Ajnabee Part 12


Ajnabee by Shazi Part 12:

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Guys I have seen that not many people give feedback all they say it next part… It hurts when people don’t say anything but just demand for the update! I update very fast but still some people are not satisfied. It takes a lot of time and effort to write… 🙁 Anyways, let’s get started…

Milly comes to Ragini and is looking very excited!
Milly: Ragini!!!
Ragini: what happened? Is everything alright?
Milly: yah our sponsor for the hospital is coming to india
Ragini: oh so do we have to arrange something
Milly: yes, we have to clean the hospital I have given the task to the cleaners but also the house so can we both
Ragini: you don’t even need to ask let’s get started

Milly is very happy that her charitable hospital is getting volunteers and sponsors which is why she is excited whereas Ragini is lost in her thoughts about Swasna and her future.
Milly: thank you so much Ragini now look everything is beautiful
Ragini: umm yeah it is
Milly: are you ok?
Ragini: yah just a little tired
Milly: ok do one thing. The sponsor is going to come but I will be in the hospital. Can you receive him on my behalf because I have this emergency case? But I will be as quick as I can.
Ragini: don’t worry Milly I will do it
Milly: love u Ragini! See u in the evening then!
Ragini: ok sure

In the flight:
Sanskar is lost in his thoughts: the thing that I have to do first is to go to Swara’s house and say sorry to her and my daughter. I hope that she has adjusted with Laksh and is leading a happy life. I have loved u Swara but I had some priorities and when we became one, I didn’t know what to do so I ran away. I am sorry you were my best friend but now u must hate me to the core. I understand that you wouldn’t want to even see my face but the least I could do is apologise.

The flight lands in India and Sanskar goes to Laksh’s house without any further delay. Servants let him in and he sits in the living room. Laksh comes in not knowing who has come to meet him but his eyes are still numb because he has been crying a lot lately. He enters the room and sanskar gets up…

Sanskar: hi Laksh
Laksh: you? Why have you come!
Sanskar: I know that u guys must be angry at me but I came to apologise
Laksh: you are the culprit but mainly Swara’s culprit
Sanskar: where is she? I want to see her please
Laksh: you won’t be able to
Sanskar: please Laksh I want to see her just for two minutes
Laksh: she is no more
Sanskar: what!
A tear skips from his eyes and says: she passed away giving birth to Swasna. Doctors said that she was in deep depression
Sankar recalls calling her and saying that he won’t ever return. He falls on the floor and starts sobbing.
Laksh: there is no use of crying now

Sanskar: this is all because of me
After a few minutes, Laksh brings water for Sanskar and he calms down.
Sanskar: but Laksh what happened to my daughter? Where is she and why are you in so much pain?
Laksh: life has made it hard for me to believe in relations now… tragedies after tragedies…
Sanskar: what do u mean?
Laksh: after you left, Ragini and I got married so she could take care of Swasna but she blamed me for having killed her sister

Sanskar: this is ridiculous! I will speak to her
Laksh: no need I have tried everything but she is not ready to listen. I will love her my entire life but we can’t be together because her hate towards me is very strong. She has left us all…
Sanskar: this is all because of me! I ruined everything
Laksh doesn’t say anything…

Sanskar: I have to go for a charitable hospital event but I will come back and I know this won’t change much but I am sorry
Laksh: it’s not your fault…

Sanskar leaves and his driver takes him to Milly’s house! He knocks on the door and is surprised to see Ragini.
Ragini: Sanskar? Oh my god what a pleasant surprise!
Sanskar: won’t u invite me in
Ragini: of course come in
Sanskar: Milly has a nice house
Ragini: yah she does! Wait a minute! Are you her sponsor?
Sanskar: yes
Ragini: so where have you been we haven’t heard about you at all
Sanskar has a massive guilt inside him and says: can I see Swasna please
Ragini: how do u know her name? has Laksh sent you? If so you can go back
Sanskar: Laksh doesn’t even know about this
Ragini: then how do…
Sanskar: I will tell u everything but promise me that you won’t hate me afterwards?
Ragini: what do u mean?
Suddenly, she hears Swasna crying and rushes to her. She takes her out but the baby is still crying.

Sanskar: give her to me… (Swasna starts playing with him) She looks like my Swara a lot.
Ragini: strange, she never feels comfortable with strangers
Sanskar: I am not a stranger
Ragini: oh yeah u r right
Sanskar: no Ragini today you have to listen to me (he is still playing with Swasna)
Ragini: ok fine go ahead I will zip up (and she laughs)
Sanskar: ok I don’t know how to say it to you but if I don’t then you will ruin your life and all because of me
Ragini: because of you? No it’s because of that Laksh
Sanskar: let me speak please
Ragini: ok
Sanskar: Swara and me were lovers way before she got married.

Ragini is shocked to hear this statement and throughout the conversation she has that expression so she sits down and listens to him.
Sankar: I went to America and told her to get married and just to punish me, she agreed but she ended up getting married to Laksh. She never loved him and actually, they had separate rooms as you noticed too.
Ragini gets flashbacks of when she used to live there… she remembered that Swara always used to sleep with her!
Sanskar: when I came back and we all went to the hotel, I don’t know how I got drunk and me and Swara… we…
Ragini: you guys made love? (she was fuming in anger)
Sanskar: she got pregnant and Laksh didn’t taunt her but he decided to move out of our way but I told him that this is not the right time and I ran away from my responsibility. Laksh stayed besides her as a friend and one day I called Swara and told her that I will never return. This is probably why she went into depression…

Ragini starts crying hard: I misunderstood everyone and I just made them upset! Why did I not listen to anyone! Whyyyy
Sanskar: please Ragini don’t cry this is the time to fix your mistakes
Ragini takes away Swasna: leave from here!
Sanskar: let me look at her once please
Ragini: I said…
Milly enters: oh Sanskar you came! Good can we discuss about the project?
Sanskar: sure
Ragini goes into her room, locks it and slides against the door while crying…
Ragini: why did I never listen to Laksh? It was Swara who never loved him and Sanskar got her pregnant! I don’t know what to do anymore…
She remembers Laksh saying that he will divorce her and thinks about something!

Precap: Mystery of divorce…

Let me know in the comments below how you found this chapter about the truth being revealed? I know all of you were waiting for this moment so I tried to make it as realistic as possible. Leave your comments below!

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