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hey people thanks for loving me and my writing tooo much…
i promise i will be coming up wid more shots but after 15 may and also school luv will be irregularly updated after today. i am soo sorry bt my entrance exam are near so have to prepare for it and also after all this i will be totally free for abt 2 months then i will give u new stories….

This is a way to say sorry to u all bcz i will be making u people w8 and plz dont forget me in this interval bcz school luv will be uploaded frequently……

I make u people cry bcz of my os and ff. so today tried totally diff. from my personality. hope u will like it.

Here we go

The story starts wid a man and a lady sitting on the bed. they look nearly 50-60. Thy were hugging each other will sitting.
man- tw do u remember our meeting and confession…..
tw- ya!! do u think i can forget the most important and funniest day of our life…
k- oh plz it was nt soo funny…
tw- it was mr. sarna
k- no it was nt.
tw- oh i think u forget. Let me remind u…..
but before she can speak a girl of 25 came inside and said wow….mere parents ki love marriage hui thi aur mujhe pta bhi nhi…. wah wah…..bt jst leave ab pta hai na toh batao na plz maaa…
tw- ok baba i will tell u bt u have to listen carefully….
tw- ur dad and i was the biggest rivals of our school. We both were soccer players. i was the captain of girls team and he of the boys one. we were rivals bcz wen we meet we always fight for ground, ball etc silly things. Bt somewhere wen i was missing the other feels lonely bcz …..
kunj interupts- we were rivals in front of college bt best friends outside the college as we were neighbours and our parents were also best friends…..
Everything was perfect bt confession was remaining….bt before that samar my enemy in front of whole college proposed her…

maya(twinj’s daughter)- hawww……toh phir kya hua????
behind comes a boy of 28
boy- toh mom accepted and dated him and dad bcme devdas then she pited her and accepted him…… the end

maya- uv bhai this is nt a joke u get it otherwise (whispers in his ears) i will tell ur record to bhabhi…
uv gulps and
uv- no no my dear sis i ws jst kidding. papa ma plz u guys continue…..

tw- when he proposed me i said i am nt ready and want some tym then he gave me tym abt 24 hrs…… and i said ok
kunj- at that tym i was feeling like killing him and tw how cud she??? i was clear that i love her and i know she also lives me… so i thought that before 24 hrs i shud propose her…….. then

kunj- sweating badly- i have to do smthng before that looser take my tw away from me…..
he goes towards tw.
tw left the place thinking chal tw taneja u have to think alot and also i have to prepare alot now…..

Kunj thought whole day what to do nxt

tw was also thinking wat to say to samar… yes or nooo….. shud i ask kunj ???? no no he will kill me as he hates samar… bt samar is soo nice to me……

Next day

Kunj came early in the mrng to the college and went to soccer ground….. their he do smthng and left the place……. Whole grp of kunj came their and was shocked to seee tat kunj have taken 3 soccer balls and written with marker
1- i love u
2- marry me???
3- tw by kunj

all were shocked first and then was so happy for him. tey hugged him and congratulated him..
kunj- guys tw nhi ayi
boy- ja khud hi bula la
kunj runs from their and searchea tw and their he spots her and he ran towards her and was abt to reach to her bt suddenly some other girl appears on her place wid sme clothes( popat) 😛 . kunj thought pyar mein pagal insan ab tujhe hallucination bhi hone lgi 🙂

This happens wid him for 3-4 tym then he thought
kunj tu ajj pagal ho jayega leave it shayad aaj tera din nhi hai…….then suddenly he realises that every girl which was appeared to be tw has wore same coloured dress same to same. how is this possible???? he thinks and keeps thinking……..o_O
then he said to himself
toh this was nt hallucination this was real. this siyappa is done by my siyappa queen. bt kyun???? then he sw few girls giggling and saying tw is smart she knows kubj will be fooled like this….. kunj thinks—now she have to pay back to me for making me hutch dog…..and pouts

then again he noticed tw going towards a room. he ran behind her and entered in a room wid her and bolted the room….
tw- kya kar rhe ho kunj????
kunj came near her and kisses tw on lips making her shut. tw strggles to pull back bt kunj holds her tight. slowly she also melted and responded him…. aftrr some tym they broke the kiss……
tw- yeh sb kya tha kunj.

bt before kunj reply the people near window started hooted ( who sw everything) and passes balls to twinkle. she catches one by one and read it and after that she was in tears and hugged kunj and said i love u too and will marry …. ..

flashback ends
uv 😉 – bt maa uss samar ka kya hua????
kunj- he was included in ur moms plan this was a trap to hunt me and see i am trapped
all laugh…… except tw
tw- oh ho someone was loving to get trapped jst w8 mr. sarna i will definitely kill u…..
and they share some family tym

the end

how was this guys??? leave comments
love u all

Credit to: ridhima

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