Ajab sanskar ki Gazab swara part-6

Hii frndz i am back again with part 6 and ty ty so much for ur wonderful comments keep supporting like this and don’t forget to comment on this part..And some one is asking about swara so i introduce the swara’s character..

1.Swara:- She is very naughty and bubbly girl and she is mad in my fiction and she gets angry when someone scolds her and a very big past is there behind swara’s madness which i will disclose in coming parts..

Manpreet- ok guyzz at night when everyone sleep then we go to swara’s room in a ghost costume and frighten her..
San- And she will get hell scared and in scaredness she will left the home..
Neil- Grt idea yarr..
Sid- But who will go in front of her in costume of ghost..
Rishi with a smile- Me..U all know na how much i am expert in all this..
Everyone laughs and gives hi- fi to each other…

Everyone does dinner and go to their respective room for sleep and sanskar call all his frnds..
Rishi comes in costume and sanskar is holding a skull in his hand..
Neil- what is this in ur hand sanskar??
San- This is skull and by this Rishi will frighten swara and in fear she will ran from here..Hahahaha he laughs..

Then they slowly slowly goes towards swara room and Rishi enters by wearing a mask..The room is dark only a dim light is coming in the room and Swara is standing near dressing table and her back is visible to
Rishi..Rishi slowly slowly goes towards swara and said in her ears bhoooottt…As swara turns rishi shouts AHHHHHHHHHH…..And falls unconscious there only..Actually swara applied face pack on her face and mistakenly her hairs are also.left opened by seeing her rishi himself frightens(hehehehe Darpok Rishi)..
Swara is standing there in confusion and says
Swa- who is this person??
And he goes to brought some water to wake him up..

The water sprinkles on Rishi’s face and he wakes up and says
Rishi scaredly- Bhoo..tttt bhoot..Swara bhoot..
San- Shut up yarrr..U flopped our full plan darpok kahin ka..U r saying na u r expert where ur all expertness gone hmm..
Sid- Yess Sanskar u r right i don’t know that he will be a big wala darpok..Bada chla tha swara ko darane hmm..
Manpreet- yess..thank god we reach there on time and rescue bhai from there otherewise our mission before starting it will got end…Bhai what u did??
Rishi is shivering with fear and says- Shut up chote if u will be there na then u will understand that she is chudail..she is bhoot i am saying sanskar she will not go from ur house so easily..And he shoutsMummmmmmmyyyy..And hides his face under blanket..
Neil- Stop it yarr rishi u r really a darpok..
Sid- Now i have a plan that plan will not backfired..
San- Which plan??
Sid- listen..(I will told u later)..

Then after someday when rishi condition is better.Manpreet bought a dog..

@ day
Manpreet- Frndzz Meet my dog tyson..
San- It is cute manpreet of which breed he is??
Manpreet- He is cross breed of german shephard and labrador..
Neil- Nice manpreet..hiii tyson..Dogs bark on neil and he got scared..
Manpreet- Relax..relax tyson..Frndzz plz don’t irritate him becoz if u irritate him na then he will got angry and bite u..
Sid-Thats why i called tyson here..Hii tyson..
The dog comes and start licking sid’s leg and hand..
Sid- Oh my tyson u r good beta na..so u have to do my one work..He takes out a photo of swara and says
Sid- Tyson u have to make her out of sanskar’s house by frightening her ok..
The dog barks signalling that he will do it..
Sid- good now go..
San- But sid how the dog will make swara go out of my house??
Sid- U r forgetting sanskar that tyson memory is very strong and if u make him see someone photo and say to do anything then he will not leave that person..
Neil- But how he will listen all ur talks..
Manpreet-By this biscuit…If anyone make him eat this biscuit and says something to do then he will not leave that person..
Neil- ohh..
Sid- Let’s go and enjoy the scene..
Rishi tensedly- No..noo..i will not go if again that chudail do something..i will not go and u all also don’t go..
Manpreet- Bhai come on yarr don’t be so darpok!!!!Come on sid let’s go..
Sid- yess..

Swara is watering plants in the garden and tyson see her and goes running towards swara..San,sid,manpreet,neil are standing very far from swara…

Swara see the dog and becomes happy she bends down and hold tyson in her hands very gently..And tyson is not doing anything..

All are seeing this and become shocked..
Neil shockedly- what is happening there??
Manpreet sheepishly- I don’t know..
Sid- Who is this girl?? why tyson is not doing anything??
Manpreet- I think bhai is right.Is she is chudail??becoz only chudail controls tyson..

Swara is playing with tyson and gave him a biscuit for eating..
Swa- Who send u here??
He see towards there where all are standing confusedly and barks on them..Swara understand and says
Swa- Dogy..go and whatever they say to do with me do with them..ok
Tyson barks and goes towards them runningly..
Sid- why i am thinking that swara had said something to tyson..
Manpreet- And at which speed he is running i am thinking that he will bite us..
Everyone look towards manpreet and everyone shouts bhagooooo…
And they hurriedly ran from there and tyson barks on them..They ran in whole garden and swara is seeing this and laughing..Sanskar is on first behind sanskar sid behind him neil behind him manpreet and at last tyson is chasing all of them..All are shouting mummmmyyyyy bachao…Tyson catches manpreet bomb and bites there manpreet shouts Ahhhhhhhhhh…All turns and see manpreet and goes to rescue manpreet and somehow they manages to rescue..
Then at last swara stops tyson and all falls down on the ground becoz of tiredness..They are sweating very badly..

At night rishi is applying cold pack on manpreet’s bomb and says
Rishi- Bohut bol raha tha na darpok ab bhugut..
Manpreet shouts Ahhhhh..bhai slowly..
Sid- Sorry yarr rishi we don’t listen ur talks swara is really dangerous..
Neil pout- yess rishi..she is very dangerous..
San- U all lossed hope but i m not and i will make her out of my house!!
Neil- But what will u do??
San- just wait and watch….

Precap- Sanskar execute his plan..

Guyzzz plzzz plzzz comment if u like it and plzz comment becoz the comments are very less and if u are not liking this track then tell me i will end it..


  1. Mica


    |Registered Member

    how dare you end it ? i’ll call tyson to bite u Eku !!
    and what the hell is that ? mission “get a rid of swara “, goosh, it’s joke of the year
    flopping plan ever, but i can’t stop laughing aaarrgghhh
    luv it soo much Eku…

  2. SHAN


    |Registered Member

    Awesome very nice but u told swara is mad then how come she is applying face pack making Tyson bite them???

    • Eku



      Shan i forget to mention that swara is living in ragini’s room and she finds a tube there and as u know she is mad so she applied it without knowing about that tube..

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