Ajnabee Part 10

Ajnabee by Shazi Part 10:

Previous Part: Part 9

Sorry for the delay in updating but as you guys know I was a bit unwell so it wasn’t possible for me to write… Thanks a lot for your lovely wishes I feel much better now!

Ragini is furious and is looking at Laksh with anger and hate in her eyes…
Ragini: What did you just say?
Laksh: Ragini I meant that…
Ragini: no you didn’t mean anything I understand everything now
Laksh: but give me the opportunity to
Ragini: to what? To take our marriage ahead?
Laksh: Ragini please let me…
Ragini: how could I be so stupid? I could sense that Swara was unhappy for some reason but I decided to ignore it that maybe she was getting tensed! And me like an idiot! I stayed at your house without knowing that u had bad intentions! Maybe that is why Swara was in depression and ended her life.
Laksh: no u r misunderstanding everything
Ragini gets up: misunderstanding? Oh right! I am not the one who is misunderstanding but I understand everything! You trapped Swara in your house and never used to take her to our house but when I started to become close to you, then u had no problem! How could I be so silly? This is all my fault
Laksh: once li…
Ragini: just shut up! Actually, it is because of you that my sister is no more!
Laksh: enough Ragini!
Ragini: yes, you are right! Enough! I know what to do
Laksh gives her a confused look…
Ragini: oh do not dare to look at me like that! I could never see this lust in your eyes before but now…
Laksh: you are no one to insult my love
Ragini: love? Oh great!
Laksh: you have to listen to me once and…
Ragini: so you can trap me? Never!
Ragini takes the child in her hands and leaves the room in a rush. Laksh follows her by calling her name which wakes other family members up but Ragini runs so no one can find her. Her phone is also in her mother’s house so there is no way of contacting her.
AP: what happened Laksh?
Laksh is holding his head: ma Ragini left me
AP: What do u mean?
Laksh: she went with the baby…
Uttara: did u talk about Swara? I mean that if you talk to your current wife about your ex-wife it might hurt them no matter if they are sisters or not.
AP: stop it Uttara this is not the way to do things she left without informing anyone.
AP calls Janki:
Janki: Annapurna is everything ok? Why did u call so late?
AP: because your beloved daughter ran away with our grand-daughter
Janki: what are you saying?
AP: I am only telling you the truth if you didn’t want her to marry my son then why did u ruin Laksh’s life?
Laksh: mom it is not her fault I was…
AP: keep quiet Laksh
Janki: I am very confused let me try to reach her
Janki hangs up and tries to call Ragini but she hears her phone so decides to go in her room. She finds her phone there with a voice message from a private number…
Ragini’s message: ma don’t worry about me I am fine. I left due to some issues but I will be back one day when I know that Laksh is not around. I know that a lot of questions might be in your head at the moment but we all need time to move on from this situation and I know that no matter what, my parents would support me in my decision. I am taking my cupcake with me because I couldn’t just leave her there with that demon. I hope u understand my situation. Love. Ragini
Janki falls on bed and starts to cry: why did u leave us? U could have come to the house and we would have made things better but of course as stubborn as you are, you would have not agreed! Both of our daughters left us what will I do now?
Meanwile at Laksh’s parents’ house:
AP: what do they think of themselves! I am going to ruin those…
Laksh: please ma do not do anything
Uttara: are you mad? They took our family’s daughter and you?
Laksh: I can’t explain anything to anyone but Ragini has more rights on Swasna than me
Uttara: stop trying to protect her!
Laksh thinks: sorry I can’t tell you guys that Swasna is not my daughter because everyone would raise fingers at Swara’s character and she was my friend who is no more. I don’t want her soul to be hurt because of my words. What has happened cannot be changed anyways.

In the morning, Ragini reaches Payal’s house:
Payal: Ragini! What a pleasant surprise! Is that Swasna?
Ragini: yeah Payal I need to tell you something (she explains her the entire situation)
Payal: but Ragini what is the problem? I mean Laksh loves you and this is a good thing
Ragini: you are not getting it! He loved me while he was married to Swara! That is lust!
Payal: look Ragini you need to think about this very carefully!
Ragini: there is nothing to think about
Payal: I am getting married in a few days where would u go?
Ragini: haven’t thought of it but I will have to find something to do
Payal: ok come in first let’s get you guys changed. I am alone in the house so it would be easier to hide the truth from everyone
Ragini: ok thanks a lot

Payal’s neighbour is observing Ragini in a bridal attire and he thinks about her being alone so he enters the house after a few hours from a window. Ragini gets changed and he comes to her…
Rajat: hi dear!
Ragini: who are you?
Rajat: I am the neighbour I was wondering if u needed some help? You are a heaven beauty!
Ragini: what? No I don’t need any help! Payal!
(Payal couldn’t hear as she was taking a shower)
Ragini takes Swasna in her hands…
Rajat: oh come on we will have time for babies too!
Ragini slaps him and runs from there. Rajat follows her and they end up in a jungle! Ragini is very tired and she is about to faint when someone holds her!
Ragini: please let me go?
Doctor Milly (Krystle Dsouza): what happened to you?
Ragini faints and Milly takes her to her hospital… after a few hours, she gains consciousness and looks for Swasna…
Milly: don’t worry your child is absolutely fine but what happened
Ragini: who are you? How did I come here some guy wanted to rape me but I escaped and…?
Milly: that is horrible! Don’t think about it… I am doctor Milly. I run this hospital for poor people and we are looking for volunteers to help us. We will pay them but it isn’t possible to find people who want to work on low salary.
Ragini: I am a doctor I am ready to work here but I have no place to live with my daughter
Milly: don’t worry you can live in my house I live alone too it would be good to have someone living with me
Ragini: thank you so much doctor I don’t know how to thank you
Milly: no thanks to u for helping us with the hospital…
Ragini smiles at her…
Meanwile in Laksh’s house, he is thinking about everything that happened so he decides to message Ragini on her phone. He writes an entire message to explain her how he fell for her but he doesn’t know that Ragini doesn’t have her phone.
As soon as the message reaches, Janki reads it and gets shocked.
Janki: Ragini you have made a big mistake by not listening to Laksh!

Days go by and Ragini has made her own little world by curing poor people’s illnesses and playing with Swasna. She is a good friend of Milly but decided not to tell her anything because she doesn’t want Milly to force her to return to Laksh…

Laksh is still waiting for the day that Ragini comes back to him! He isn’t losing hope…

Precap: Laksh and Ragini’s face off!!!

So guys how did u find this episode? A turning point in the story indeed! Let me know in the comments below 🙂


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