Ajnabee Part 15


Ajnabee by Shazi Part 15:

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Thanks again guys for the comments I am sorry I was unable to reply individually… This is unfortunately the last part guys let me know how you found the fanfic.

Sanskar: Swara! How is this possible you were…
Person thinks: this is the right way of entering the house (finally the mystery unfolds this is Swara’s look alike and I will call her Swara to not confuse the readers but the real Swara was dead)
Swara: who are you?
Sanskar: please don’t be angry at me I want to apologise
Swara: well I…
Sanskar: Laksh and Ragini have started a new life I think that we should give our life a try
Swara (thinks what the hell why is he after me is he the guy I made drunk to be with swara? Yah it must be him) : umm I don’t think that we are meant to be
Sanskar: the thing is as you know Ragini and Laksh were meant to be and you might not know but I regret a lot we can start fresh
Swara: take me to mama’s house
Sanskar: mama? U used to call her Mom
Swara: things change
Sanskar: where were you all this time?
Swara: why are u asking me so many questions?
Sanskar: I still love u
Swara feels strange: taking me home or shall I go myself?
Sankar: come

They reach the house and Janki opens the door… as soon as she sees Swara she hugs her tight but does’t feel any connection!
Janki: what how is this possible?
Swara: what do u mean mom?
Janki: we saw you dead I mean this is impossible
Swara: what kind of a mother are you? Not happy to see your own daughter
Janki: no swara this is not what I meant
Swara: mom I need to see my daughter what is her name
Janki: Ragini named it after u he name is Swasna come
Sanskar looks at Janki and she gives him a confused look. Even sanskar is unsure of her identity…

Swara goes in her room and tells Janki to call RagLak! While they confusingly call RagLak but they are unreachable…

Swara: finally, I will get Laksh! I have been watching him since the says he was in the library! He didn’t notice me actually no one ever did because of my thick glasses, my braces and ugh I don’t want to remember those days. Now Laksh will be mine!

Janki: what are you blabbering?
Swara: are they coming? Or else I will take the child and run away
Janki: how could you be so selfish
Someone knocks on the door and Sanskar goes to open the door and sees RagLak holding hands
Sanskar: hi guys you here?
Ragini: we came to give a news to ma where is she?
Sanskar: come in guys
Janki comes out and hugs Ragini and blesses Laksh
Laksh: ma we have a news for u
Janki: tell me?
Ragini: ma you are going to become a grand-mother!
Sanskar: are you guys serious?
He hugs Laksh and is genuinely very happy
Swara comes out and claps: wow brilliant! I went away for some time but you all didn’t get bored. My sister married my husband and had a lot of fun that now she is pregnant…
Janki: enough Swara! They are married and your marriage with Laksh broke
Swara: what about our daughter then? What do u mean ma?
Sanskar: Swasna is yours and my daughter and you know it very well
Janki isn’t surprised: how could you be willing to destroy Ragini’s life
Swara: she isn’t my sister she is my enemy she took Laksh! My Laksh!
Ragini has tears in her eyes
Laksh: I haven’t said anything this whole time but I can’t see my Ragini in tears. You know that we were just friends u never even stayed in the same room as me! The baby was yours and Sanskar’s and you told me yourself!
Swara: how can you support her
Sanskar: what are you trying to do?
Swara: she got pregnant with Laksh this is insane
Sanskar holds her shoulders and Swara feels current in her body: they love each other they have all the rights to show their love
Swara: fine I want my daughter
Ragini: how could u do that I have considered her more than my daughter
Laksh holds Ragini’s hand: it’s their child Ragini we have no rights to take it away from them this is probably why god gave us our own child.
Ragini: but Laksh
Sanskar: please Ragini
Ragini has teary eyes and agrees… seeing this Swara fumes…
Sanskar kneels down: I want to marry you please we can raise our daughter together
Swara (the imposter one) thinks that he truly loves her: I need to think

In the evening, Swara decided to start a new life with Sanskar and Swasna. They begin their life and Sanskar finds out the entire truth but decides to forgive her because he has done a lot of sins too.

After a few years, there is a family reunion. Ragini is expecting her second child with Laksh and their love has been increasing… Swasan were also very happy when two kids come.
Raksha: Swasna didi we have to catch papa
Swasna: fine you go the other way I will go this way to catch chotey papa he is hiding
Laksh hides in the wardrobe and finds Ragini next to him.
Laksh: what are you doing here?
Ragini: this is my place to hide
Laksh: why don’t u say it clearly that u want to romance?
Ragini: Laksh! You are going to be the father of another child behave!
He comes closer to her: if I would have behaved then we wouldn’t have had our children…
Ragini: Laksh…
He is going to kiss her and they both have their eyes closed when Raksha and Swasna open the wardrobe
Swasna: Shame shame choti maa
Ragini blushes
Laksh: you devils
Raksha and Swasna give each other a high five and laugh

And it ends here… sorry guys I had to have a sudden end but these days I was very busy and some issues going on so I couldn’t really update but hope u enjoyed the fanfic and maybe I will come back with another fanfic 🙂 Thanks to all the readers and those who commented! Even to the silent readers u guys took your time to read it means a lot <3

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