Ajeeb Dastha Hai Yeh – yuvani EPISODE 3


The episode starts with suhani rushing to her home…As she rushes to her home she collides with a girl who wore a simple yellow chudidhar and was catching a plate full of petals…. She was none other than Bhavana srivasthav…. The petals fall on both of them and the plate falls down….

Bhavana: Arey Suhani… wht have u done?
Suhani: Sry di… was in a hurry…
Bhavana: Par kyu?
Suhani: Di… the Birla’s r conducting a party at evening and I have to go and help them… I thought of asking mumma permission and then going there..
Bhavana: Arey Suhani… y permission? U r not doing a crime tht u will ask fr permission…

( There s a lady who iverhears all this who was wearing a dark blue saree… she was none other than Latha srivasthav)

Latha: Waise permission ki zarurat nahi… but inform karna acchi bat hoti hai….

(Listening to this Bhavan escapes frm there listening to latha’s voice…)

Suhani: Mumma… can I go?
Latha: U can beta… but be careful…
Suhani: Thanks a lot mumma… (hugs latha) and don’t forget to attend the party at evening with di…
Latha (in a sad tone) : Nehi beta… U and bhavana go…
Suhani: Par kyu mumma….?
Latha: Becuz I can’t see Rajesh ji insulting my children all the time…. and I can’t bear it…
Suhani: Mumma… y do u consider their words… if u have trust on me, pratima aunty and yuvi… plz come…
Latha: Ok beta…. ( she hugs suhani saying this )


Everyone was busy with the party arrangements but Yuvi’s eyes were looking fr someone…. and as soon as tht person entered his face had a glow… it was none other than our suhani…

Yuvraj: Do u have a habit of being late all the time?
Suhani: Sry yuvi… it took a lot of time searching fr mumma…

( Suddenly someone taps yuvi’s and suhai shoulder frm behind… he was wearing formals and he was none other than our sharadh…)

Suhani: Hey sharadh… how r u?
Sharadh: I’m fine… how r u suhani?
Suhani: I’m fine..
Sharadh: Is bhavana coming to the party?
Suhani: yes..
Yuvraj: Sharad… u have asked a 1000 times about this… wht is the matter bro… ( yuvi winks at him)
Sharadh( blushing ): Arey guru… nothing… u both continue talking I will join u ppl later

( Saying this Sharadh leaves frm tht place..)

Ramesh: Arey yuvi bhai… can u help in fixing these flowers on top?
Suhani: Yuvi bhai ka chamcha… everything him only…
Yuvraj: He calls me suhani becuz unlike u I’m perfect in everything..
Suhani: Arey yuvi… Kya joke mara… one more plz…
Yuvraj: hahaha… very funny ( in a sarcastic manner )
Ramesh: Arey… now will anyone help me in this work..?
Suhani: Wait bhayya… I’m coming

(Saying this Suhani climbs the stool and holds tht flower garland… she tries to fit them to the 2 edges and while trying to she slips frm the stool… yuvi notices this and quickly runs… he catches suhani in his arms… and as yuvi loses out of control both fall down with suhani being on the top… Their faces were a inches away and they could feel each other’s breath…They go close but r interrupted by Ramesh voice…)

Ramesh: R u both fine?
Suhani (getting up) : Ha Ramesh bhayya…. kuch nahi hua hamien…
Yuvi (getting up): Aww… but mera kamar…. Ramesh when an elephant falls on u how can even think tht the person is fine…

(Saying this yuvi laughs and suhani grins)

Suhani: Omg! The time is 4:30!!! Yuvi it is time fr me to leave… I shud get ready fr the party…
Yuvaraj: Ok Suhani… bye…

( They wave gud bye to each other and go back to their respective rooms )…

Suhani stands in front of mirror and checks which dress suits her… then Yuvraj comes hugging her frm behind and saying – “Dress doesn’t matter suhani… u r always beautiful to my eyes” and the figure disappears…

Meanwhile yuvi stands in front of mirror and checks which sherwani to wear… at tht time Suhani appears frm behind and says- “ Arey my cute little sadu… y to look more beautiful when u r already too much beautiful and have filled my heart with ur beauty..” and the figure disappears..

Suhani ( in thoughts): Wht happened to me… we r frnds since 20 years but I have never felt this… Do I love him…. I think I’m in love with him… No… but if yuvi gets to know about it then our frndship will get destroyed… wht to do?

Yuvraj ( in thoughts): Nothing Suhani… just say I Love u and I will be urs

The screen freezes on both yuvi and suhani shy and smiling faces…


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  1. Awesome but plz update soon n make a lil bit long

  2. Shilpa-Saraj

    Wow… Wonderful epi.. Luved the yuvani moments… Was eagerly waiting for your updaye.. Nikitha

    1. Nikitha

      ok shilpa-saraj

      1. Nikitha

        anyways thanx a lot fr the support

  3. nice episode…. cute and sweet imagination of yuvani… i like it

    1. Nikitha

      thanks a lot sri

  4. Nice epi niki…by the way the flower garland scene was same as the scene in my ff in chapter 6.

    1. Nikitha

      thanx sanaa and sry…. i didn’t know u had an exact same scene… extremely sry… and will make sure it will not repeat again…

      1. Why r u saying sorry Niki?…. U r my friend and it doesn’t suit u to say sorry to me. As for the garland scene I told u that i had a very similar scene in my ff to let u know about it. I’m more than happy to know that there is at least someone who thinks exactly like me. Keep going Niki, u r doing wonders in youyour ff. All The Best Nikki.??????

  5. Amazing

    1. Nikitha

      thank u ayushi

  6. wooow niki…appears in front of mirror too fantastic 😀 i just loved it

    1. Nikitha

      thank u ash

  7. Nithu


    1. Nikitha

      thank u neethu

  8. komal sontani

    Ossammmmmm no word for it i have to take dictionary for it darling god bless you

    1. Nikitha

      Thanks a lot komal..

  9. Wow yaar ,,,awesome,,,ur doing a great job…loved ur FF

    1. Nikitha

      thank u roz

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