah…
Swara laughs and asks them to calm down. She is about to sit down when she gets labour pain. She is in a lot of pain that she starts to scream her heart out.
Laksh calls the ambulance while Ragini informs the family members and everyone reaches the hospital.
Doc: oh let’s take her to the emergency ward urgently
They all are tensed and wandering outside the emergency room form left to right.
Doc comes out: congrats it’s a girl
Ragini gets teary eyed and is overwhelmed by this!
Doc: she wants to see you all
They all rush inside the operation theatre
Swara opens hers eyes with great difficulty and tries to speak.
Janki: you take rest we can speak later
Doc: she doesn’t have very long left
That shocks each and every person there
Laksh: what do you mean? How did this happen!
Swara: L… Let… me speak (she stammers) R… Ragini… I… I… want you to raise my daughter with L… L… Laksh… he is a great person… y… you… you will be very… ha…
Suddenly, she stops talking and her eyes are left open. Ragini starts crying bitterly: what happened to you Swara? How did this happen!
Laksh has tears in his eyes and is equally shocked by this sudden death of Swara
Laksh: she didn’t tell us anything and doctor how could you!
Doc: I am sorry we tried our best but she had some depression
Ragini: we took good care of her I mean she didn’t seem to be… how could you say this to justify your mistake? (she shouts)
Janki and AP calm her down while Laksh is thinking that Sanskar never came back and maybe that is why Swara took so much pressure…
The baby is crying and Ragini takes her in her arms: don’t cry my doll I am there for you!
Everyone looks at the baby and they say that she looks like Swara… in this tension, everyone forgets to inform Sanskar and Sujata about the mishap!
It is Swara’s funeral and all of them are sobbing around her picture when Ragini hears a noise coming from her room and she rushes there. When she comes out, she has the baby in her hands and she is playing peacefully!
AP looks at them and then looks at Laksh who is also in pain because Swara was a friend to him. AP gets an idea and takes Janki to the side…
AP: look Janki I know that it is a hard time for all of us but we can’t let our grand-daughter in your house for any longer because of course she needs to be with her dad too.
Janki: I understand but the thing is baby thinks that Ragini is her mother
AP: yes, I know
Janki: ok so what do u suggest?
AP: I think that we should get Laksh and Ragini married!
Janki: that was also Swara’s wish remember?
AP: she probably knew that no one else could take better care of her child than her sister
Janki: hmm I would speak to her
They turn around and see Ragini standing there with teary eyes and the baby in her hands!

Precap: What will be Ragini’s decision? Would she accept Laksh or not?

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Credit to: Shazi Rajpoot

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      Hey thanks for being a regular reader u r v nice i will try to upload it too

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