Do Ajnabee Episode 7

Hiii guys, thank you so much for loving my story 12 comments I never expected so thank you to you all and keep loving like this it means a lot. Here is the next part…….

Swara was working in the kitchen as there was no one at the house except swasan so gaining the opportunity Sanskar went to kitchen as he wanted to thanks to swara for removing differences in between his dad and him.

While swara was working In the kitchen when she felt some hand on her waist wrapping her waist tightly………

Swara- Sanskar what are you doing leave me I have a lot of work all will come at any time………..

Sanskar- no I want to tell you something…..saying this he turns swara towards him……both are now facing each other
……..thank you so much swara for doing all this……..said coming close to swara

He then dig his face in the crook of swara neck as swara felt this she was numb

Swara- sans……San…… Sanskar leave me please

Sanskar- I love you

Swara- (pushing him away from her) but I don’t why don’t you understand

Sanskar- (smriking) again coming close says so you don’t love me right

As he kept moving forward swara was going backwards and then get sticked to slab of kitchen then sanskar caged her in his arms…………

Sanskar- really you don’t love me?

Swara- (pushing his hands) no I don’t

In this process milk which was kept for boiling fell on Sanskar hand and he winced in pain….

Swara- Sanskar I am sorry taking his hand……..wait I will bring medicine

Sanskar- no need to show fake concern u don’t love me then it should not bother you……..

Swara- why are you saying like this it bothers me

Sanskar- why (holding her by her shoulder tightly), why swara why does it affects you just say it say…….

Swara- (in a very slow voice while crying says cutely) because I love you……

Sanskar- what what did you say and why are you crying…..tell me dammit( shouts angrily)

Swara- ( with the same anger and intensity) I said I love you dammit

Sanskar- really

Swara nodes…..ok now please apply the medicine

He then happily hug her tightly, she too reciprocate the same

Swara- first let me apply the medicine

Sanskar nodes and then she apply medicine……… suddenly Sanskar gets a call from hotel so leaves urgently…….

Then the rest of the family comes back and all were having there dinner……….

Annapurna- swara where is Sanskar

Swara- he went to hotel had some work

Annapurna- ok, come you have your dinner

Swara- I will have it later, I don’t feel like to have it now

So the rest of the family have their dinner

Late at night Sanskar comes back and goes to uttara room to see whether swara slept or not but to his surprise swara was not there, then sadly he goes to his room and his face lighten up seeing swara sleeping there…….

He start walking towards swara when a flower pot fells down due to the which swara gets up………

Swara- when did you come

Sanskar- when you were sleeping go and sleep in your room, you look tired

Swara nodes……..Sanskar changes and was about to sleep

Swara- Sanskar first have your dinner and sleep

Sanskar- swara I am very tired I just want to sleep

Swara- ok you sleep but after having your dinner

Sanskar- no Yaar I don’t feel like to have it

Swara- ok just have rice I will feed you………..and then she makes him eat his dinner and then he feeds her like this they have their dinner………..

Sanskar- (grabbing swara waist) I love you……

Swara- I love you too……

Both of them drift into sleep…….

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