Ajnabee Part 7

Ajnabee by Shazi Part 7:

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I am back and thanks for your support guys it truly means a lot! I will continue the ff for the people who read it and Hope u like the upcoming twists 🙂

After coming back from the doctor, Swara is very tensed by finding out that she got pregnant as she doesn’t know what to do so she thinks of speaking to Sanskar! This was absolutely unexpected and it could create massive issues for everyone!

Swara: I need to speak to Sanskar
Laksh comes home and sees her tensed…
Swara without wasting time says to him: I need to go home and speak to mom
Laksh: now? Look can we go tomorrow I am really tired
Swara: I need to go NOW!

Laksh gets a bit annoyed but doesn’t protest and goes along…
They get to the house and coincidently, Sujata and Sanskar are there!
Ragini is very happy to see Swara and makes them come in!
Swara sits down and Sanskar is in front of her while Sujata is surprised to see her.
Sujata: you come every other day now what happened are you guys not happy?
Janki: no no nothing like that

Sujata: I was only joking but I came here for a genuine reason
Janki: yes, tell me?
Sujata: look Janki we have been friends for a long time and I was thinking that we should get Ragini and Sanskar married because then we will have a stronger relation
Everyone is shocked and especially Swara who has his baby in her womb! Ragini starts laughing and says: how is this possible we have been friends for a long time this is not possible aunty!
Sujata: please u r like my daughter I want u to come to the states with us!
Janki gets thinking that how can she get her daughter married to a guy who has already done a lot to her other daughter but she also doesn’t know how to refuse Sujata…
Laksh feels very jealous but he is trying to control his feelings and his eyes get welled up!
Swara leaves the room and so does Sanskar but all the others are sitting there and she drags him to her room…
Swara: u ruined me now you are going to ruin my sister?

Sanskar: how could u think that I didn’t have a clue that mom would ask this
Swara: you are such a liar!
Sanskar: why would I lie I don’t want to ruin her life she is my best friend too!
Swara: and I am the mother of yours would be child
Sanskar holds her shoulders: what the hell are you saying
Swara shows him the test reports and Sanskar holds his head and sits on the bed.
Sanskar: this is… I don’t know what to say I am shocked!
Laksh: shall I say something then?

Both of them are absolutely shocked to see that Laksh overheard everything!
Swara: Laksh uh actually we were…
Laksh puts a hand in front of her face: if you didn’t like me than you should have said it instead of ruining my life. I wouldn’t have said anything.
Sanskar: this is not her fault
Laksh: I don’t know what to say but I understand that forgetting someone we love is impossible so if you guys want to get married I have no issues!
Swara has tears in her eyes: really?
Sanskar gets thinking and then says: listen mom is not going to agree for now and she wants me to get married to Ragini so what I will do is go back to America and I will try to convince her so she doesn’t get me married to Ragini.
Swara: don’t leave me at this time!

Sanskar: try to understand I need some time
Ragini: time for what guys? u all left me there!
Sanskar: can u give us 5 minutes please?
Ragini: haw what is wrong with u all will anyone tell me please?
Laksh: later on for now we are planning a surprise
Ragini: for me? Thanks guys I will come later (she gets excited and leaves the room)
Sanskar: guys till I come back and convince mom you should promise me that you will take care of Swara like a friend!

Laksh is happy for them: yah sure I will Swara was always my friend and will always be
Swara: as soon as we get married we will find a good girl for you Laksh
Laksh gets thinking about Ragini and is really glad that everything is falling into place after a long time.
Swara: when will you be back?
Sanskar: till the time I come you have to pretend that it is yours and Laksh’s baby ok?
Swara and Laksh: but why?
Sanskar: don’t worry guys when I will be back I will let everyone know about the truth! For now, mom will never agree
Laksh: hmm ok as you wish

Laksh leaves the room and SwaSan talk to each other
Ragini is outside and comes to Laksh: so what is the surprise?
Laksh: you’ll find out very soon

She holds his shoulders and Laksh feels a current in his body…
Ragini: I am very impatient please tell me!
Laksh: if I tell you now you won’t be excited anymore
Ragini: yah you are right! You are very nice actually trying not to spoil my surprise
She holds his hand and says: thank you so much
Laksh smiles at her but actually, he is trying to hide his excitement that soon, him and Ragini will get married

Swara comes out of the room satisfied with Sanskar’s decision and they head to the living room where everyone is sitting…
Sanskar: mom we need to go back urgently I got a call from work there is emergency
Sujata: but I haven’t
Sanskar: please mom try to understand we need to pack we r leaving tomorrow
Janki gets relieved
Sujata: I will be back to take my daughter with us!

Janki smiles at them and they leave…
Ragini: oh that’s good I consider Sanskar like a brother but Sujata aunty wasn’t understanding
Janki: hmm we should get dinner ready
Swara suddenly says in front of her family: mom I am pregnant
Janki gets stunned and also suspicious but Ragini jumps in excitement!
Ragini: was this the surprise? Oh my god this is the best thing ever!

Laksh is upset seeing Ragini like this because he knows that she thinks it is his child but it actually isn’t. He thinks: I can never cheat on you Ragini! I know I wasn’t supposed to love you but now that Swara loves Sanskar, I know that we were always meant to be! I love you Ragini I really do!
Ragini sees them and hugs Swara: oops sorry I need to hug Laksh for this
She suddenly hugs him and he doesn’t reciprocate but feels butterflies in his stomach meanwhile Janki is eyeing Swara angrily and they go to the kitchen.
Janki: what is this?
Swara: you will find out soon ma trust me
Janki: I hope that
Swara: it is nothing don’t worry

After all the discussions, they head to their house and Laksh remembers his promise made to Sanskar and starts taking care of Swara like a best friend (there is no love but just respect that builds up between them) Months go by and there is no news of Sanskar. During this time, Ragini has come closer to Laksh because they take care of Swara together a lot of times. Swara observes this and thinks that no one can take better care of Ragini than Laksh because he is so pure at heart. After 6 months, Sanskar decides to call Swara to find out if everything is fine.
Sanskar: how are u n the baby?
Swara: both are fine we are being taken care of by Laksh a lot he is like a best friend to me and Ragini has also built a good bond with him. They have gone close and the way both of them argue to take care of me is just great.
Sanskar: well that is good news actually I wanted that to happen so you and your husband can become close and lead a happy life!

Swara isn’t able to say anything and she feels like someone has just stabbed her.
Sanskar: listen Swara I wanted you guys to be friends and u know mom would never agree so with the baby you guys can spend a good life
Swara: it… is… it… your…
Sanskar: bye Swara I didn’t want anyone to raise fingers at you so I had to do this… have a happy life!
Swara breaks down…
In the other room:
Ragini: Laksh no this won’t be that baby’s room
Laksh: it will be it’s the best room!

Ragini: are you insane like this wouldn’t be enough
Laksh: it will be because the baby will like it
Ragini: you are not understanding
Laksh: no I am you aren’t
Swara comes in and her eyes are red! She just goes to sleep and RagLak look at each other but they think she is tired. More months go by and Swara is depressed but doesn’t show it to anyone! One day she decides to go to the doctor and gets a new report…

Precap: Someone is observing Swara at the clinic: my plan is working that’s perfect!

So guys how do u find this episode? I know a lot happened but we need to move in the story so more twists can unfold! Don’t forget to comment 😉

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