Ajeeb Dastaan Hai Yeh 12th February 2015 Written Episode Update


Ajeeb Dastaan Hai Yeh 12th February 2015 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdates.com

The Episode starts with Vikram thinking where can Shobha go, she won’t give stress to Garima as she is pregnant. He gets a call from Usha. Usha says Shobha is here and asks him to come. He smiles and says I got to know about Shobha. Jia talks to Sharda and asks about Shobha. Sharda says she is not well and Jia reminds her how Shobha took care of her last time when she got ill. The FB shows Shobha taking care of Sharda well. Sharda says she has pain in her heart, she loves Shobha and does not understand whats right and whats wrong, she has to find it.

Vikram comes to meet Usha and says he has seen Shobha fighting with many problems, but did not see her breaking like this. Usha says she is safe here, I know the MMS is fake, Samarth did this, Shobha is disturbed, I wish she listened

to me, I told her not to give Samarth a chance, if she chose you over Samarth, this would have not happened. He says I will knock the door, maybe she will open. He asks Shobha to open the door. He says we will face the world together. She says please go, leave me on my state. He says he won’t go till he proves her innocent, our friendship is above these things.

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Nani calls him and he tells her about Shobha at Usha’s place. Nani says send me address, I wioll come. Vinita gets angry recalling Garima‘s taunts. She says what she did today, she will never forgive her, she will regret a lot, she will kill Garima and baby both by pushing her off the stairs. Saurabh comes and says he came to have lunch, whats all this mess, tell me. She says Garima…., a neighbor came and told about Shobha’s MMS, I got angry on her, Garima and I have problems, but I can’t hear anything against her. Saurabh smiles and says I did right to marry you. She smiles thinking to start kitchen politics.

Nani asks Shobha to come home. Shobha says which home, my family did not ask how am I. Nani says relations are made by heart, come to my home. Shobha says I can’t, as people will raise more questions. Vikram says let world say anything, respect our friendship. She says yes, our no name relation is above anything else, you faced so much because of me. Nani says Vikram cares for you, I will take you and go. Usha asks her to go.

Vikram and Nani bring Shobha home. Vikram hugs Nani saying everything will be fine. Jia asks Samarth about Shobha. He says she has gone for work, I m busy now. He scolds her badly and Sharda asks what is he doing. He says he is in tension and leaves. Sharda recalls how Shobha used to love kids. Sarika says why do I feel like I have lost Vikram. She says he will never accept me because of Samarth’s foolishness, he will get his political career, what will I get.

She says I have to do something, I can’t afford to lose Vikram. Samarth will not leave me for his profit, he cheated his loyal and supportive wife, why will he support me. Vikram feels helpless seeing Shobha. Shobha thinks whats love, that bounds or the one who supports silently in happiness and pain. Ajeeb dastaan hai yeh……………..plays……………….

Sarika calls Vikram and he says he knows her very well. She says then meet me more, we will get to know each other. He says he is not interested. She says no, you will be at loss, meet me once. She says she can benefit Shobha, she can help him, come if you want. He thinks about Shobha’s benefit. Sarika thinks Vikram will fall in her trap and writes his name on the mirror. She kisses it and smiles.

Sarika argues with Samarth and she says she can expose his truth.

Update Credit to: Amena

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  1. Seriously, why can’t Shobha focus on her career and kick everyone out of her house?! She’s projecting a wrong example for women

  2. ooo hello…except a handful of woman all woman r like this bearing every paiun every torchor …so stop calling it a wron g example…this is watz the reality////

  3. Firstly how about getting the spellings of torture , pain & what correct and let’s come to my views, these are just my views no one needs to subscribe to them, you too are free to comment but not personally, goes in bad taste, thanks .
    Next time do check spell endings and sentence framing, it goes a long way.

  4. Viewers please let the story makers know the facts Honeymoon suite was not booked by anyone it was vacant
    all good hotels have cameras on corridors and lobbies footage will show all plotting outside
    doctor who treated shobha knew she was drugged
    this much i know story writers r u asleep

  5. Totally agree minna, I think they’re just buying time by ignoring these most common ondervations. Also , it’s Shobha’s house so she should kick everyone out to reduce troubles in her life .

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