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Ajnabee by Shazi Part 13:

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So here is the maha episode you all have been waiting for! Ragini realises her mistakes at last… Thanks for lovely comments on last episode. Guys this includes a lot of romance so if you don’t like it plz don’t read this part. But to clarify RagLak r married in this ff so that is why this was necessary…

Ragini sees the time and it is very late at night so she decides to go back to her mother’s house in the morning. Milly comes to her and looks at her but she notices a different smile on her face.

Milly: wow Ragini I am so glad to see you so happy after so many days what happened?
Ragini: Milly I have to tell you something
Milly: go ahead
Ragini narrates her story to Milly and she is absolutely stunned to hear everything.
Milly: but Ragini you said that Laksh told you he loved u while he was married to Swara
Ragini: Swara never loved him and pushed him away so maybe that is why he saw a friend in me and fell in love… now I don’t blame him!
Milly: you are right Ragini start a new life with him
Ragini: I don’t know how to face him
Milly: come on! You are a strong independent woman so you can do anything
Ragini smiles and looks at Swasna: I am sorry cupcake mumma has kept you away from your papa but we will see him soon
Swasna smiles and Milly has tears in her eyes: I will miss u both
Ragini: we will come again
Milly: don’t waste time and go
Ragini: ok bye thanks for everything
Milly: no sorry no thanks between sisters
They hug and Ragini leaves to Janki’s house… as soon as she reaches, she sees Janki and they both hug!
Janki: where were you? (she sobs)
Ragini: sorry ma I made a big mistake
Janki: you did… go and read your messages on your phone
Ragini: what do u mean?
Janki: Laksh had sent you a message the day you left maybe you could give him another chance
Ragini: yes ma I have come to apologise to him and start a new life with him
Janki gets very happy and takes Swasna in her arms: go and check

Ragini comes in her room and reads the message sent from Laksh:
Dear Ragini, I know that a lot of questions might be roaming in your mind at the moment but I cannot tell you the whole truth because you would question Swara’s character when she only loved one person! She is very loyal and even though I loved you, I tried to avoid you as much as I could and that is why even when Swara didn’t give me love, I tried to be her friend to spend my life with her but it didn’t work out to be that way because of Swara’s personal reasons. Please give me one chance to explain myself. Please call me so we can discuss and I am sure that you will understand my feelings…

Ragini has tears in her eyes that Laksh didn’t want her to think that Swara loved someone else so even when she was no more, he didn’t let her secret out. She felt lucky to have a husband who is so loyal and who loves her so much.

Ragini: ma
Janki: what happened?
Ragini: I need to go and see Laksh
Janki: I will keep Swasna with me
Ragini nods in agreement.

Ragini reaches Laksh’s house and goes in his room. She sees a cupboard which is left open and goes near it. She gets surprised to see the stuff about Arman Malik that she used to check in shops in that cupboard. She also saw the pair of earrings that she wanted to buy lying next to the magazine. Suddenly, she has flashbacks of her days at university and the time she spent with Payal. An unknown smile comes on her face but she is still a bit confused on how Laksh got these. She turns around and sees divorce papers on the bed and starts to cry. She is really scared and checks the papers. Tears flow from her eyes onto the papers and she looks at the bottom of the page but sees no signature. She lets out a sigh being relieved and tears the papers in uncountable pieces.

In the evening, Laksh comes back home after work and is very hungry.
Laksh: kaka (servant) kaka? I am very hungry please plate my food! Kaka? Where is everyone?

He goes in the kitchen and sees his food very well served and he immediately goes to eat it as usual on his own. Now he is used to eating alone anyways. After eating, he picks up the plate and finds a piece of paper under his plate…

On the chit: don’t worry about the plates and go in your room…
Laksh is very confused of seeing this but he decides to go in his room!

Laksh’s pov:
As soon as I entered the room, it was fully decorated with red balloons, white and red candles, rose petals and a very familiar fragrance. I was confused to what was going on as this room looked like a newly married couple’s room.

Laksh: what kind of a joke is this kaka what is happening here am I in my own house?

I did not get any response so I decided to go out of my room but as soon as I turned, a soft pair of hands held my strong arm. I turned around and found an angel standing in front of me. It was a bit surprising for me but I got lost in her beauty. She was wearing a white knee length dress which was strapless and was embracing her body perfectly. I didn’t want to create more misunderstandings so I looked away.
End of his pov.

Laksh: what is this Ragini?
Ragini: I want to apologise
Laksh: I have already got the div…
Ragini turned him around and made him look at her: I got rid of them
Laksh: but why I mean that is what you wanted
Ragini: Sanskar told me everything!
Laksh: what?
Ragini I am extremely sorry I know that it wouldn’t change a lot but please forgive me or I will die
Laksh puts a hand on her mouth: don’t dare to say that
Ragini: can I ask you something?
Laksh: go ahead
Ragini holds his hands and intertwines her fingers with his: when did you fall in love with me?
Laksh: well now that you let me speak, I fell for you before I even knew who you were and I wasn’t going to get married. It was when we were in university! I fell for your innocence the first time I saw you.
Ragini: didn’t you try to find me?
Laksh: I tried a lot but I was unsuccessful so family was putting pressure on me to get married. But trust me I never betrayed your sister
Ragini: I know you didn’t. I am sorry.
Laksh: stop saying sorry now! Promise me that you will never leave me again
Ragini: I promise
Laksh takes his hands away from Ragini’s and is about to go when she stops him holding his arm once again.
Ragini: where are you going?
Laksh: to sleep! I don’t want you to misunderstand me once again
Ragini: haw I said sorry na and you won’t be sleeping tonight!
Laksh widens his eyes and looks at her and she realises what she said and blushes so she puts her head down.

Laksh comes closer to her and puts the loose strands of hair behind her right ear. He cups her face and is about to kiss her but he is hesitant so he is about to go back. Suddenly, Ragini moves forward and pecks his lips which he doesn’t respond to. Then Ragini goes forward once again and starts to kiss him. He is trying to resist but how could he resist for too long? It was his first and only love so he also reciprocates which makes Ragini feel butterflies in her stomach. This kiss turns into a very passionate one when Ragini and Laksh are both sucking each other’s’ lips. They move apart after five minutes and Ragini looks in his eyes while blushing. He has his hands on her hips and she and her hands around his neck. She frees herself and goes near the window, then she puts all her hair to one side suggesting Laksh to come to her. He moves closer to her and gives her a hug from the back. Then he digs his head into her kissing her long and graceful neck. Ragini is getting all the feelings that Laksh got when he saw her and she understands that it was always him that was her true love. Suddenly, she feels a bite on her neck and she lets out a moan

Ragini: Lakshhh…
Laksh looks up: I am sorry Ragini did it hurt? I won’t do it again I didn’t mean to hurt you

Ragini holds his hand and he understands that she wants him to continue. He moves to the other side inhaling her perfume and he is slowly losing control… Ragini has a few love bite marks on her neck and then they separate…
Ragini is breathing heavily then finally says: Laksh, make me yours and be mine tonight and forever!
Laksh smiles at her and picks her up in his arms… they have a very long eyelock and Laksh places her on the bed like a delicate flower. Ragini pulls him closer which makes him fall on her… She holds his collar and pulls him even closer so he starts kissing her lips again but this time with a lot of passion while she unbuttons his shirt and ends up throwing it on the floor.
He is the happiest man tonight with the love of his life giving him equal amount of love. He starts to kiss on the love bites he has given her and she runs her hands on his bare back.
Ragini: Laksh…
Keeping his lips against her neck: hmm?
Ragini: I am sorry! I didn’t know u loved me so much
Laksh kisses her collarbone softly and she understands that he has forgiven her totally. He runs his fingers on her back to find the zip of her dress and when he finds it, he pulls it down… Ragini pulls the sheets and they are fully covered. It is their first time so Ragini is going through a lot of pain…
Laksh: I think we should stop I can’t see you in pain my jaan
Ragini: Laksh this moment is so special for me
Laksh: I love you so much
Ragini: I love you
The first time that he heard those words from her so they continued consuming their marriage while Laksh tries to be as gentle as possible but as the night went by, their love became more and more intense and the passion increased! Both of them were lost into each other making love and feeling complete.

Two people have finally become one soul after a beautiful night with each other…

Precap: A beautiful morning… A new Mystery…

Soooo guys I know it was a lot of wait but how is this part? Did u like it or not? Leave your feedback it was difficult for me to write romance but after so many requests I had to! Hope u didn’t get bored…

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