Ajab sanskar ki Gazab swara

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Part- 1
A old lady is arranging everything and ordering a man named kichu..
Lady- kichu what r u doing?? Get this sweets here.. This vase who kept it here u know na sanskar didn’t like this.. kichu take this vase from here and get new one..
Kichu- ji malkin..
Lady- oh my god if I am not in this house then everything will be wrong..
A girl comes and back hugs her and says
Girl- Mom why r u taking stress u know na bhai don’t like it. If bhai comes to know that u r taking this much stress na then he will scold me..
Lady- ragini..yess the girl is ragini and that lady is her mom sujata.. u know na ur bhai is coming after five years. I want everything to be perfect.
Rag- I know.. I know in these five years u miss him so much and I also miss bhai.. We r going to see him after 5 years..

Then his frnd Sid comes there..
Sid smiling fold his hands and says – namaste aunty ji…
Suj- aree sid beta what a pleasant surprise??? come come..
Ragini goes and side hugs him and says sid bhai how are u??
Sid – I am fine how r u??
Rag smiling – As u r seeing I am totally fine..
Sid – Aunty.. I get news that sanskar is coming so I came hurriedly here.. did anyone go to receive him at airport or not..
Sujata- no beta actually woh..
Rag interrupts- it’s a strict order of bhai that no one will come to receive him only send one car he will himself come..
Sid surprisedly – but why???
Sujata- woh actually beta sanskar don’t want to disturb anyone..
Sid smirking – so our lawyer don’t want to disturb anyone.. hmmm.. intresting
Sujata smiling- yes.beta sanskar is like this only.. he cares for everyone and in her eyes a tear drop came..
Rag playfully- oh come on mom don’t start again.. and slowly says in her ears..u know when u cry na u look like a ghost..
Sujata widen her eyes and says – what ghost!!!!.. u just stop I will tell u who look like ghost..
Ragini runs here and there…..

A man in red shirt with a grey blazer and a goggles on his eyes dragging a trolly bag from his hands comes out of airport. He looks for his driver and sees that he is standing in a corner with holding a name board in his hands.. he comes to him and says
Man- hii kaka..
Driver- sanskar baba u (yess he is our hero the cute sanskar).. come come malkin is waiting for u in the house…

As sanskar sits in his car a huge crowd of people from the back seat shouts in his ears Ahhhhhhhaahh… Sanskar got scared and he also started shouting with them by closing his eyes and putting his hand on ears..
Then they stop and sanskar turns and he is totally surprised and says youuuuu…all… here..
All shouts- surpriseeee! !!!!!!
Sanskar puts his hand on ears and says stopppp..don’t shout yarrr. .This is public place.. they all stop..
San ask suspiciously – I didn’t inform u people that I am coming.. then how u people came here and on that in my car..
Rishi with attitude – Sanskar we all r ur frnd and frnds knows everything…
San – oh hhh! !! Chal chal don’t show attitude.. I know how much dumbo u r and I am damn sure that this sid only told u that I am coming..
Manpreet- ohhooo.. see frnds our lawyer sanskar Maheswari is back…
Sid smilingly – oh come on yarr. Don’t irritate him. Yess sanskar i only tell them that u r coming but guys I am very much happy for him..
Neil confusedly – why????
Sid teasingly – becoz he got some brains from America… And everyone burst out in a laugh..
San angrily- ho gya tera.. now if ur irritating and teasing program is over then can we proceed to home..
Rishi still laughing – yess…
Sid and sanskar reach to home and Rishi,Manpreet and Dev have some work so they get down in between the way..

Sujata- Ragini.. did u get arti thal ready or not.. Sanskar can come here anytime..

Here I am mom.. A voice came from back….
Sujata turns and gets very much happy and says sanskar..
And she hurriedly goes and hugs him tears rolls down from her eyes..
In sometime ragini and Vicky also comes there..
San wipes her tears – oh mom don’t cry u know na I HATE TEARS he said in rajesh khanna style.
Sujata gave a smiles and keeps her hand on sanskar head and says- sanskar u grew so scraggy..
San- woh actually Mom.. In America I didn’t get ur hand made food na that’s why..
Suju smiles- Don’t worry now u came na I will make u eat from my hands..
Rag- Mom if ur meeting with bhai is completed then can I also come.. see na I am also standing in line..
Suju and sanskar smiles and Suju says- yess.. but after doing arti.. Suju does sanskar’s arti and he comes in…
As he enters Ragini goes running
shouting bhaiiiiiiii and gives a tight hug.. Sanskar with a sudden jerk going to loose his balance but he makes balance and says
San- I think in these five years u ate very much that’s why u become fat..
Mom I think u gave my part of food to her only and winks at his mom..
Sujata understand and says- yess sanskar I stop her many times to not eat much but he don’t listen to me..
Rag angrily – what bhai.. u said me fat here I am waiting for u so badly and u r taunting me.. And mom u also involve with him.. go I will not talk to u both..
Sid holds ragini by shoulder and says – this is not fair sanskar u r saying my cute sis fat.. she is not at all fat..
Rag with pout -In this family only Sid bhai loves me u both always tease me..
Sid – Don’t worry ragini I always be on ur side..
San playfully – what Sid this is not fair for five years I am not with u then u turns to her side.. u r my frnd or her.
Sid worriedly – no sanskar it’s not like that.. I am ur frnd.
Rag pouts- what Sid bhai it means u not love me..
Sid – no ragini I love u…
San- Then what about our frndship. .
They continue like this..And ragsan get on one side and both fights with Sid ..
Rag with fake anger – it means u not love me..
San- yess ragini u r right. And he don’t care about our frndship also..
Sid is now get trapped between both of them and he tries to explain..
Sid worriedly – no sanskar and ragini.. first listen to me..
Then ragsan see at each other and burst out in laugh..
Sid sees them confusedly and then realises that both ragsan made him fool..
Sid kept his both hands on his waist and says – Acha bacchu.. u both make me fool..
Ragsan still laughing says yessss…
San laughing – yess now my revenge get completed..
Sid playfully – just stop I will tell u the consequences of making me fool and ur revenge.. he started chasing ragsan..
Sujata stops them and says – ok ok..enough of this fun .. first sanskar go change ur clothes and come fast for breakfast..
Sanskar nods in yess and he goes..
Sid makes a pout and angry face and ragini is trying to conciliate him..

Precap- not yet decided..

Sanskar’s gang member cum friends: –
1.Rishi Singh bedi of kasam tere pyar ki..
2. Manpreet Singh bedi the brother of rishi and frnd of sanskar..
3. Siddharth khurana of Jamai raja..
4.Neil bakshi corporator of kumkum bhagya.
5. Indira of Hitler didi.. her entry will be soon she is also frnd of sanskar and she is very big wala fattu cum bit attitude person but she is very good and innocent with heart.

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Credit to: ekta


  1. ekta

    Guyzz Vicky and sid are same person and Neil and Dev are also the same person so don’t get confuse..

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