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The Episode starts with Vikram coming to Jia’s school and going to meet her. The kids play in the games area. The girl asks Jia to get her father and make him fill up the form, only then she can play. Jia gets upset and says he can’t come. The kids bully Jia about her father. Vikram hears them and sees Jia crying. Jia starts crying as the kids say Jia does not have a father. Vikram thinks of himself experiencing the same thing in school, as kids used to bully him saying Vikram does not have a father. Vikram used to cry hearing that. Vikram walks to Jia and hugs her. He says its ok. They girls ask is he her dad?

Vikram asks Jia to tell him where to sign. The girl says that way. Vikram says thank you and tells Jia to go and play, and he will sign, but the ball should go in basket.

Jia smiles. Vikram sees her playing with kids. She fails to out the ball in basket and gets upset. Vikram says its ok and asks what will she has, he does not give soft drink to kids. He says when you can play my band, what are the kids. Jia says she is feeling sad. He says I also get sad when I lose hair, today we will make others sad by putting the ball in basket. He makes her recall how she ran the first time they met.

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He says I wanted to beat you, then I thought its cute girl, and tells about the rocjet which came in his room, and asks her to aim the ball in basket. He says we will make it well, visualize me instead of basket, else my car. Jia says I m sorry. He says its fine, I will send car bill at home. He says I want you to play being focused and reach finals, you have just 10mins. She says filmi. She smiles. He says all the best and claps for her. Jia plays well. The sports teacher talks to Vikram and says its good you came out. Vikram says what, I m a monkey who came out of zoo. He says sorry, and says I heard Jia’s father is politician who is in jail.

Jia smiles winning. The girl talk about Jia’s father. The man says he is not Samarth Sachdev, he is someone else. The lady asks is he her to be father. Vikram says did you see her mum’s face. They create a scene and Vikram leaves. The lady asks Jia how can she get anyone as her father. The man says its bad upbringing, its serious matter, we should complain. Jia cries. Shobha comes home and calls out Garima. Garima says its big problem. She shuts the door and says mum wants to fix the wedding date with Ajay, I don’t want to marry him. Shobha says calm down, we have to do anything.

She gets vice principal’s call from Jia’s school and asks did she know anyone who came to meet her as her father. Shobha says I don’t know, is Jia in school. She says yes, she is here. Shobha tells this to Garima, and says it can be kidnapping attempt, from Samarth’s rival. She asks Garima to handle mum and she will go. Garima says fine, calm down, whats going on in our house, I hope Jia is safe. Shobha says how can you let that man enter, we send kids thinking they are safe, if he kidnapped there, then, I m single mother. The lady says Jia knew that man well. Shobha says I will sue the school. Jia comes and Shobha hugs her.

The lady asks Jia does she know the man. Shobha says Jia is small, why are you making her say. Jia says I know him. Shobha asks who was he. Jia says your boss, Vikram. Shobha is shocked. The lady says he is your boss, ask him not to come here, we have rules, and you said you will file case on us, if your friend or whatever, if he comes here, we will take action against you and Jia. Shobha thinks why did Vikram come here, he does not like Jia, then why did he come. She says we will go home, why did he come. Jia lies. She asks did she play prank. Jia says no, but what he did was good.

She says Vikram signed on register and I got chance to play basketball. Shobha says you can play anything, and you have Papa. Jia says when other kids ask me this, what to tell them, I did not wish to tell you, but I really miss Papa. Shobha hugs her. She says Samarth told me he missed you a lot aand will come soon, be strong. Garima waits for Shobha and Jia. They come home. Garima asks Jia is she ok, what happened there. Shobha sends Jia. Garima asks who was that man. Mummy ji asks the man. Shobha thinks if mum knows, she will ask me to leave job. Mummy ji says I m angry on school management. Shobha says don’t worry, it will be ok. She goes with Garima.

She tells Garima that it was Vikram. Garima says your boss, what was he doing there. Shobha says I don’t know why he signed on Samarth’s place. Garima says its good you did not tell mum. Mummy ji makes Jia eat food. Jia tells her about Vikram coming to school and she played basketball as he signed in Papa’s place. Mummy ji is shocked. She says it means that man was Vikram, and Shobha has hidden it. Shobha says what about Ajay. Garima says she can’t bear Ajay. Shobha says tell mum you can’t spend life with that fool. Garima is tensed seeing Mummy ji.

Mummy ji says I came on right time and I heard everything, how you are brainwashing my daughter. Shobha says she does not want to marry Ajay. Mummy ji says Samarth and I took that decision and this won’t change. She asks about Vikram signing on Samarth’s place and how is he related to her. Shobha says he is my boss. She asks how can he lie, and not worry for Jia’s safety, what relation she has with Vikram. Shobha says mum…. And leaves. Mummy ji tells Garima that she will face problem if she goes by Shobha’s shown way.

Vikram sings Ajeeb dastaan hai ye………….. Nani says you are very happy, great, shall I sing my romantic songs. He says no, every neighbor will come. She says fine, tell me, is there any girl or contract. He laughs. The door bell rings. Shobha comes to him and asks do you know it can affect Jia too, why did you go to her school and sign in her father’s place, why did you do this, tell me. She says I know you dislike Jia, she is a small 6 year kid, she can’t bear hearing bad about her father, and it happened because of you, she never cried and she is broken down today, she is sensitive, she never asked me anything to save me from pain, but you made her cry today, why.

He says he could not see her getting insulted. She says its selection party today in evening, and she can’t go as kids will bully her, we have many problems, but I m managing, please I beg you, don’t interfere in our life, stay away from us, please. She cries and leaves. Vikram gets upset. Nani looks on. She asks did he sign as Jia’s father. Vikram nods yes. Nani holds his hand and cries. Vikram says as his friends were taunting her about not having father, that’s the worst taunt in the world. He thinks of the kids bullying him. Shobha asks Jia to go in the party. Jia says no, everyone will tease me. Shobha says no, I will come with you. Vikram hears this standing in the window.

Samarth says Shobha come to meet me, but I did not talk to her. Tarun says how can I talk, its matter of husband and wife, she is annoyed with me, if I talk, she will be more annoyed. Samarth gets angry and asks him to get him out, as he can’t be in jail for longer.

Update Credit to: Amena

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