Ajnabee Part 4

Ajnabee by Shazi Part 4:

I know u all are confused and furious! You want to know why all this happened but please be patient guys you will understand everything…

Previous Part: Part 3

Laksh’s pov:

She was looking absolutely stunning… those eyes were the same that drove me crazy and her smile oh god why is she looking like a fairy? Her gown was a magnificent one indeed accentuating her beauty! How is this possible… it is her! The woman of my dreams who has been with me without even being there… each and every second of my life! What kind of test is this god? Why are you doing this to me! I have never done anything wrong then why? I cannot believe that I am in such a situation where my love is the sister of my own wife… I have to be strong and not betray Swara but I don’t know how I would be able to cope with this…

End of his pov and he is lost in his thoughts

Janki: stop teasing him Ragini! Look at him the poor thing is not able to say anything
Swara: once again you managed to be too late
Ragini: sorry guys I missed my flight on my way back and it was such a headache
AP: you have another beautiful daughter u didn’t tell us about
Janki: sorry she is very open minded and likes to be a free bird so she is out and about trying to build her career
Uttara: you are gorgeous Ragini!
Ragini: thank you so much see if I was here before u guys would have asked for my hand
Janki: Ragini!
Ragini: sorry mom I was only
AP: it’s ok she is very innocent
Ragini: oh wait don’t try to confuse me everyone we have to settle the price of those shoes
Laksh is constantly staring at her angelic face and he is unable to move his eyes… suddenly, Ragini waves her hand in front of him and he gets back to his senses
Ragini: come on how much are u willing to sacrifice
Laksh: um… I… u…
Ragini: what is this? Are you being shy? Or are you going to make the whole alphabet sitting here?
AP: yah he is a bit shy you tell me beta how much do u want?
They finish the ceremonies and Laksh is just confused while Swara is lost in her thoughts!

Swara’s pov:

What have I done? Oh my gosh why did this happen? I will never love this guy he is just a psycho! I will get my love back I cannot live like that… I am sure that after all the hate between us, he won’t come near me and I have to do something to get rid of him otherwise I will die! Nobody will understand so I have to take my steps very carefully!

End of her pov
Here comes the time when they have to leave… Laksh is walking like a lifeless body and Swara is crying! Ragini hugs her and Swara says: don’t worry I will be back soon… Ragini doesn’t understand because she is too busy crying… Laksh sees Ragini and his eyes gets filled with tears! He thinks: please don’t cry my fairy I can’t see tears in those eyes!

Swara and Laksh reach the house that was given to Laksh by his company which was fully decorated… Swara steps in and Laksh is not paying attention to her.
Swara: how many rooms are there in this house?
Laksh: hmm?
Swara: rooms?
Laksh: two rooms
Swara: I want a separate room
Laksh: yah sure the other room is on the left
Swara: fine I am tired
Laksh leaves to his room and gets changed he doesn’t even question her. Swara is a bit stunned to see his reaction but she doesn’t say anything and goes to sleep…
The next day, Swara wakes up, she makes breakfast for herself and doesn’t speak to him so he just makes breakfast for him then leaves to work.

They are married but living like strangers… days go by and Swara finally breaks her silence!
Swara: I want to go to my mum’s house they have invited us for dinner
Laksh suddenly remembers Ragini and he just refuses
Swara: but why not? I mean what the hell is wrong with you and your boring life?
Laksh is a moved by her emotions and thinks that it is because of him that she is upset and he doesn’t want that.
Laksh: ok fine who will be there
Swara: well everyone what do u mean?
Laksh: nothing let’s go

In the evening, Swara gets ready and Laksh takes the car keys then goes out without really looking at her. She thinks: I am glad that I have kept myself away from him so he will never get attached to me!

They reach the house and Laksh thinks that he will try his level best to avoid Ragini because he does not want to betray Swara in any way. They reach the house and Ragini opens the door! She rushes to hug Swara…
Swara: hi!
Ragini: I am so happy to see you it has been so many days
Swara: same here I need to taste food made by you
Ragini: come in guys
She holds Laksh’s hand and says: come in Laksh ji!
Laksh suddenly jerks her hand and gets angry: please don’t hold my hand
Ragini: oho one-woman man ha?
Swara got irritated: you talk too much let’s go in
Ragini: ok ok u both get in I have prepared food myself
Janki: yes, she has made the food now I am thinking to get her married
Laksh: you should get her married soon (he says this because he thinks that if she gets married he would be able to forget)
Ragini: haw this is unfair I want to carry on with my career I have started a job in the clinic near the house it makes me happy to treat the people
Janki: yah and she doesn’t take money from most of the
Laksh gets very impressed but he doesn’t show it and they finish their dinner…
Ragini: so guys are u planning to go on a trip or not?
Shekhar: stop teasing them Ragini let me speak to Laksh
Laksh: yes! Uncle how are you
Shekhar: you are being very quiet is there any issue?
Laksh: no I am just a bit tired because I came from work and I am currently working on a new project so…
Ragini: no they have started their boring conversation come Swara we can go in my room and talk
Swara: yah sure let’s go
They leave to the room and Ragini makes Swara sit on the bed
Ragini: so how is Laksh? Is he nice? You guys have been married for a month now tell me how your new life is like
Swara is lost in Sanskar’s thoughts. She remembers the way he used to come to her room and hug her from the back. Then they used to spend hours in the park walking hand in hand… their small kisses that used to come out of nowhere! Swara got tears in her eyes and Ragini gets suspicious!
Ragini: Swara what happened?
Swara: nothing I was remembering our times
Ragini: is Laksh not good to you?
Swara: nothing like that he doesn’t say anything
Ragini: yah he looks boring and very moody
Swara: no he just is a person who won’t say much to be honest
Ragini: if u need I can speak to him
Swara: no leave it… won’t really change anything (she thinks that she won’t make any effort to give their relation a chance so no need)
Ragini gets a call from work:
Receptionist: Dr Ragini there is an emergency
Ragini: Swara I have to go to the clinic could you please ask Laksh to drop me (She thinks that she can speak to him on the way to understand his pov)
Swara: yah ok
They head to the living room and see Laksh communicating with their parents!
Ragini: mom emergency!
Laksh gets tensed hearing that
Janki: again from your clinic?
Ragini: yah
Shekhar: ok I will drop u get ready
Swara: no Laksh can drop her
Laksh doesn’t want to spend time alone with Ragini because his feelings are only going to get stronger: No I am sorry I can’t actually I have to leave because tomorrow I have to go to work really early
Janki: but beta you haven’t had desert and
Laksh: no it’s ok I have to leave (he is very tensed and he tries to escape the situation)
Ragini sense this and she gets irritated! She thinks that her sister is not happy with this marriage and has the thought that Laksh is being mean to her.
Ragini: Swara stay here for tonight?
Laksh: yah if u want u can stay but I can’t come to pick u up because I have a lot to do (he doesn’t want to face Ragini again)
Janki: no take her with u what are u guys talking about?
Swara: ok I am going to go with you
Ragini is fuming with anger while they leave to their house…
Ragini: ma I think di is not happy
Janki: what are u talking about
Ragini: I have seen pain in her eyes
Janki: Laksh is a very nice boy he has spoken to us in a very decent manner so don’t be silly!
Ragini: I don’t know ma but I need to find out
Janki: no need to do that focus on your work
Saying this she leaves and scene ends on Ragin’s suspicious face.

Precap: Sanskar’s entry will shake everyone! What twist is he going to bring now?

Sorry this chapter was a bit boring but it had to be there to make everyone understand that Swara is pushing Laksh back while he is trying to make things better between them. He is avoiding Ragini for the simple reason that he doesn’t want to betray Swara’s trust being unaware of her liking someone else…

Thanks for the comments and feedback guys it means a lot and to silent readers please u guys don’t feel shy and let me know if u liked it or not hehe…

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  1. Swalak got married. I Thot it was raglak ff. Still confused with the pairs. But it was nice.

    1. Shazi Rajpoot

      It will be swasan n RagLak

  2. Shazi how come Raglak will unite.. I am totally confused….

  3. Hai i think this story is from a pakistani serial aired on zindagi i forget the name of serial but the story line is very similar plz reply me if i m right its a request..

    1. hi anshu,
      i think, or if i am not wrong that serial name is khoya khoya chand.

    2. Shazi Rajpoot

      This is inspired by that show khoya khoya chand 🙂

  4. Awesom update waitinf for Sanskaars entry

  5. I m a silent reader till today
    I have a confusion — its a swasan and raglak story???? Right
    But here swalak are married
    Plz clear my confusion

    1. Shazi Rajpoot

      Swalak r married but there is nothing between them and at the end you will se it is swasan RagLak

  6. Omg ragini made an entry at the peak tym.. Laksh is really acting weird n swalak moments are too funny n ragini she wants to fix everything between them hope sanskar comes back n take swara with him… Ragini is awesome i loved her personality

  7. think sanskar is that planning to marry ragini…

  8. Superb episode and plz United Raglak soon

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