Do Ajnabee Episode 8

Hiii thank you for all the love and here is the next episode……

As it was Sunday all the family members decided to go for shopping…..

Uttara- wow Bhai what an idea……me and bhab…….I mean me and swara will go and get ready

Laksh- ha ha ha moti, you need to look good otherwise people will get afraid by seeing you…..

Uttara- Bhai why always you keep on teasing me

Swara- Laksh don’t tease her

Sanskar- guys stop fighting

All were settling themselves Sanskar and swara were walking together Sanskar pulls swara towards him

Swara- (frowned at Sanskar ) Sanskar leave me what are you doing…….

Sanskar- come na swara we will go in another car……

Swara- what are you out of your mind, no what if someone see us

Sanskar- arre Yaar I am your husband give some time to me also na

Annapurna noticed this and then she called swara

Swara- go mom is calling me…….she goes to Annapurna

Annapurna- swara I forgot to bring my purse can you get it as we are getting late we are going ahead you come with Sanskar at the back ok……..

Sanskar was amazed when he heard this………he thanked her mother through his eyes…….

Swara- ok

Then the rest of the family go ahead leaving swara and sanskar behind, Swara was going to get the purse

Sanskar- (stopping swara by holding her hand ) where are you going madam

Swara- arre ma ne Kaha na purse lane ke liye so I am going to get it

Sanskar murmurs………god this girl is so stupid…….he runs behind her….

Sanskar- arre swara listen na

Swara- what Sanskar we are getting late let me get the purse

Sanskar knew that she will not listen to him so he tricks her….

Sanskar- swara see what is there (pointing towards a way)…….when swara see there Sanskar lift her on her shoulder…….

Swara- Sanskar what are you doing, put me down now…….

Sanskar- no way sweetheart

They both heads towards there car

Swara- where are we going Sanskar

Sanskar- To my favourite place, now be quite till we reach there……..

Swara- how rude (a little angry)

They then reach Sanskar favourite place…..a small park…….swara was happy to see Sanskar favourite place

They both sat on the grass having ice cream and talking about their future

Swara- come Sanskar let’s go it’s already late

Sanskar- no na please let’s sit for sometime

Swara- no get up fast………says dragging Sanskar while he makes faces……

Sanskar- god why you gave me such a wife who doesn’t love me………

They both then go the mall where whole family was there

Laksh- Bhai where were you, why are you so late………

Sanskar- vo I got a call from office as there was an urgent work so I needed to rush

All gets convinced by Sanskar reply….

Annapurna- swara come select the saree you want

Swara nodes…………when she was trying sarees she looks in mirror signalling him whether saree suits her or not……like this she selects a pink saree

Suddenly swara gets a call so to attain it she goes out and a car comes and stop in front of her and…………

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