Ajeeb Dastaan Hai Yeh 5th February 2015 Written Episode Update


Ajeeb Dastaan Hai Yeh 5th February 2015 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdates.com

The Episode starts with Shobha reaching the hotel and getting Vikram’s call. She tells him that she is not feeling well and faints. Vikram comes there and takes her to room, asking her to get well soon as its press conference. Sarika and Samarth is on the way. She gets the call that room has cameras and recording is being made. Sarika tells Samarth that they will reply by MMS. Rohini worries for her career and reputation if anything wrong happens. Vikram says Shobha has fainted. He sits by her side. The video is made. Sarika pays the woman. Samarth says Vikram will become MMS king and says Sarika is very bad, I like her calling my sister, poor Vikram and Shobha don’t know about this storm coming their way, I have pity on them and feel to forgive them. She asks really? They laugh.


calls for doctor and gives the room number. He says Shobha, doctor will come soon, don’t worry. Garima cries seeing a baby’s pic, and says once you come, you will make everything fine, but for this, I have to take care of myself and become strong for you. She pastes the baby’s pic. Vinita comes and makes Garima angry by her taunts, asking her not to paste any posters. Garima says how dare you. Vinita says don’t shout, and the poster falls. She tears the poster and leaves. Garima cries.

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The doctor checks Shobha and says how did this happen. Vikram says she said she is feeling unwell and she fainted. He asks about any tests. The doctor says no, the reason is she is drugged to faint. He is shocked. The doctor says I will give her injection, she will get conscious. Vikram thanks him and thinks did Samarth do this, don’t know whats the plan. The lady says she has to go. Sarika says you did good work. The lady thanks them and leaves.

Samarth says see my acting now. Sarika says I know, the MMS will be viral in one hour. Shobha wakes up and Vikram asks her to rest. He asks how did she faint like this, doctor gave her injection, she will be fine. The lady comes and Vikram scolds her. She takes the camera from there. Rohini asks all the reporters to wait. They think why is Rohini supporting Shobha so much. Rohini hopes everything is fine. She says Samarth did not change, he has forced Shobha to support him, Shobha wants to bring his real face out. She says I m sorry she is late, but today what you see here will be tomorrow’s headline. The light goes and the MMS plays on the screen.

Rohini is shocked. The reporters taunt about Shobha and make it headlines. Rohini calls Vikram. They ask her did she call them to expose their affair. Shobha says we have to go to press conference. He says Rohini will manage, think positive. Samarth and Sarika get all reporters to them, and taunts on their affair and honeymoon. He talks ill about her and she cries. Vikram scolds him and gets angry. Samarth says I m acting your purity, don’t know how many affairs you have. She says you are lying, stop it. Samarth says fine, what it this video saying. He shows them the MMS and they are shocked.

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Vikram says you know we don’t have anything between us, the footage is real but… Samarth says he is accepting it. Vikram says you are lying, where did you get it. Samarth says the world will see this, you both played game on me, I don’t trust relations. He asks the reporters to see Shobha as they always call him wrong, I doubt that she has joined hands with opposition to have sting operation on me. She cries and says I came to expose him, Vikram was helping me.

Samarth asks how more will you lie, you fainted and went in honeymoon suite. Vikram says I took her there. The lady also lies about them. Vikram says this girl is with Samarth. Sarika says I m ashamed to call you my Bhabhi, we always supported you. Shobha says stop it Sarika. Samarth asks why did you do this, did you not think about kids and mum. Samarth brings Vikram out and asks how did he like his plan. He says I got you publicity. Vikram scolds him. He says you have ruined your wife’s respect. Samarth says its imp for me to win. Vikram says I m seeing you have ruined Shobha. Vikram says his end is very near now. Samarth says so what, I will go to hell, till I m on earth, I will live rich life and make you live a beggar’s life. Vikram says you are beggar, as you have lost your wife and kids now. . Samarth says I m fed up and bored of Shobha, you can take her. Vikram gets angry. Samarth says game has just started.

Samarth asks Shobha to come home if she worries for kids. Shobha slaps him.

Update Credit to: Amena

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