Ajeeb Dastaan Hai Yeh 6th February 2015 Written Episode Update


Ajeeb Dastaan Hai Yeh 6th February 2015 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdates.com

The Episode starts with Sanjay coming home. Garima asks him why is he worried. He tells her that Saurabh is worried, Vinita told her everything. Garima thinks Vinita is doing this, how to explain Sanjay. He switches on the tv and are shocked to see Shobha and Vikram’s MMS. Vinita taunts Garima. Garima cries. Vinita asks did I do this, I feel your family make cheap MMS to media when they get bored, I told Sanjay not to get related to this family. She scolds Garima and says she will check her phone for it. Garima says I will call Shobha.

Garima sees her phone and gets the MMS. She is shocked seeing it. She says I hope no one saw it at home, and calls Shobha. Shobha does not take the call. Garima worries for her and asks Lord not to do this, how will she bear all this. Shobha cries

recalling Samarth’s dirty words against her, and Sarika’s taunts on her. Samarth and Sarika look at her and smile. Samarth says I m very happy seeing this, she wanted to expose me, I have ruined her. Sarika says you are so mean, your wife is crying, you are enjoying here. Samarth says I have just killed the relation, you have …. Don’t worry I m not blackmailing you, even I had option, I would have also killed Shobha, she will be of my use and I have to keep her safe.

Sarika says we will teach other some evil and get benefit. Its night, Vikram comes home and is worried for Shobha. Nani asks what happened, how was the conference. He switches on the tv and shows her. Nani is shocked seeing the MMS. Garima comes home and looks for Shobha. She asks Sharda about it and shows the video to her. Sharda is shocked and takes remote from Jia, asking her to go to room. Sharda asks whats this. Garima says I don’t know, where is she. Sharda says how can she do this. Garima says she did not do this, its lie, someone is trapping her. Sharda says I can’t believe this.

Samarth comes to Shobha and says I regret that you were laughed upon by the world and they think you are a bad character woman, but I m ready to accept you, every person does mistakes. She says I did not do any mistake, you know my MMS was wrong. He says no, I know what the world knows, about Vikram and you, you have to apologize to me, and then I will forgive you. She says I won’t apologize, forget it. He says you don’t have any option, it can be fake but people can forgive you, they will feel she did mistake and regretting now.

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He asks her to bear it, as the stain will never get removed. Nani says I know the footage is wrong, you can’t do anything, who did this. Vikram says Samarth did this, and tells her everything. He says I was just helping her, it means someone informed Samarth and he has ruined his wife’s respect. Nani says he is a bad man, he can’t be good husband, son and father, why did he get out of jail. Vikram says the society did not believe Shobha and made fun of her.

Nani says truth lights by difficulty, but its strong. Samarth asks Shobha to come home if she cares for kids. She says Samarth and stops him. She goes to him and slaps. Samarth and Sarika are shocked. Shobha says remember this slap. She says its better I die than living with you, you feel I m ashamed here because of that bad MMS, I m ashamed that I married you, that I covered your mistakes, I supported you. He asks what will he do, kill her, but she won’t support him now, whatever was there between them, Thank God its over, I won’t see your face now. She leaves.

Sharda says how can Shobha do this, I did not think I will see this day, I felt Vikram loves her, Shobha also loves her. Garima says she can’t do this. Sharda says she did not think about Samarth and kids. I have her freedom to live her life. Garima says your trust is so weak to break. Sharda says how will Samarth react seeing this, everything is over. Garima says Shobha needs your support, the MMS is a big lie, they are trapping Shobha. Sharda says she won’t listen anything now. Garima says eve you are Samarth’s mum, you took 6 months to believe Samarth is there in that MMS, and today you believed it so soon, different rules for son and bahu.

Vikram thinks of Samarth’s words. He cries and says Shobha was my medicine of my every pain, she has ended my pain, and I have become her pain. Nani asks Vikram to go to Shobha, don’t know where she went. He says they will go and find her now. Samarth comes home and Sharda sympathizes with him. She says we will face it together, think about elections, don’t worry. Samarth says Shobha is our respect, I feel someone has stabbed my chest. Sharda cries and asks him to handle it. She says I can’t think Shobha and Vikram in one room, she has cheated us, where is she.

Sarika says she will be with Vikram. Sharda says let her come, she should cry, I will see her. Sarika thinks her one plan has made everything set, Shobha and Vikram’s love story will end.

Shobha comes to Vikram’s home and says she don’t know what to do. He asks what should we would have done, leave you on road.

Update Credit to: Amena

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  1. Loved the slap on that idiot Samarth s face…… Arrogant moron

  2. The serial is good but becoming too filmy. And its pulling long with more negativity with villainous activity of sarika and samarth. Its high time when things should get exposed too.

  3. shamim kasim

    I agree sony too boring and we should see shobha stand up for her self after that slap to samarth the rat

  4. I feel samarth and sarikas negativity should be exposed by shobha

  5. It started well but now there are too many webs within webs, for a change the writers should start writing normal reactions for Shobha and make her kick all these folks from her house and take a stand. We have seen enough of these sort of twists in other serials i hope the Eleuthera doesn’t ruin this one .

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