Ajeeb Dastha Hai Yeh – yuvani EPISODE 2


Hi everyone this is Nikitha… thanks fr supporting my ff and yea I will consider ur opinions… plz do keep supporting..

Yuvi reaches Birla mansion and pops out of his car and quickly runs to his room and hides behind a cupboard…Suhani sees yuvi’s car outside the Birla mansion and goes inside parking her scooty outside… While running inside she collides with a person who was wearing a simple saree and was holding a aarthi thali… She was none other than pratima Birla…

PRATIMA: Kya hua suhani… why r u in such a hurry?
SUHANI: Aunty patha hai… ur son has given Rs.500 to a beautician just fr facial mask…. Matlab how can he be so careless with money… atleast u explain him…
PRATIMA: I can never correct him Suhani… u r the right person to correct him…

(Listening this suhani quickly runs to yuvi’s room)

PRATIMA (in thoughts) : Hope she would be y bahu soon…

She closes the door behind…she sees yuv in the cupboard and taps her foot pretending as if she left the room…. yuvi thinks suhani left the room and comes out…. suhani catches hold of him and starts hitting him with palm…

SUHANI: Arey yuvi… frm our bachpan ur hideplace is only tht cupboard aa?
YUVRAJ: Wht to do madam.. I am not good at hide n seek like u…

Suhani starts hitting yuvraj harder… yuvi with pain pulls suhani closer… both have an eyelock… later both come back to their senses..

SUHANI: yuvi… wht did u do now with me….
YUVRAJ: suhani… I didn’t do it wantedly… sry
SUHANI(angrily): I will not talk with u
YUVRAJ: suhani i’m really sry

Suddenly suhani starts laughing… yuvi understands tht suhani was joking with yuvi… they both laugh together….later they come down to hall…

SUHANI: ok yuvi… I have to leave… mom will be there waiting fr me…
YUVRAJ: ok suhani… but don’t forget to attend the party at evening..
PRATIMA: yea suhani beta… plz do attend the party…
SUHANI: oh… I totally forgot about the party aunty… I will ask mom’s permission and start helping u in the preparations..

There is a girl listening to this frm behind… She is wearing a black frock till knees… She was none other than gauri..

GAURI: We don’t need the help of slum dogs fr our party
YUVRAJ (angrily): GAURI!!
PRATIMA: Gauri… is tht how u behave with suhani… say sry…
SUHANI: Tht is ok aunty… I don’t care when dogs bark behind me….
Yuvi smiles and Gauri grins… the screen freezes showing their 4 faces…

NOTE: Guys let me know if I’m dragging it too much and shud end it soon… and ash I’m sry… I will include the jealousy track but in the further episodes..

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  1. komal sontani

    No u are not dragging plz continue

    1. Nikitha

      thanks komal

  2. NAPSHa J

    Its superb dear.. Plz continue and make it lengthy..

    1. Nikitha

      thanks napsha…. and will promise frm next time it will be lengthy

  3. Shilpa-Saraj

    Its wonderful nikitha… Hv no words…. Really really nice story.. Pls dont end it soon…. Wishing ur ff to rech beyond 100 epis

    1. Nikitha

      aww… thank u fr the sweet words …..

  4. i like i very much and it is interesting…. plz add some yuvani scenes sis…
    waiting for next update

    1. Nikitha

      Thanks sri and yes will add yuvani scenes from next time

  5. its ok dr…. now ur way of going is perfect … 😉 am waiting fr ur nxt update 😀

    1. Nikitha

      Thank u ash

  6. Waw….nice episode and u r not dragging it….ok so keep going like this only……and plz make it a bit lengthy…. otherwise its awesome…. loved it…

    1. Nikitha

      Thank u a lot mukta and yea will consider that

  7. Good one

    1. Nikitha

      Thanks ayushi

  8. Wow!! Amazing epi dear.. Jus loved it.. It was awesome when suhani back answered gauri having pratima near her… I liked the way u potrayed suhani in this epi..

    1. Nikitha

      Thank u farhat

  9. Nice one…
    Continue it..

    1. Nikitha

      Thank u anju

  10. Amazing but plz make a bit lengthy

    1. Nikitha

      Thank u anu and will consider that point

  11. Nice epi Niki….keep rocking dear

    1. Nikitha

      Thank u sanaa

  12. Interesting…..

    1. Nikitha

      thank u tanisha

  13. Aqsxxh

    Its really really awesome! 😀 love it x 🙂

    1. Nikitha

      thanks a lot aqsaah

  14. Ruksy

    wow cool

    1. Nikitha

      thank u ruksy

  15. It’snice Nikitha,,,U r nt dragging it

    1. Nikitha

      thank u roz

  16. WoW yaar! It’s too good Nikitha! I have a request that don’t make Gauri a negative character..Atleast show that she’s good at heart.

    1. Nikitha

      yea she is gud at heart but only hates suhani which u will get to know in the later episodes…. thank u neethu fr the support….

  17. Nithu

    Too gud

    1. Nikitha

      thank u nithu

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