Ajeeb Dastha Hai Yeh – yuvani INTRO


Hi guys… this is Nikitha and I am new in writing ff’s… plz do comment ur opinions about it…and I’m not describing the characters much because I want everything to pop out as a surprise as u ppl read the ff

SUHANI SRIVATHAV- A middle class girl who is cheerful and bubbly. She is simple and her only weakness is her best friend. She is also a good painter.

YUVRAJ BIRLA- A rich person who loves to be simple. He loves and has passion fr music. Loves his family and his weakness is his best friends.

LATHA SRIVATHAV- Mother of suhani who was successful in transforming frm a poor women to a middle class women. Loves her daughter a lot.

BHAVANA BIRLA- Sister of suhani and is wise in her thoughts

PRATIMA BIRLA- Mother of yuvraj who is a frnd of latha srivasthav and is loving and caring and also loves yuvraj a lot.

RAJESH BIRLA- Father of yuvraj and a successful buisnessman who hates middle class people.

GAURI BIRLA- Sister of yuvraj and apple of the eye fr the family members. Is cunning and just like her father.

SHARADH BIRLA- Brother of yuvraj and helps his father in business matters but s just like his mother.

SAMBHAV- A random guy who loves suhani and u will get to know more about him later in the ff

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  1. Intro seems to be intersting

    1. Nikitha

      thanx ayushi

  2. Ruksy

    sounds good

    1. Nikitha

      thanks ruksy

  3. Sarayumane


    1. Nikitha

      thanks sarayumane

  4. Good.. Actually I was thinking to write an ff since long time & coincidentally i thought of giving my ff the name ajeeb dastaan hai yeh.. Which now is yours..

    1. Nikitha

      hey farhat… if u want i can put another name fr my ff which also suits it… I want to even see how ur ff goes… 🙂

      1. I was just thinking dear.. Its soo kind of you.. Actually i am even busy with my studies so it wont be possible now maybe in vacations ..

  5. am waiting…

    1. Nikitha

      hey farhat… if u want i can put another name fr my ff which also suits it… I want to even see how ur ff goes… 🙂

    2. Nikitha

      thanks ash

  6. NAPSHa J

    Interesting.. All the best.. 🙂
    By the way, is it Bhawana BIRLA??

    1. Nikitha

      thanks napsha… and yea sry it is bhavana srivasthav… sry fr the mistake

  7. Nithu

    Nyc ff…intro too gud dr

    1. Nikitha

      thank u nithu

  8. Nice intro,,,,All the best for ur FF

    1. Nikitha

      thank u roz

  9. Interesting ?

    1. Nikitha

      thanks anu

  10. Good intro..Carry on Nikitha

    1. Nikitha

      thank u neethu

  11. Your intro seems interesting and I feel your ff will be an amazing one Nikitha

    1. Nikitha

      thank u sanaa

  12. Aqsxxh

    Ooooo interesting intro! I would be looking forward to this ff

    1. Nikitha

      Thank u aqsaah

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