Ajnabee Part 14


Ajnabee by Shazi Part 14:

Previous Part: Part 13

Glad u all liked the previous part n had some very pleasant feedback. Here we go for the next part… I have to terminate this fanfic soon in a couple of parts due to some family problems so forgive me guys…

Sun rays fall on the lovebirds disturbing Ragini’s sleep. She slowly opens her eyes and finds herself in Laksh’ embrace. An unknown smile appears on her face and she blushes thinking about the previous night. She has buried her face in his chest then looks up and passes her fingers in his hair…

Ragini’s pov:
I can’t believe that I found someone who loves me so much! Yesterday, I had guilt in my heart but you made me believe that when love comes in between two people, there is no guilt and no space for apologies. Laksh, I love you not because you have forgiven me but because you have made me believe in true love. The way you waited for me and made me complete yesterday, I don’t know how to thank you.
End of pov.

Ragini’s eyes welled up…
Laksh has his eyes closed: Ragini please don’t cry I can’t see tears in your eyes jaan
Ragini is v surprised: how do u know I didn’t even shed tears
He slowly opens his eyes: my teddy bear, I know when you are upset
Ragini: how?
They have a cute eyelock and Laksh says: because I love u
Ragini: I love you too and I always will jaan
Laksh leans forward to kiss her but she puts her hand on his mouth…
Ragini: Laksh…
Laksh: Ragini…
Ragini: it’s morning time
Laksh: romance is not banned during the morning my teddy bear
Ragini blushes: I need to go leave me na
Laksh: I won’t let u go anywhere this time
Ragini comes closer to him and they kiss for some time…
Ragini: Laksh close your eyes na
Laksh: why?
Ragini: I need to get out of bed and go to the washroom
Laksh smiles and closes his eyes then the rushes to take a bath.
After some time, Ragini comes and doesn’t find Laksh there so she gets tensed and goes to look for him. He had taken a shower in another room so she goes to the kitchen and sees him trying to prepare food and smiles the goes to him and starts pushing him.
Laksh: what are u doing
Ragini: you won’t cook from now on!
Laksh: but
Ragini takes over: no but you sit and
Laksh backhugs her and holds her hand so they both beat eggs together while Ragini gets shy.
Laksh: I can sit and admire my beautiful wife
Ragini: let me make your morning special go now I will make breakfast
Laksh kisses her cheek: fine if u need help then let me know

Person is observing: Ragini? What the hell is going on here? What is this girl doing with Laksh? I have waited enough! Now I think I have to do something… it’s my turn to show up! I hope that nothing happened between them otherwise, I will have to take some extreme steps! Everything will be in my favour I am not scared of this situation!

After having breakfast, they both go to Laksh’s parents house because Ragini wants to apologise to everyone.
AP: I have to think about what to cook because Uttara is coming
Suddenly she hears a voice: mom can I help?
AP turns around and sees RagLak.
AP: help? What else do u want to help with now?
Laksh goes to her mom: ma u know I love u won’t u give your children another chance?
Ragini: ma I am very sorry for everything I had misunderstandings but
AP: but my child was in depression how could u do this?
Ragini: ma I was wrong but I love him a lot can you give me one chance?
AP blesses her because she sees happiness on Laksh’s face.
Ragini and AP make dinner together and everything goes into place.

After a couple of days, Ragini is very happy in her little world with Laksh and she thinks of bringing Swasna back to the house because they have had enough time to understand each other.

Ragini brings tea for Laksh while he was working on his laptop in the garden…
Ragini: Jaan I was thinking
Laksh: that we should now bring Swasna?
Ragini: how do u do this!
Laksh smiles: I was thinking the same
Ragini: we should go to mom’s house and bring our baby
Laksh: yah whenever u like but today I have to finish this project so
Ragini: we can go tomorrow
Laksh: thanks for understanding me
Ragini: I am your wife you don’t need to thank me

They have a nice moment in the garden discussing Swasna

Meanwhile, Sanskar is in his car and sees the “person” walking on the road…
Sanskar: wait driver stop the car NOW!
Driver: ok sir
Sanskar gets off his car and goes to the road but doesn’t find anyone! After a while, he sees the back of the person.
Sanskar: hey you!
He runs to them and the person turns around giving a confused look!
Sanskar: what are you doing here?
Person: what do u want huh?
Sanskar is shocked

Precap: Sanskar and the person talk… Are RagLak in danger?

So guys how did u find this update? I am extremely sorry that I have to finish this fanfic in the upcoming parts but some issues have happened and I have to end it but hope u will all like the new twists… don’t worry I will not leave the ff before completing it hehe!
Leave your comments below guys…

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