Ajeeb Dastaan Hai Yeh 11th February 2015 Written Episode Update


Ajeeb Dastaan Hai Yeh 11th February 2015 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdates.com

The Episode starts with Sharda saying she does not know what to believe and cries. Sanjay calls Garima and asks her to go her home for few days as they are many people to take care of her. She cries and says no sorry and no care, he did not ask me once why did I call him so many times. She says maybe we don’t have love between us now, everything is over. She says he does not care for her. Mahesh tells Vikram about crisis at office and asks him to come. Vikram says you don’t know my life crisis. Mahesh says I know everything. Vikram does not see Shobha going and says its good she is at home, its not good if she goes out.

Sarika is worried and says they are short of money. Samarth says don’t worry, we will get rich again. She says Vikram is her treasure and he says he will get

him for her. They laugh talking about Shobha. Nani looks for Shobha and says she got food for her. She says she is not here, did she leave home. Shobha cries and sits in an auto, recalling Samarth and Sarika’s taunts and media questioning her, Sharda not believing her. The driver asks where she has to go. She says where do I have to go…..

Vikram comes to office and asks his staff not to discuss about him and Vikram. Mahesh says we know you and Shobha can’t do this, we all are with you. Vikram says you guys are the best, thanks Mahesh. He gets a call from Nani and comes to know Shobha is not at home. He says I m coming and asks Mahesh to see office work. He comes home and Nani says Sharda came and scolded her, Shobha told me she can’t stay here. He says don’t know where she went, you stay here, I will find her.

Samarth stops him on the way and taunts him. Vikram says shut up. Samarth say don’t go out, people will beat you, think if I come in power, what will you do. Vikram says he knows it was his pan and advices him to save his energy. Samarth asks him to see news as he got famous. Vikram says things will change, and Shobha and I are same, we won’t let you do injustice on us. Samarth says I did not talk to her like this in 10 years and you are talking in 10 months. Vikram says Shobha and I are we. Samarth smiles and Vikram leaves.

Vikram is on the way worried about Shobha, saying if anything happens to her, he will die. Nani calls him and asks about Shobha. He says he did not get her. She says I m worried, call me when you get her. He sees crowd and stops the car. He goes to see and sees some lady hurt. He is relieved and thanks Lord. Vinita comes to Garima and asks is she in any tension, so sorry I forgot you are going away from Sanjay and this house, I m feeling bad for you. Garima says you do any vamp role in any serial. Vinita argues and says she will give her easy option, apologize to her and be in her control.

Garima says I wish Saurabh and Sanjay heard this, they would have not forgiven her. Vinita says she trained them well. She says think about the baby. Garima asks how can she be heartless, is she a woman or not, it shows why she did not become a mother till now. She says you don’t deserve to become a mother. Vinita raises her hand and Garima holds her hand, asking her to be careful. She leaves.

Vikram comes to meet Tarun and Tarun says he can’t welcome him inside the house. Vikram taunts him and says he wants to meet Riddhima, as Shobha is missing, I want to know did she talk to Riddhima and tell her anything. Tarun says you sent me to jail, I won’t help you. Riddhima comes and argues with Tarun, asking Vikram to come inside, as its her house too.

Vikram tells her everything and asks about Shobha. Riddhima says she did not call me and how did the MMS come. He says Samarth did this. She says I can’t believe, I knew you and Shobha can’t do this. He thanks her for believing them. She says I feel Samarth is worse than Raavan. He says we will find Shobha. She says lets do police complaint. He says no, it will defame her, we will find her first. She says if Samarth showed this concern for her, she would have been happy. She says marriage with wrong man ruins the life. He leaves.

Samarth comes home and tells Sarika about scolding Vikrram. She reminds him that she wants Vikram. He says it will be done. She thinks is he using her, but she is more bad than him.

Nani asks Shobha to come home, and Shobha says my family did not ask me how am I. Vikram looks on.

Update Credit to: Amena

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