Ajnabee Part 3

Ajnabee by Shazi Part 3

First of all, thank you so much for the comments guys you all are so nice! I didn’t know that u would like my work so much so a big hug for all of u guys 🙂 Just to clarify that this is a RagLak fanfic with SwaSan in it too including a lot of twists n turns :p

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Scene starts from Laksh sobbing in his room and lost in his thoughts…
Laksh’s monologue: I am not able to forget her it is impossible for me to move on because I can’t give her place to anyone in my heart! No Laksh! You have to be strong! You have to do this for your family… they love you a lot and have never asked anything in return so how can you be so selfish! How can you be after a girl that doesn’t even know you exist? What is wrong with you Laksh? But you love her! No… I have to be strong anything could happen the other girl could say no but she could also agree… I have to be patient!

Meanwhile in Swara’s house:
Swara: mom/dad, I agree to meet the boy but I won’t say yes until I speak to him
Mom: fine love u have taken the right decision! We will speak to them
Her mom calls AP:
Swara’s Mom: Hello Annapurna how are you?
AP: Hi I am fine how about you?
Swara’s Mom: I have a good news! Swara has agreed to meet Laksh and she wants to speak to him before taking any decisions
AP: speak to him? Umm ok if she wishes to then let us know when we shall come!
Swara’s Mom: why not today I mean we are going to begin something good we shouldn’t delay this
AP: ok fine we will come around 5pm
Swara’s Mom: perfect!

Swara’s Mom: come on everyone we have a lot to do the groom’s family is coming today we have to make dinner
Swara: what do u mean today?
Mom: yes, today! Go and get ready
Swara gets irritated and thinks that it is the only way to scare Sanskar so she gets ready…

Laksh’s house:
AP: everyone! get ready we have to go somewhere today
DP: where? Why do u look so happy?
Laksh: yah mom tell us
AP: Swara wants to meet you and she wants to know u a bit better before you guys get into a relation forever!
Laksh looks at everyone and gives a bitter smile to them
DP: he is not used to talking about girls so he shied away
AP: yah you are right ok let’s prepare everything we need to get sweets to their house

In the afternoon, they reach Swara’s house and they meet the parents.
Swara’s Mom: how are you beta (son) and what do you do?
Laksh is looking down and responds to her questions without looking up: I am an engineer aunty
AP: Laksh don’t be shy tell everything! Our son is a topper from his university
Swara’s Mom: that is absolutely brilliant
They keep on talking for a while and after a while, Swara comes in a plain white suit with tea and her mom looks at her with anger. She takes the tea from her hands and whispers in her ears: is it someone’s funeral? Why are you dressed like that!
Swara gives a furious look to her mom and goes to sit next to AP
Laksh is not even looking at her as he is busy talking to other members of the family. Suddenly, Uttara asks the elders to leave them alone and everyone laughs then they leave to the dining room.
Swara: you haven’t even looked at me once how can u be willing to marry me?
Laksh still lowering his gaze: I don’t need to cross question my parents if they are ok with this relation then who am I to say anything
Swara: what kind of a man are you? Don’t you have a stand for your own?
Laksh: just want to say that I have been defeated by destiny
Swara thinks: what the hell what kind of a person is he? I am definitely not going to marry him!
Laksh: ok I think we should go to the living room
Swara: yah that’s right let’s go
They reach and everyone is having dinner… after dinner, they gather in the living room and Swara is eagerly waiting for them to leave so she can refuse
AP: so what have you decided
Swara’s Mom: there is no problem from our side I can see that our daughter is happy
Swara is absolutely shocked and is about to talk when her dad, Shekhar speaks up: yah our daughter would never go against our wish and Laksh is a very sweet boy and he has a secure future for himself and my daughter. I couldn’t ask for more
DP: that is for sure! He would keep her very happy… Our son is ready to get married to Swara…
Laksh gets watery eyes and says: I think we should leave now!
Swara’s Mom: we can get them married next week it is a good time to get our kids married
Hearing this, Laksh heads out as he cannot take it anymore. He is near his car when he remembers Ragini…
Inside, everyone fixes the dates and they come out! It is a very heart breaking situation for both Laksh and Swara because they both are in love with someone else but unable to do anything to get their love and that is the worst pain in someone’s life 🙁

Meanwhile in Delhi:

Payal: what the hell is going on we have to come back to the university to get our certificates
Ragini: shut up I am loving it! It has been so long! Remember the days we used to hang out in these streets? Those were the best days
Payal: I know right! I can’t believe that all of that is over it went really quick! Tell me what are your plans now?
Ragini: I want to work! I want to be in the field that we have been studying! I could work in a clinic I mean I could do a training there and then join the hospital as a doctor… or maybe if I find my prince charming like Armaan then I can get married! Oh my god that would be awesome
Payal: madam you and your big dreams!
Ragini: so what dreaming is allowed
They both laugh and remember their memories
Payal: what if we end up marrying someone that we hate?
Ragini: that can never happen stop being so negative!
Payal: hmm u r right we have to hope to be in the best situation
Ragini: let’s go otherwise we will get late as usual
Payal: haha yeah

In Mumbai, the marriage rituals have started but neither Swara nor Laksh are interested in the wedding! Laksh although tries to be loyal to Swara and is thinking that he should forget Ragini in order to give Swara a good and happy life. Swara is constantly thinking about Sanskar and their moments together…
Swara in her mind during her mehndi: what is wrong with you Sanskar? Why have u not replied to me even once? You told me to get married and I am getting married but I still have hope that you will come to me and we will unite no matter the situation…

Meanwhile, in USA, Sanskar is busy with his studies and setting up his own business… he does not have time to speak to anyone!

A day before the wedding, everyone is overjoyed by the event when Swara’s Mom (Janki) gets a call from Sujata.
Janki: Yes, Sujata ji what happened
Sujata: hi how are u n Swara?
Janki: ya everyone is fine just very busy
Sujata: I need to tell u something
Janki: yah go ahead but if you can come to our house there are a lot of chores to do
Sujata: that’s the thing I won’t be able to attend the wedding because Sanskar has called me to join him so I will be leaving to USA today!
Janki: oh wow that is a brilliant news you should go and don’t worry I will send you pictures!
Sujata: yes! please do and don’t forget to give my blessings to the couple
Janki: ok bye have a safe journey

Swara comes to her mum Janki: Ma I don’t want to get married this is unfair and forced!
Janki: but why? Oh by the way Sanskar has called Sujata to join him and she is leaving today
Swara is totally shattered hearing this and Janki forgets about what she said
Janki: so you were saying?
Swara: nothing ma I… I…
Janki: we all are emotional my love but daughters have to get married at some point
Swara cries a lot hugging Janki

On the wedding day, Laksh is getting ready in his room and saying to himself: this is going to be tough but you are very strong! Today is the beginning of your new life and you don’t want to spoil someone’s life so you have to be loyal to that girl no matter how hard it is! After all, she is expecting love from her would be husband I can’t let anyone down!
Saying this he goes downstairs and the baraat (groom and his family) leaves to Swara’s house and they reach their house…
A lot of rituals take place and Laksh is lost in his world he is unable to focus on anything or anyone!
Swara comes to the mandap and sits next to Laksh but none of them is looking at each other… Laksh does the rituals and then fills her hairline but he has tears in his eyes and everything is blurry… Swara is also in a state of shock thinking that Sanskar has left her shattering all her hopes and desires. She visualises Sanskar at the place of Laksh and gives a smile to him but he suddenly fades to Laksh leaving tears in her eyes…

All the rituals are done and when Laksh is about to go to the stage he notices that his shoes are missing so he goes on the stage barefoot and asks for his shoes.

He hears a voice and sees a silhouette approaching holding his shoes! She comes forward and says: you won’t get your shoes so easily! You will have to pay a lot to get them after all I am your only sister in law my jiju (brother in law) I am sorry for having missed the important rituals I had to go and collect some boring certificates but we will get to know each other very soon jiju! I am the total opposite of my sister and I am sure we will become best friends!
Laksh is unable to move and he cannot feel himself he is numb! He sees her face and becomes a statue. Scene ends on Laksh’s shocked expressions!

Precap: Laksh’s pov… Who is that girl? What is going to happen now?

A big twist I know but this is just the beginning… Let me know what you thought of this part and who you think that girl is… Till next part, keep wondering what will happen 😛

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  1. I thought it’s raglak but its swalak

    1. Shazi Rajpoot

      It is going to be RagLak i am a huge RagLak fan don’t worry

  2. I hav a doubt dear hera hw can yu make it swasan dear as he left swara lyk hell it won’t gv positive vibes to swara sry if I offended yu

  3. Omg I guess the girl is ragini. M so excited to know. Can’t wait for the next part plz update the next part soon

  4. Awesome I think the girl is ragini

  5. hey tht girl is ragini ?? yar swalak r married now but u say raglak r pair… hope all things fall in their place soon … otherwise nice part

    1. Shazi Rajpoot

      Don’t worry I know it’s confusing but it is RagLak i am huge RagLak fan keep reading to find out 🙂

  6. raginiii, super

  7. I think it is Ragini right
    Interestingand Awesome
    Waiting for the next one…..

  8. oh my god, she is ragini.
    feeling bad for him, poor laksh.

  9. Hey I am confused with the pair but plz make it raglak plzzzzz

  10. It must be Ragini or Payal..anyways waiting for the update.. Good story line though loved it

  11. Oh my god.. Swalak marriage happened??? NW wats goin to happen .. HW can RagLak unite..?? She is his saali now.. Oh noo.. Im commenting first time. I really like ur ff.. Read first parts frm ur fb page so cudnt comment.. Well done dear.. M loving it.. Poor laksh.. His love is his saali now.. It’s disastrous.. 🙁

  12. I think it was payal swara sister & but ragini is also present thr.. For some particular reason sanskar avoiding swara… swalak 1st day they may confront about thr love & try to sort of thr problem…

  13. I think the girl he married is Ragini and the girl who stolen his shoe was Swara or this whole marriage was just a dream…

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