Ajab sanskar ki Gazab swara part-4

Hii frndzz i know i make u wait so much and i am really sorry for that and tysm for ur lovely support and comment..So enjoy this part..

Sanskar wakes up and says oh sit..its 9′ o clock and today is my imp meeting at 10’o clock it means i am late..Then he hurriedly gets up from the bed and goes for the bath..Then he gets ready eats the breakfast and leaves from there..
Sanskar is driving his car very fastly suddenly a girl came in front of his car and gets hitted by his car..
San worriedly- Oh sit!!!
He hurriedly comes out of the car and says
San- I am really really sorry miss..The girl turn her face.Sanskar is mesmerised by seeing her innocent face..But he sees that the girl is crying..
San- oh my god!!First i am already late and now this..See I am really i didn’t see u coming..If u got injury come with me i left u to the hospital..
The girl cries more loudly like a child..
San- Hey listen!!why r u crying??
Girl childishly- I want a chocolate..
San surprised- what?? Chocolate and he thinks in his mind I think she will scold me or say to drop her to hospital but here she is demanding for a chocolate..
Girl loudly- I want chocolate..chocolate and chocolate…
San- Ok ok…I am giving u a chocolate.
And he helplessely goes to bought a chocolate..
San- Here is ur chocolate now can i go??
Girl again cries loudly..
San- Now why r u crying i bought chocolate na..
Girl with a pout face- I want ice cream..
San- what.. but now only u said that u want chocolate na..
Girl loudly- No..no I want icecream only..
San- Listen I have a imp meeting plzz let me go and take this money and bought urself what u want?
Girl cries more loudly and loudly and everyone see towards them..Sanskar see at them and got scared..
San- See everyone is seeing towards us and misunderstanding..so plzz take this money and let me go..
Girl cryingly- Nooooo….u only go and buy for me…
San helplessely goes to bought ice cream but this time again her demands changes and sanskar is now irritated..2-3 times happen like this and now sanskar is hell angry and he shouts at top of his voice..
San angrily shouts- ssshhhh..chup ho jaa meri maa..Just shut up!! If u again cry na..i will..
Now swara is crying more loudly and says- U r very bad..bad man…

Some 2-3 mens come towards them and says
Men1- what happen sister??
Men2- Did this men is misbehaving with u??
San- Areee no no..its not like that u all r misunderstanding me..I am a lawyer..
Men3- So what did lawyer don’t do like this?
Girl points towards sanskar-He is scolding me.And again start crying…
Then police came there and ask what is happening here??
And all the men informs police..Police ask to the girl..
Police- Mam..did this boy is annoyed u??
Girl nods her head in yess…
Police showing his stick- Let’s go handsome now we will annoy u in police station..
San- See inspector.I am not this type boy.Actually i am well reputed lawyer..
Police- Yesss..When any criminal got arrested na he will say like this only..
San- I am not a criminal wait i will make u see my id cards..Then he checks for his wallet but her wallet is left at his home..
Police- Where is ur id cards haan..let’s go this antics will not work on us…
And sanskar got arrested…
Somehow sanskar manages to explain police that he is not any criminal but a lawyer and they left him.
And when he goes to his office he is totally late and the clients were gone.
San tights his fist in anger- I will not leave that girl..Becoz of her only today i missed my imp meeting…If next time i will see her na surely i will kill her..
Then sanskar goes to his home tired..
San- Mom..mom i am hungry give me some food..
Sujata shouts from kitchen- Sanskar first go and change ur clothes till then i am arranging the dining table..
San- ok..And he goes to change..
After sometimes he comes to dining area and sits on the chair.
Then a girl came and gives him the dinner.
San happily look towards the plate of food and says- Wow mom.its all my favouriate dishes..
And as he looks up he shouts very loudly..
San angrily- Youuuu!!!!!!!!
Yess this girl is the same becoz of whom sanskar goes to police station..
Girl is standing silently and scaredly..
San- What are u doing in my house?Wait did u stalking me haan..And he shouts tell me damn it what r u doing here…
The girl again started crying and san says..
San- oh hello..i know all ur crocodile tears it will not melt me ok..so stop this acting and tell me how u came here?
Sujata comes out of the kitchen by listening the loud noise of sanskar..
Suj- Sanskar..what happen why u r talking like this with him??
San- Mom.First tell me who bought her here?
Suj- I take her here and from now onwards she will live here only..
San- Mom.u don’t know her.she is too dangerous becoz of her only today i have to go to police station and i missed my meeting also..
Suj- Sanskar..I know her very well..Infact more than u and its my order that she will live here only with us..
San- But mom…
Suj- No more questions..Swara beta go and get some water from kitchen..
San confusion- Now who is this swara?
Suj-Her name is swara..Yess guyzz the girl is none other than our cute and bubbly swara..
San- Who tell u??
Suj glared him- Sanskar ofcourse she only tell me..
San- Buttttt..
Suj- ssshhhhh..no more question..
Sanskar is very much angry on swara…

I know guyzz in ur mind many question are arising that how suju get swara home? Why swara is behaving so strange?So all this will be disclose in next episode.So keep reading and plzz comment guyz because from ur comments i get encouragement to write it…


  1. Vidhi

    Awesome dear 😘😘😍😘😍😘😍liked cute swaraπŸ’œπŸ’œπŸ˜˜πŸ˜

  2. Manojmno


    |Registered Member

    Hey Eku awesome yaar
    swara is so cute yaar.Like ur storyπŸ‘ŒπŸ˜„
    VERY NICE.Waiting for ur next episode..
    plz publish soon yr..

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