Ajeeb Dastaan Hai Yeh 4th February 2015 Written Episode Update


Ajeeb Dastaan Hai Yeh 4th February 2015 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdates.com

The Episode starts with Vinita challenging Garima that Sanjay will kick her out. Garima says he loves me and he respects you, don’t do anything that he does not respect you, if you have challenged me, I accept it. Vikram calls Rohini and says Shobha is ready to give her statement against Samarth in press conference, lets do the arrangements for it. Rohini says Samarth is gone now. Shobha acts sweet to Sarika and Samarth. She says I know we have problems, and it does not mean outsiders see it, we can solve the problem and maybe not, we can’t be good husband and wife, but we can be good room mates. Sarika thanks her. Shobha says you helped me a lot in taking this decision, as you defended Samarth.

She says last year I had stress, I want peace now. Samarth says its his yes, as he

was waiting for this. Shobha leaves. Samarth tells Sarika that she is emotional fool. Sarika says her last support Vikram left. He says once I win elections, I will show her real place, and no one will hear her thinking she is saying against me for publicity. They smile.

Shobha thinks she has learnt to lie from Samarth, she used to lie for him, now she is lying for herself, he manipulated her and now she is manipulating him, he will get what he has sown. She says just one night and tomorrow a light of truth. Its morning, Nani gives Prasad to Vikram. They talk about Shobha. She says Shobha will leave Samarth and come to you. He says I really get hurt by Shobha’s words, though I don’t care about world. He says I just want her to be happy. She says you have grown up. He says I just hope everything gets fine. She says yes and hugs him.

Shobha gets ready and talks to Sharda. Sharda ask her to find any good job, as Samarth is with her in her every decision, I feel glad as his aim is to keep you and kids happy. She blesses er and says your work will be done well. Shobha says she is going to stand for truth, she won’t bear more and this time she will tell the truth.

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Mahesh shows files to Vikram and takes Shobha’s name. He says sorry and Vikram smiles saying its ok. Mahesh thinks he got mad. He gets Rohini’s call. She says all arrangements are done, just reach the venue, Samarth will be exposed. He says I want to see his face at that time. She says this will help everyone. He says he wants revenge for Shobha. She says all the best.

Samarth talks to Sarika. He asks her to plan her strategy for his elections. He says Shobha will think to change me, and nothing else, I will go and meet Tiwari. He gets a reporter’s call and says he won’t take it. Sarika says take the call. The reporter says about Shobha keeping press conference against him, and she is planning to expose him. He says you helped me a lot, I m Dheeraj. Samarth is shocked to know Shobha and Vikram joining hands with Rohini. Dheeraj says I got the invitation, I will send you the address. He tells Sarika that she was right, Shobha is acting to show everything is fine, but she wants to expose me.

Vikram calls Shobha and asks her to be casual and not make Samarth and Sarika doubt on her. She says he is sounding nervous. He says he will support her. Samarth says she is back stabbing me, I will not leave her. She says we can kidnap Jia. He scolds her for being foolish. She says calm down, my mind works in such cases. Vinita calls Sanjay and acts saying Saurabh is in tension. She says Saurabh feels you both can leave home. Sanjay says we are not going. Vinita says maybe Garima don’t want to stay here. Sanjay says explain her. Vinita says I wish Garima also accepted this house, she will understand in coming years, else I will explain her.

Sarika sees Shobha. Jia makes Shobha have the juice. Shobha drinks it. Samarth comes and sees her having it. Samarth asks Sarika about not stopping Shobha. Vikram calls Shobha did anyone doubt on her. She says she is feeling guilty to lie to Sharda. He says we have to expose Samarth for everyone’s good. Samarth scolds Sarika for letting Shobha go, did she take money. She says relax. He calls his goon to kidnap Shobha or kill her. She asks the goon not to do anything, and tells him that she has drugged Shobha by sending juice by Jia.

Shobha feels unwell and tells Vikram that she reached the hotel, but she is feeling unwell.

Update Credit to: Amena

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