Ajnabee Part 6


Ajnabee by Shazi Part 6

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Hi guys for the people on Telly Updates, not many people are liking and commenting so I have decided to discontinue the fanfic for this forum… For the previous commenters, thanks for appreciating my work.
Priya I will forward your request to tellymassala and they will surely do something 🙂 thanks for liking my work <3

So here you go guys I know last part was a major turn in the story so let’s get to it…

Sanskar has guilt in his eyes and his heartbeat is increasing! He doesn’t want anyone to question Swara but at the same time, he doesn’t have a clue on how to handle this situation.
Swara is standing there covered in sheets and lost in her thoughts…

Sanskar: why the hell are you smiling? Go and get dressed!
Swara gets upset but obeys him because she doesn’t want to face his anger once again.
Sanskar: shit! Shit! What did I do? I ruined her life!

Meanwhile, in the morning, Ragini felt bad that she left Swasan alone in the evening but whenever she tried to reach them, their phones were switched off. She decides to go to Laksh’s house and talk to Swara. She thinks that Swara is upset with her but she doesn’t know that something major has happened!

In the hotel:
Sanskar: I will drop you to your mum’s house because if I drop u to your husband’s house he might think something wrong
Swara: uh don’t worry he is least bothered
Sanskar: what are u saying! Have you got any idea of how far this situation can fetch?
Swara thinks: the further the better! I will end up marrying you and then u will understand how much I love u!
Swara: ok drop me to mum’s house I will make up an excuse

Ragini gets her car out and goes to Laksh’s house and servant makes her enter the house. She rushes in and calls Swara…
Ragini: Swara! Swara! Come out! Look I am sorry…
Laksh is in the getting ready in his room and doesn’t hear her but she knocks on the door. Laksh thinks that is is the servant.

Laksh: yah come in… (his shirt is half unbuttoned like in the show)
Laksh sees Ragini and thinks: why can’t I stop thinking about her? Oh god!
She comes closer to him with a tensed face and he is not moving at all… She sees him and waves in front of his face. Laksh is shocked to see that she is actually present here and he loses his balance and because Ragini is standing too close to him, she loses her balance too! She falls on top of Laksh and her hands are on his chest! They have an eye lock but suddenly Laksh realizes it and looks away. Ragini also feels weird and gets up.
Laksh: are you out of your mind? What are you doing here?
Ragini is shocked to see his behavior: What? I came to see Swara! Why do u always have to be so rude? Is this the reason why Swara has lost her smile?

Laksh: what? I am not rude to Swara she is my wife
Ragini: yah sure! I bet you are lying to me
Laksh: Swara is not here she said that she would be staying over to your house over night
Ragini: what?
Laksh gets tensed: hasn’t she reached your house?
Ragini: no she did but then we… I mean…
Laksh: is she ok? Has anything happened to her?

Ragini: I don’t know I didn’t see her and I panicked
Laksh: let’s go and check if everything is alright
Ragini: yah ok
Both of them are very tensed and leave from Laksh’s house

Meanwhile, Sanskar tries to sneak Swara in her mom’s house from the garden side but Janki sees them and comes closer to them.

Janki: what is happening here?
Swara: nothing mom we

Janki: you guys were together the entire night?
Sanskar: aunty the thing is
Janki: I am talking to my daughter
Swara: mom please it’s not his fault he wasn’t in his senses and…
Janki: and?
Sanskar: aunty whatever happened was an accident
Janki gets stunned hearing this and slaps Swara which makes her fall on the grass. Sanskar picks her up…
Swara: mom… I… I…
Janki is furious: if both of you wanted to get married you should have told me before doing this!
Sanskar: it was my fault aunty (he narrates her the whole story)
Janki puts her head on her forehead and starts crying: what is going to happen now? Do u have any idea on how we’ll tackle this?
Swara: mom Laksh will never find out we don’t share the same room and he has never forced himself on me

Janki: that is because he is a good human being and you have never realized it!
Sanskar: I cannot accept u Swara because you are a married woman and people are going to raise fingers at you! You’re my best friend before everything else and I don’t want you to suffer
Swara: you have never been there for me when I needed you but still I love u unconditionally! I can live with taunts not without u
Janki holds her arm tightly: you have lost your mind! I didn’t teach u this… are you even my daughter?
Swara cries bitterly while Sanskar feels helpless
Janki gets a call and it is Ragini:
Ragini: mom is Swara there?

Janki: yah where are u?
Ragini: I am with Laksh we r coming we thought Swara was missing so…
Janki: my love can you guys get some food from the takeaway because we are out of breakfast? Sanskar is also here so I thought we could all have breakfast together?
Ragini: that is going to take a lot of time
Janki: it’s ok take your time
Laksh: is everything ok?
Ragini explains him the whole situation which worries Laksh because if he spends more time with her, his feelings are going to go stronger.
RagLak reach the shopping mall and order breakfast while Ragini sees ice cream and smiles innocently.
Laksh: do u want some?

Ragini: umm… no it’s ok
Laksh: we have time to kill so…
Ragini: yah ok let’s go! Do u know, Belgian chocolate ice cream is my favorite one! It’s so nice I have been loving it since childhood. The thing is we can’t get it everywhere it just happens to be in some places so I get a bit upset…
She keeps on talking and Laksh is just looking at her while his heart is racing!
Ragini suddenly stops and holds his hand to shake it and he comes back to his senses: you don’t talk much do u?
Laksh: no I do it’s just that I was thinking about work
Ragini: oh ambitious han?
Laksh: sort of

Ragini: even I am! But Swara, she always wanted to have her prince charming and their little house!
Laksh is lost in her words that he doesn’t realize who she is talking about. He checks the time and says: shall we go? Breakfast must be ready!
Ragini: oh yeah let’s go. You aren’t as bad as I thought u were
Laksh: am I supposed to take it as a compliment?
Ragini smiles: maybe…

Meanwhile in Janki’s house:
Janki: Go and get fresh both of you look at your state if Laksh comes and sees you both like this it will be a big issue!
Swara: relax everyone

Sanskar: this is not a joke!
Swara: fine!
They go and freshen up while RagLak reach the house.
Ragini enters: come everyone let’s have food
They all join the dining table and Sanskar comes to greet Laksh.
Sanskar: hi I am Sanskar I…
Janki: he is the son of my best friend

Laksh: nice to meet you
Swara doesn’t look at Laksh she is busy looking at Sanskar and Laksh senses something wrong.

They all finish breakfast and Laksh takes Swara back home but on his way back, he is thinking about when Ragini fell on him and the way she held his hand. Her cute talks, her stubbornness, everything was just how he imagined! Swara is also thinking about her moments with Sanskar but both of them decide to get back to their normal routine because they cannot get their love being tied in this relation! Sanskar is just thinking about Swara and the way he ruined everything for them while Ragini is focusing on her career.

After two weeks, Laksh is at work and Swara is at home but she feels uneasy and goes to the washroom! She vomits twice and decides to go to the doctor…

Precap: Swara is pregnant!!! Sujata’s decision…

OK so this is a bonus episode before Saturday because so many people asked for an update 🙂 Next part will come on Saturday guys! Let me know your views in the comments and what you think should happen next?

Credit to: Shazi Rajpoot

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