Ajnabee Part 2

Ajnabee by Shazi Part 2:

Laksh had his own life and was trying his level best to forget her but every single moment of his life, he used to think about Ragini… Him and Mohsin were working for the same firm and Laksh was trying to indulge himself into his work so no one could see his pain but Mohsin knew it very well that his friend wasn’t alright. Laksh had his own accommodation given from his firm and was a bit lonely.

On a cold winter morning, Laksh wakes up and sees Ragini in her kurta with wet hair in his room.
Laksh: Ragini!
She doesn’t respond
Laksh stands up from his bed rubbing his eyes and stands near her…
Laksh: Ragini I really missed u! where have you been? You don’t understand how desperate I was…
She looks at him and smiles… the same innocent smile that he saw for the first time and his heart just melts.
Laksh: please say something Ragini… Please talk to me I beg you…
He suddenly wakes up and sees no one in his room!
Laksh to himself: enough is enough! I need to find her this is not the way to live!
He takes his phone and rings Mohsin
Laksh: hi
Mohsin: what happened it’s so early in the morning is everything ok?
Laksh: I need to find her as soon as possible
Mohsin: who
Laksh: Ragini!
Mohsin: bro we are unsure about everything who knows she might be married
Laksh: I have hope she should be unmarried
Mohsin: ok let’s try to find her but where
Laksh: I don’t know we have to go to the university and try to get information out
Mohsin: ok fine but first we need to take permission from work
Laksh: ok I will pick u up in 20 min be ready
Mohsin: fine see u

Laksh and Mohsin are in the car and heading towards their workplace when they stop at the traffic lights.
Laksh: I am really being desperate for her
Mohsin: god will make you guys meet if you guys are meant to be
Laksh: hmm you are right
Laksh looks on the side and gets stunned. He is numb at first but he sees that face! That unforgettable face of his Ragini!
Laksh: look! Look! It’s my Ragini!
Mohsin: Stupid! Turn the car

They see her heading in the mall and run in there… Laksh goes shop to shop and starts to shout: Ragini! Ragini!!!
Mohsin sees him and holds his shoulders: calm down Laksh she doesn’t even know you how will she recognise u!
Laksh: u don’t understand this was the only chance I could find her
Mohsin: don’t think that way now we know that she lives in Mumbai maybe you guys are destined to be!
Laksh: but I…
Mohsin: let’s go bro we r so late to work it has been 4 hours
Laksh: will we ever meet Ragini?

Ragini is in the mall and she feels like someone is calling her!
Ragini: Payal did u hear?
Payal: No, what?
Ragini: I don’t know it felt a bit strange
Payal: come on I came to your city and instead of making me visit you are wasting time on pranks
Ragini: ok never mind let’s go we can have Pani Poori
Payal: really? Yah let’s go
Ragini: but really I did hear someone
Payal: don’t be paranoid!

Laksh goes to work and he keeps on thinking about seeing her face in the mall. He couldn’t really notice what she was wearing but her sparkling eyes were haunting his thoughts. Days went by but he never gave up on finding his lady love. After all, she was his first and only love! It is not easy to forget your first love no matter what happens…

6 months have passed and Laksh is unable to find her! Laksh gets a holiday and goes to his parents’ house to spend some days with them… He steps in the house and sees AP with Uttara waiting for him at the door…

Uttara: Oh god I haven’t seen u in forever!
AP: come in my jaan look at u! you have gone so skinny! Don’t u eat or what?
Laksh: calm down ladies I am totally fine
Uttara: we will take good care of u! Look sweetheart your uncle has come to see us after a long time
Laksh: oh my god look at him he has grown up so much
Uttara: yah because u haven’t seen us in a long time!!!
Laksh: ok sorry my cute sister I have been so busy with work
DP: no talking about work we are gathered here for family time
Laksh hugs DP and he blesses him.
In the evening, they are having family dinner and as soon as they finish, AP calls everyone in the living room.
Laksh: what happened mom anything special?
AP: well yes! Now that you are a successful man and you are independent, I want you to think about marriage.
Laksh: but mom I don’t have time for this. (He is actually unable to visualize anyone else in his life than Ragini so he thinks of refusing)
AP: Laksh I don’t want to force myself on you but it would be nice if we start to look for a nice girl! I don’t know how much time I have got left so I just…
Laksh: mom don’t say that you are the best mother in the world and if you want to start looking then you are allowed to after all you are my mother you would only think about my well-being.
AP: thank you beta (son) I want that girl to look after you as you are lonely in your house but when she comes, you will be a complete man who knows his responsibilities.
DP: you mother is right Laksh
Laksh heads to his room and comes up with the excuse that he is very tired. When he reaches there, he lies on his bed and thinks about AP’s words “someone who will take care of you and who would make you realise your responsibilities” he closes his eyes and again sees Ragini’s face! She is in his kitchen making breakfast… he comes near her and hugs her from the back. The only thing she does is smile as usual in his thoughts. He slowly opens his eyes and the only person he wants is her!
Laksh: oh god please make her mine I beg you I cannot live without her. Not a second goes when I don’t think about her!

Scene shifts to Sanskar:
Sanskar wakes up and gets a letter. Firstly, he is in a state of shock but he suddenly starts screaming: mom! Mom! Come here!
Sujata starts to cry by seeing the letter and they immediately go to Swara’s house!
Sujata is speaking to Swara’s parents when Sanskar goes to her…
Sanskar: I am so happy Swara
Swara: but I am not! How can you go to that course in USA what about us?
Sanskar: if we are destined to be, we will surely be together and u know how important this scholarship is for me! I will come back during my holidays and will stay in touch don’t worry!
Swara: I love u a lot
Sanskar: I am doing this for us!
Swara: I know you are and I want you to be successful so come back soon
Sanskar: yah I will and all the issues will be sorted
Saying this, he leaves from there…
After a couple of days, while Swara has been trying to reach Sanskar, he did not give any response and she gets tensed…
Swara goes to Sujata’s house
Sujata: hi Swara beta how are u?
Swara: I am fine aunty how is Sanskar?
Sujata: he is perfectly fine he called me a couple of minutes ago he is very happy there
Swara gets shattered listening to this and goes back home…

Scene shifts to AP:
AP: Laksh come here!
Laksh: yes, mom what happened?
AP: we have found a perfect girl for you…
Laksh gets shattered listening to this but being obedient, he agrees to meet her
AP: please don’t disappoint us if they agree, you have to agree they are very respectable people!
Laksh feels like someone has stabbed him but he nods in agreement and prays that they refuse his proposal.

Scene shifts to Swara:
Swara’s mom: Swara a very good proposal has come for u! the boy is independent, from a very good family and they have no particular demands. Very respectable people indeed!
Swara: what the hell? I do not want to get married
Swara’s dad: and why not? You are 26! It is high time to get married… unless you have someone else in mind then u can tell us
Swara thinks about Sanskar ignoring her and decides not to tell her parents and goes from there.
Mom: this girl is very stubborn it is unbelievable!
She goes in her rooms and starts crying as much as she could… she tries to reach Sanskar but he doesn’t pick up so she messages him saying that she has had a marriage proposal.
The next day, she gets a reply from Sanskar: I don’t know when I will be back so you should accept the proposal and please try to move on I know it isn’t easy but you have to!
Swara is totally heartbroken and doesn’t know what to do so she goes to her parents who are sipping tea in their garden around a white table.
Swara: mom did you refuse those people?
Swara’s mom: no why what happened? Have you made up your mind?
Dad: yah shall we call them to agree?
Swara: no you shouldn’t I don’t want to get married!
Mom: I don’t get it, you are not ambitious as you aren’t doing any job and neither are you working so why don’t you want to tie the knot?
Dad: you mum is right!
Swara is shocked to see her parents putting so much pressure on her meanwhile Laksh is still praying for Swara to refuse the proposal.

Laksh calls Mohsin and explains him the entire situation…
Mohsin: bro we don’t have any news about Ragini so I think you should accept this new phase of your life. Maybe it wasn’t meant to be!
Laksh: nobody would understand my feelings bro but thanks for the advice
Mohsin: no I didn’t mean to upset you!
Laksh: its ok I don’t mind
He hangs up, locks himself in his room and starts sobbing…

Precap: What is going to happen to Laksh’s love story? Is this the end of RagLak? Would Swara accept to marry Laksh? To find out, stay tuned to my fanfic…

Hey guys since I haven’t had a lot of comments in the previous part, I was wondering if you guys like the fanfic or not? You can give me feedback whether it is positive or not so please leave your comments… Shall I continue this fanfic?

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