Ajab sanskar ki Gazab swara part-5

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After doing dinner sanskar goes to sujata’s room..
San- Mom Where u meet swara?
Suj- I go to market for buying something and i see her lonely on the road i ask her that anyone is there with her but she nods in no so i took her with me..
San- But mom whats the need of taking her to our house??
Suj angrily- What rubbish u r talking?? Ok consider urself at her place then think at what condition she will be?
San- I know mom but i don’t like her and i am damn sure she is acting to be innocent actually from inside she is vamp..
Suj glare angrily- Shut up sanskar…And just go to ur room and sleep..

At morning sanskar wakes up and ready to go to office..He comes downstairs.
Suj- Sanskar u r ready grt..
San- Good morning mom..
Suj- Beta actually na some items are finished so plzz can u go to market..I myself go to market but there is pain my legs and ragini is not at home(Ragini is gone for tour from her college) and shyam kaka had gone one a holiday..
San- Don’t take tension mom u just rest i will go to market..
Suj- ok then take swara also..She will help u in buying things..
San shouts-Noooo mom..I will not go with her what if again she sends me to jail..
Suj confusedly-Jail..what r u saying??
San- Nothing mom but i will not go with her..
Suj- Sanskar u r going or not??
San- No..
Suj-Ok then i am going..let’s go swara..
Suddenly again pain starts in her leg and suj sits down..
San worriedly- Mom…U will not change na..Ok i will go with swara..

Then sanskar goes with swara and he is just hell angry and irritated..Sanskar is driving just then swara shouts Stopppp..Sanskar with a jerk stops the car and says what happen…

Swara points towards the park and hurriedly goes there..
San shouts- Swaraaaa stop…
Swara goes there and plays with small children swings on jhoola..Sanskar comes there and swara by seeing him hides behind the tree..
San- Swara where are u??
Swa giggles behind the tree..Sanskar listens the sounds and goes towards the tree and says
San- Swara are u here??
Suddenly swara throws some crystal ball and sanskar’s put his feet under that ball and slips and falls down in the ground..Swara comes out and laughs whole heartedly and claps like a innocent child with a smile on her face..
San understands that its swara’s trick so he stands up and angrily says
San- Swaraaaaa…how dare u to play trick with me??I will not leave u..
Swara show thumbs down and says looser and ran from there..
San- U said me looser now i will definately not leave u and he also ran behind her..
And they chases in the whole park again swara hides somewhere and now with her some children are also there.Swara made a team and plan to play prank on sanskar she is very much enjoying in irritating sanskar..She is behaving childishly with the other childrens..
There sanskar is very angry as well as irritated..He is tired of continuous running and breathes heavily and puts his hand on his waist and says..
San- Now where this girl is gone??

In the park there is an small artificial swimming pool for children..Swara mix some colorful powder in that pool and winks at other children and gave hi – fi and says ARE U ALL READY..All children nods in yess..

Sanskar is continuously finding swara.A boy is seen playing with a big ball and two girls are holding a rope from its end and hiding behind the tree.Swara shows thumbs up and shouts..
Swa- Chocolate boy..(yess guyz swara call sanskar by this name becoz first time sanskar gave her the chocolate..)
Sanskar turns and see swara and he runs just then the boy throws the big ball on the face of sanskar and but sanskar safe himself from that ball but just then his leg come under that rope and the two girls pulls that rope from the end and sanskar at last gone in that colorful swimming pool..Sanskar is now looking like a joker with different colors.

Everyone comes out and laughs on sanskar..Sanskar somehow manages to come out of that pool and angrily shouts on the children…
All the children goes from there but swara is still laughing..

San- Shutupppp!!!!
Swara see at herself then at sanskar and innocently says
Swa- But I am not wearing a shirt..Then how??
San puts his hand on his forehead and angrily says- Chupppp..if u again say a word na i will surely kill u..
Swa again make faces and she is on the verge of crying..Sanskar see her face and thinks if he again start crying na then again i have to go jail..
San- Stop plzz don’t cry becoz whenever u cry some problm came.So if ur drama is over can we go to home..
Swa control her tears and goes behind sanskar..Sanskar angrily drives to home but he catches severe cold..

Then other morning sanskar and his frnds except indira gather in the restraunt and sanskar continuosly sneezing..

Rishi- Sanskar what happen to u ??
Neil- Yess u r sneezing badly did u drenched in rain..
San- No neil its not the fault of rain..Its the fault of swara and he again sneezes..
Sid- swara..who is she??
San- She is the villain of my life..
Sid- villain..say it clearly sanskar.

Sanskar tells everything about swara how they met first time then his mom brought her home and at last the park scene…

Neil-Ohh…Sanskar bhai i think she is mad..
San- Now u came to know that she is mad..i know earlier that she is totally mad girl..And now i just want that she will go out from my house and life..Becoz some more days she will spend in my house then i don’t know her condition but i will surely become mad..
Rishi- Don’t worry bro..We will help u to get her out of ur house..
San- But rishi whatever plan is made this plan is between us only becoz if indira comes to know this na then she will definately tells this to mom and mom will throw me out of my own house..
Sid- But why i mean aunty loves u very much..
San-No sid..Nowadays she is mad behind that swara..
Manpreet- I have a plan..
Everyone looks at Manpreet and says whatt??
Manpreet shows them a book and says this book will help us to make out that swara from ur home..

Everyones face lits up and sanskar says now swara u r gone….
Rishi- Let’s start the mission of “BHAGAO SWARA”..

Precap- Mission starts….

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