Ajeeb Dastaan Hai Yeh 24th November 2014 Written Episode Update


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The Episode starts with Vikram walking inside the office and seeing all the staff gossiping and staring at him. He thinks Shobha has told them about his past and she can do this being a woman. He asks the staff to work. He gets Mahesh with him. Shobha comes to the office and greets good morning to everyone. The staff gossip about Vikram and Shobha. A colleague says Shobha is acting as if she knows nothing and bets Vikram will call her now. Mahesh calls Shobha saying Vikram is asking about her. Shobha goes to Vikram’s cabin and greets him. He makes the curtains down and shows her many mistakes in a small letter. He asks did she go mad, and she id not efficient to become marketing head or his secretary. She says she typed as he said.

He says he did not ask her to send the letter

to someone else. He asks her to accept that she did the mistake and apologize to him. He says you feel the world is wrong and not you, my mistake is to trust a woman like you, I trusted you and what did you do. He says you have cheated me and my friendship. He says I felt you are different and shared my pain, but you did gossip everywhere, you will not get entry in my life, never. Shobha cries. He says everyone is gossiping about me, you are a big politician’s wife and you are habituated to all this. He says he should kick her out right now. She holds his hand and stops him, saying please Sir. She leaves his hand and cries. He says get out Shobha. Shobha leaves from his cabin. She sits on her desk and cries.

Dorris signs others to taunt Vikram and Shobha, and call her bad character, to get marketing head position as she is good at client servicing. Shobha confronts them and the women taunt her, how she got the easy promotion as they know what is going on between her and Vikram, as her husband is in jail, and she shares apartment with Vikram.

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Shobha says how dare you. They all leave. Dorris sees her and smiles. She calls Sandeep and says everything is going by plan. Garima gets Sanjay’s call and says she was thinking about him. Sanjay asks is everything fine, did Ajay say anything. She says nothing, I m worried for Shobha. He says once we get married by running, everything will be fine. She says she can’t. He says I know this decision will be tough, but this is last option, we love our family and they love us, they will accept us, this is not wrong as we love each other. She cries and ends the call. Shobha comes to Vikram and gives her resignation. She says you won’t bear me any longer now. He says you think its a kids’ game to bring it any day, fine with me, I accept your resignation and this maturity.

He says get out. Shobha cries. He says when you know about my past, it’s a fact that I m boring man for you. He says just get out and get a man in whose life you can interfere. He says you used my Nani and came to know my past. He says he helped her by humanity and she has cheated him. She cries and her ring falls. He says stop, and shows her ring. They sit to pick it and he gets up. She takes it. He says he does not want anything of her in his office. Shobha leaves and cries at a corner.

She packs her belongings and says she has resigned. Dorris says no, take the resignation back, and Vikram won’t let you go. Shobha says she is fed up of this wrong blames on her and Vikram accepted the resignation. Dorris shows some fake concern and says stay in touch, call me if you need anything. She hugs Shobha and smiles. Vikram is going mad in anger and Ketan calls him. Ketan warns him that someone is trying to file case on him and Shobha. Vikram says he is not in a mood to talk and asks him to talk to Shobha. Vikram ends calls and thinks why did he get involved in Shobha’s life like this.

Nani does some puja with a tantric Baba. He gets a call and says he is in meeting. Vikram comes home and targets Baba. Nani says she is doing this for him. Vikram asks the Baba not to touch his hair. Nani shows Ketan Sethi’s name to Baba and Ketan comes. He greets her. Nani says he is Ketan. Nani asks whats going on between him and Vikram. Ketan says you feel we fought because of Samarth’s case, no way, you know we are so close. Nani gets more worried. Ketan says this can’t affect us. Vikram comes and hugs Ketan. They leave. Baba says I can’t say about Vikram, but Ketan is very cute. Shobha sits depressed at her home and thinks about Vikram’s words.

Garima comes to her to share something imp. She says Sanjay and I decide to elope and marry. She sees Shobha lost and asks is everything fine. Shobha says yes, tell me what were you saying. Garima thinks Shobha looks already tensed and she should not tell her now. She asks her to sleep now as she has office in morning. Shobha says yes, I will read this book and sleep. Garima makes her have specs and leaves. Shobha thinks how to tell Gaarima that there is no office now. Garima thinks how to run and marry Sanjay leaving everyone in this hard time.

Sandeep smiles seeing Shobha leave office and holds her hand flirting with her. Shobha gets angry.

Update Credit to: Amena

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