Ajnabee Part 11

Ajnabee by Shazi Part 11:

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Sorry for the delay in uploading but as you all know, Ramadan has begun and I have been very busy lately. Thanks to my well-wishers and friends for all the lovely comments and messages. You guys are the best and bring a smile on my face. Let’s get started…

Days are going by and Laksh is like a lifeless body! He hasn’t done anything wrong with anyone then why is god punishing him so much that he has lost everyone… he is just hoping and praying that he gets Ragini back one day…

On a sunny day of Ramadan, Mohsin, who is the best friend of Laksh and also knows about what happened between RagLak, is seen coming back from the evening prayer and he wishes that Laksh meets with Ragini as soon as possible so their misunderstandings can be cleared out. He comes out and goes to a store but what shocks him is to see Ragini with Swasna so he follows them and overhears a conversation.

Milly: Ragini have you bought everything?
Ragini: yah just some baby food for Swasna and I will
Milly: ok sure you go and get it
Ragini comes back: thank you so much Milly for helping us out I don’t know how to thank you! You have given me a job in your hospital. Given us a roof… I mean who does that!
Milly: Ragini but you have also helped us a lot with the hospital. Milly Charitable Hospital wouldn’t have been here if you didn’t help
Ragini smiles and Swasna starts to laugh. Ragini’s heart melts as she can see Swara’s smile in her smile.

Mohsin is surprised and decides to call Laksh straight away!
Mohsin: hi Laksh
Laksh: hi how are you?
Mohsin: don’t sound so low my friend!
Laksh: there is nothing left in my life anyway
Mohsin: I have found Ragini
Laksh jumps out of his seat and shouts: what? Are you serious?
Mohsin: yeh I am texting you the address please come there as soon as you can
Laksh: of course I will!

Laksh gets in his car and drives as fast as he can to reach his destination.

Laksh’s pov:
I can’t believe that I am going to see her after a month! Precisely a month, seven days and 8 hours… I was so desperate to have a glance of her and Swara’s daughter. I mean she is not my child but I still love her as I have taken care of her before she came in this world. I haven’t even had a chance to see how Ragini is as a mother! So many questions are coming in my brain but the only person that I can discuss with is my wife, Ragini! You don’t understand Ragini I did love you but before I even knew that I was going to get married to your sister… it was all very rushed and I am coming to tell you that.
End of his pov.

Laksh rushes to the hospital and sees Ragini with some patients. He looks at her but she doesn’t see him so he waits for her to finish and sits in the reception for hours. When Ragini gets done, he goes near her and she gets shocked.

Ragini whispers: how dare you come here too?
Laksh: please let me explain myself I…
Ragini: don’t create a scene here come with me

They both go to Milly’s house where Ragini and Swasna live. When they reach, Milly questions Ragini.
Milly: Ragini who is this?
Ragini: Milly he is my relative but not that important one so I have decided to speak to him and ask him to go since I am very happy here
Laksh: hi
Milly: hello. Ok you guys can go in the living room and discuss
Laksh: can I see Swasna please
Milly nods in agreement while Ragini is fuming. Milly brings her and Laksh takes her in his arms. He gets tears in his eyes because she reminds him of his friend Swara and has a touch of Sanskar too. Ragini cannot see this anymore and takes away Swasna znd gives her to Milly.
Ragini: we won’t be too long
Milly: don’t worry take your time
Ragini takes him to the living room and gets shouting: so what is your new plan?
Laksh: listen Ragini icame here to take you both back home with us
Ragini: we will never come with a person like you! How dare you think that we would even consider to come along?
Laksh: you have never been listening to me please for once listen to me!
Ragini: can’t you see our happiness?
Laksh: I promise that after hearing what I have got to say you will not doubt me
Ragini: how did you find out that we were here?
Laksh: my friend told me that…
Ragini: right! So you got spies after me and my daughter?
Laksh: no that’s not what I meant!
Ragini: then what did u mean? Do u know how hard it was for me to start a new life with my daughter? I had to do so many things and wake up in the night for us to be comfortable in this house. I have gone through a lot and alone! I don’t think that I need a person like you to look after me! You had bad intentions towards me since day one and…

Milly comes in with some tea and sits with them…
Milly: sorry to disturb guys I just wanted to get some tea so I thought we can all have it together
Ragini: sure Milly thanks a lot
Milly: no problem. So I am Milly and you are?
Laksh: I am Laksh Maheshwari
Milly: oh I saw your picture in the magazine last week I was thinking that I have seen you before! But why did you look so upset I mean it is a great achievement to be a successful businessman without any help in such a short period of time!
Laksh: well I was just…
Milly: are you married?
Ragini looks at him but he doesn’t look back at her.
Laksh: yes!
Milly: oh! Bad luck for me (she laughs) ok I will leave you guys to discuss and if you guys need anything let me know.

Laksh: Ragini pack your bags let’s go home!
Ragini: whose home? The house of a man who has lust in his eyes for his wife’s sister? Someone who wanted to rape…
Laksh interrupts her and gets up: enough is enough! Now I can’t. if you don’t want to hear anything then fine!
Ragini: what would you say? Something against swara I guess!
Laksh: swara is no more and I would not be taking my friend’s name because it might hurt her! But I didn’t know that you had so much hate for me without even hearing my side of the story so I have decided one thing!
Ragini: oh wow share your decision with me then!
Laksh: just for your happiness, I am going to divorce you
Ragini: brilliant! I can’t wait
Laksh gets broken my hearing this and decides that it’s better to leave her here.
Ragini is satisfied while Laksh is trying his level best to control his emotions. He goes back in his car and starts driving to his house…

The same person who gave medication to Swara is observing from outside and says: I did not know that you could also be there Ragini but now everything is going so smoothly that I don’t even have to make an effort… I will be waiting and everything will be in my favour!

Precap: Sanskar comes back to India!!!

So guys I know that Ragini has overreacted but we must understand that she has misunderstood Laksh if anyone was in her situation, we would have thought the same way as she did. I know that the poor Laksh is suffering a lot but have patience and leave your comments… 🙂

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  2. According to ragini swasan is Lakshya child so he have more right on swasan than ragini. So how she get angry when swasan is with lucky

  3. Plz ragini nd laksh should not get divorced they didn’t even stay one day for husband nd wife

  4. Please please please clear the misunderstanding ASAP
    Please unite them
    Awesome Superb
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  5. Nice epi hehehe I hate this kind of people who never listen to the opposite side anyways eagerly waiting for the next epi shazi loved this part 🙂 😉 🙂

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  7. I am not liking this ragini.. she can be angry with him.. but she should give him a chance to explain.. everyone deserves a chance. He just told he loves her.. he didn’t try to touch hrr…poor laksh..

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