Ajeeb Dastaan Hai Yeh 21st November 2014 Written Episode Update


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Main Points:
-Naani reveals about Vikram’s past to Shobha in a drunken state, barring the girl’s name. Vikram is furious and shattered that his past is known to Shobha, who now might laugh at him as well

-Shobha tries to talk to Sharda mom about Saarika, who taunts her back and warns her to stay away from Saarika

-Garu is terrified and helpless causing of Ajay’s threats and cries not knowing how to share it with her mom and wishes to talk to Shobha

-Naani and her friend call Vikram and Ketan’s office to know that off late both are coming late to work and they conclude Vikram and Ketan are having an affair

-Naani wishes to have girl like Shobha in Vikram’s life and is disheartened over the fact that Shobha is married .


Naani in a drunken state is questioning god as why he is doing this to her, when she asked a pretty beautiful girl as bahu, he is giving Ketan , Shobha comes down to give Vikram’s file, Naani was dizzy with all the alcohol, Shobha concerndly asks why she is drinking alone, Naani says she has lot of problems, Vikram is not marrying or is not dating any girl., Shobha assures that Vikram respects and loves her and she should talk to him, he would listen to him, Shobha gives water to Nani, nani refuses and asks Shobha to have some alcohol instead, Shobha denies, naani says she is drinking to endure her pain. Shobha asks what sorrows she has ?

Naani makes Shobha sit next to her and says Shobha is a very good mom, wife and bahu and she wanted a very good girl like Shobha as Vikram’s wife and goes on to tell about why Vikram is obnoxious towards women. Nani tells Shobha that one girl shattered Vikram’s heart which is still not fixed and she cries, Shobha asks about his past story. Naani says the girl took away all the happiness and liveliness from his life, on Shobha’s questions, Naani continues to tell that Vikram used to laugh, party, he used to have lot of friends, he had not much money, he was not obsessed with his hair or coffee, it’s this girl who was his life, but that girl turned out to be a bhootni, who took away everything from Vikram. Naani further adds that on one Diwali Vikram was supposed to propose her, but the girl betrayed him., Shobha remembers Vikram and her conversation on Diwali and also the bill of the diamond ring. Naani says since then Vikram stopped trusting any woman, Shobha asks the name of the girl, Naani curses her and says she might be ruining someone else’s house now,

Naani was about to collapse, Shobha holds her from back while Vikram holds her from the other side, Shobha holds Vikram’s hand on Naani’s back, Shobha is shocked to find him at home, she slowly draws her hand, they both make naani sleep on the couch.

Vikram confronts Shobha for allowing Naani to drink, Shobha retorts naani was already drunk by the time she came and says Naani was sad and worried hence she had, Vikram says if naani was sad, she can talk to him, Shobha retorts how can she talk to him, when he will be all furious about the topic. Vikram asks whats the topic ? Shobha blurts it’s about his past, both are shocked. Vikram asks what did Naani tell her? Shobha says Naani is worried as he is not getting married, Vikram is adamant in knowing what naani told Shobha about his past, Shobha makes an excuse of kids and runs out of.

Shobha in the corridor, heaves a sigh of relief and understands Vikram’s nature and agrees that once the heart is shattered it leaves the marks and the one whom we trust the most will hurt the most and recollects how Vikram sir was the main reason that they are properly settled, which he is not even aware of and decided to help him in whatever way she can.
Vikram is angry and annoyed and is trying to wake up naani to ask what she told Shobha about his past, he requests her to speak up and say what she told Shobha about his past, Naani mumbles about the other girl breaking his heart and both Vikram and Naani end up crying (sorry couldn’t understand naani’s words Confused) Vikram asks what naani has done in her drunk state, now Shobha will also laugh at him like his friends did and even though he is a changed Vikram, the pain is still the same.,Ouch

Next Morning, Shobha is trying to wake up the kids who makes excuses not to go to school, Shobha notices 10 missed calls from Saarika and returns her, but no answer from Saarika. After a lot of contemplation and deliberations, decide to talk to Sharda mom about Saarika. When Shobha opens the topic of shaky married life of Saarika, mom lashes out at Shobha saying she is wishing her fate to her daughter and taunts her relation to Vikram and says she cannot control and manipulate Saarika like she is doing with Garu, Shobha tries to explain and later gives up.

Vikram wakes up naani with lemon water and he tries to get her back to senses and asks her what she told Shobha about his past, he wants to know it, Naani in turn asks where did he go with Ketan after the show, Vikram is frustrated and warns Naani not to speak about his past with anyone.

Garu, in her room recollects Ajay’s acid threat, his slap and his threats for Sanjay’s life, she decides to share it with her mom, but realizes mom would not believe her as she is under Tarun’s influence and they would target them. Garu cries helplessly not knowing what to do and cries in helplessness and wondering where Shobha bhabhi is as she has to talk to her now.
Dadi’s gets her friend into Vikram’s room, Sukhi says if she is feeling about Dukhi, it’s ok, that doesn’t break their friendship, Naani says Dukhi is a good girl and she will get one good boy one day, but Vikram will never get a good girl, On sukhi’s persistence, Naani says if she saw Dostana film of John and Abhishek, and same happened to Vikram, Sukhi asks if he is in love with a girl or if he wants to buy a flat in US, Naani says keep the girl and flat aside, Sukhi is shocked and asks if she talked to Vikram, Naani says she is not getting any chance to talk…

Sukhiji tells naani to call Vikram’s office, Mahesh informs sir isn’t there as he is coming late to work these days, naani later calls Ketan’s office, she gets the same reply, Naani is crying on top of her lungs over their supposed affair, Sukhiji tells her to stop crying, Naani says wish a girl like Shobha comes in Vikram’s life and is disheartened over the fact that Shobha is married and what would happen to Vikram

Precap: Vikram asks what Shobha is doing in his cabin, she should be gossiping about him out there with the girls, after all she is a politicians wife and gossiping is nothing big for her and was about to open the door to let her out, Shobha holds Vikram’s hand and stops him, Vikram and Shobha, teary eyed stare at each other, Shobha leaves Vikram”s hand.

Update Credit to: munnihyderabad

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