Ajeeb Dastha Hai Yeh – yuvani EPISODE 4


Hi guys…. This is Nikitha and I was overwhelmed with ur responses so thank u a lot ppl and I would like to apologise to Sanaa… sry dear… have not thought it would be the same scene…. and guys here u go with the ff….

The episode starts with Suhani and her family being welcomed by pratima and yuvi… Suhani was wearing a cream and brown designer saree…Yuvi couldn’t keep his eyes off her… and Suhani luks at the handsome yuvi who was wearing a brow sherwani…. even she kept constantly staring at him…

Yuvraj: OMG!!! Ma I think we shud cancel this party today
Pratima: But why beta??
Yuvraj: Ma… fr the first time ever our devi maa came early.. I think the weather is going to get stormy today…

(everyone laughs listening to this except suhani… she goes near yuvi, takes him to a side and hits him on his back…)

Yuvraj: Aww Suhani wht r u doing…. mera kamar..aww
Suhani: Bahut hasi aa rahi thina…. now laugh..
Yuvraj: Wait till I catch u suhani…

(Yuvi starts chasing suhani… even she starts running… they reach a dark room… yuvi atlast gets hold of suhani and holds her 2 hands tight and pulls her closer…)

Suhani: Arey yuvi… wht r u doing.. bahut dard ho rahi hai…
Yuvraj: Now u will understand my pain

(Saying this he pulls her more close and by mistake his lips touch suhani hair…. they have a eyelock…. Yuvi moves suhani’s hair to 1 side and kisses her neck… suhani closes her eyes… He moves suhani towards him and was about to kiss the forehead when they both come back to senses listening to bhavana voice…)

Bhavana: Arey tom and jerry kaha ho tum log…come fast the party is going to start…
Suhani and yuvi together: Coming di….
Suhani and Yuvi (in thoughts): How can I even take this step without being in a official relation with him/her? I’m sure this is love… I will confess my feelings to him/ her soon….


Gauri: Ma.. I have ordered the cake long ago… still it didn’t arrive wht to do?
Pratima: Dont worry beta… It will come.. maybe the delivery got delayed due to traffic…
Gauri: Hope so ma… once I will go and check…

(Suhani holds the chocalates box and keeps it on the table… while going she steps on her saree and was about to fall down…She pulls a thread nearby but of no use… Yuvi comes at rite time and holds her by waist… They have a eyelock and rose petals keep falling on them… everyone in the party thinks wht a adorable couple they are… They come back to their senses listening to gauri…)

Yuvi: GAURI!!! Enough is enough… I have tolerated whtever u said about her… but not now… wht do u thnk of urself to say tht… first know tht she is not the dog…IT IS U!! Just shut up frm now on…
Gauri: But bhayya…. u scold me fr this…

(Pratima and Sharadh smile seeing how yuvi was defending his future wife… Latha and Bhavana smile seeing how suhani’s future husband is already protective about her… Gauri as usual feels embarrassed and runs to her room… and atlast Suhani has a cloud nine moment seeing this.. But there was also 2 ppl who were noticing this…. one was wearing a black sherwani and he was rajesh Birla and the other was wearing a royal blue sherwani who was none other than Sambhav… [NOTE: Sambhav is PA of Rajesh])

Sambhav is surprised at the same time happy tht he found the love of his life atlast… before rajesh could speak anything Sambhav goes to Suhani without thinking about anyone around and proposes her by saying- I LOVE U SUHANI….
Everyone there remains in a shock including Rajesh… they have not even expected this frm sambhav… and mainly our hero yuvi couldn’t control himself… he catches Sambhav’s collar and says- “HOW DARE U?”

Sambhav: Wht is this yuvraj? Wht is the problem if I propose the love of my life??
Yuvi (still catching his collar): How can u even think of doing this…???

Suhani immediately rushes there and calms yuvi… She goes near Sambhav with a smiling face…. YUVI SHOCKED AND SAMBHAV ROCKED 😛 …

Suhani: Look Sambhav I can see the sincerity in love tht u have fr me… but I can’t accept u… becuz I already have feelings fr someone and I’m going to confess it soon….


Yuvi(in thoughts): Hope it is me only Suhani…
Suhani(in thoughts): I know u love me yuvi… I can see the love in ur eyes in the form of pain when sambhav proposed me… I will make sure even my feelings reach to u yuvi….
Latha: Par beta… who is tht..
Suhani(staring at yuvi): U will get to know soon mumma….

Yuvi smiles listening to this… They have a small eyelock…. Rajesh gets irritated seeing this…

Lata: Waise pratima ji… y did u say tht u will say a gud news to me if I come to the party…
Pratima: Ha batathi hui… I have decided tht Sharadh will marry ur daughter Bhavana… wht do u think??

Everyone r surprised listening to this…. But SHAvana blush…. Listening to this rajesh will have a cunning smile….
The screen freezes on Rajesh, Shavana and Yuvani face…


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  1. Wow amazing ???? update soon

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    Wonderful… The dark room scene was epicly epicly epic. OMG.. Im blushing ..

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    Its amazinggg… Plz update soon.. Can’t wait..

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  5. Hehe loved the Yuvi rocked Sambav shocked part,,,,,and Rajesh seems to have some evil intensions

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  7. nice episode with yuvani moments i like it so much… eagerly waithing fr next update.

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    this is gold! The romance was at heights

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  9. he dealis that suhani has to sacrifice her love for shavana.

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  14. Nice epi …….Niki why r u apologising when u didn’t do any mistake. Can u pls read the comment that I replied u in the previous chapter.

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