Ajab Sanskar ki gazab kahani chap-9

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Chapter 8

Chap – 9

Swara is packing her stuffs..Dai ma enters..

Dai ma – Swara beti where r u going..??

Swara sadly – Maa..Thank u so much for giving me shelter..But now i have to leave becoz i don’t want to become the reason of ur sadness..

Dai ma – Who says to u that u r the reason of my sadness..( Caressing her hair) u r the reason of my happiness n yess u don’t need to go anywhere sanskar baba had given the permission..U can stay here..

Swara shockingly – what..??

Dai ma happily – yess..n i talk about ur job also..He will do something…Now u need not to worry for anything..

Swara eyes sparkle with happiness – U know maa..When i saw u i think that in this world humanity is left otherwise who can do this much for a stranger..Thank u so much

Dai ma with fake anger – See bana diya paraya..One side u r saying maa to me so i cannot do this much for my daughter also..

Swara hugs her happily n she hugs her too..

Like this 2-3 days spends..One day sanskar comes from the office..

Sanskar – Dai ma today’s day is very tiring..

He sits on the sofa with a huff..

Dai ma – Go fresh up n do dinner afterwards i will do ur head massage then all ur tiredness will go in a min..

San happily – Wow dai ma..grt..I’ll come in a min..

Swara is pouring massage oil in a bowl..

Swara – Ma do u have pain in ur head..let me do ur head massage..

Dai ma – No..no..Actually sanskar baba is feeling bit tired n he had a slight pain in his head also…

Swara – ohhh..(she mumbled) Iss khadus ko sir mein dard bhi hota hai..Ye toh aise hai zo chilla kar dusro ke sar mein dard de de..

Dai ma – Do u said anything..??

Swara – No..

Dai ma – ok..give ne this bowl..

As swara forwards the bowl to dai ma then only all the lights of bungalow get off..

Swara surprisingly – Aree what happened..?? Why light had gone..??

Dai ma – Don’t worry u stay here i’ll check for it..Ramu(servant)..

Dai ma leaves with ramu towards fuse box..Sanskar comes down stairs shouting for dai ma..The whole house is dark thats why nothing is visible..

San – Dai maaaa…Where were u..??

Suddenly a utensil is falls on the ground mistakenely by swara..

San listening the sound – ohh so dai ma is in the kitchen..

He goes towards the kitchen..Swara is picking up the utensil..Her back is visible to sanskar actually it’s not perfectltly visible becoz it’s all over dark..

San – Dai ma…

Swara widen her eyes by listening sanskar’s voice..

San – U r here..Why this light had gone..??

Swara stands up but she is not speaking a bit..Sanskar mistook her..He thinks that dai ma is there but in real swara is present in front of him..

San – ok..Forget all this..My head is paining like hell..Just do the massage..Come..

Swara is just shocked as well as confused to what to say..She is standing at her place like someone freezed her there..Sanskar saw her n gets confused..

San – what happen..?? Why u r not coming..??

Again she didn’t speak only cursing the darkness n somewhat to sanskar also..Sanskar patience get over n he comes to swara holds her hand n drags her to tge hall he makes her seat on the sofa n himself sit near her laps( in the position of head massaging)..Swara is just seeing here n there n praying that either dai ma or light should come n she can be free from this but unfortunately no one came..

San irritated – Dai ma..Why u r behaving weird..??

Swara (in her mind) – Becoz i am not ur dai ma…

San angrily – See now u r irritating..Dai ma don’t let me get angry..Waise hi mere sar mein dard hai uppar se ur weird behaviour is getting on my nerves..Just do the massage otherwise I’ll go up n never ever talk to u…

Swara hurriedly put her hand on his head n starts doing massage.. Sanskar smiles becoz his trick works but till now he didn’t know that this trick will cost him more. First sanskar feels weird of her touch then he ignores the thought becoz he is feeling very relaxed n calm..Sanskar closed his eyes n enjoyed the massage..He feels relaxed becoz all his pain gone..Swara is uknowingly feels happy inside by seeing his smile..

San – Dai ma..Is Today is something different..??

Swara confusedly – hmm…

San smilingly – Yaa today ur hands seems lighter n soft like a cushion..It’s just like ur hands took away all my worries n pain..N i am feeling happy n cool..I am damn sure there is some magic in ur hands..Jee karta hai aapke haat chum loon..(I feels like just kissing ur hand)..

Swara eyes gets widen like her socket will cone out from her eyes n she hurridelly seperate her hands from his head..

(Sanskar continues)Wait a min why I am just thinking for it should do this n it will be the reward for u..

Sanskar turns his face towards swara..Swara tries to stand up but sanskar is sitting near her legs only…She started feeling nervous..Sanskar holds her hand which is quite cold due to nervousness..Sanskar took his lips near it releasing his hot breath he plants a soft kiss on her palms..

Then only lights come..

Dai ma – Sanskar baba..??

San (in his mind) – why Dai ma’s voice came from so far jabki she is sitting near me only..??

He turns his face n gets shocked by knowing that dai ma is standing far away from him..

San (in his mind) – Dai ma is here..Then who is massaging my head..

He turns his face up n gets double shocked by seeing swara sitting in front of him…He feels embarrassed of what he did just now..

Dai ma – Sanskar baba what r u doing here..?? N Why r u holding swara’s hand..??

Sanskar hurriedly releases her hand n stood up..

San stammers – wo..ah…da..i..ma..I am feeling sleepy..I should go to my room..

He goes to his room fastly leaving dai ma confused n swara shocked..After sometime dai ma asked about this from swara n she tells her full story cutting the kissing scene..Dai ma is laughing whole heartedly by hearing sanskar’s stupidity..

Sanskar is pacing here n there in his room brushing his hair with his handa..

@sanskar’s pov

Is this girl is magnet or what..?? Jitna mein isses door jaane ki koshis karta hoon utna hi iske pass chala aata hoon( More i am thinking of going far away from her n she is that nuch coming near me..) Actually its not her fault..All the mistakes are done by me only..How stupid u r sanskar..?? In darkness u didn’t get difference between dai ma n swara..How i get mistaken..?? Everyone says right u r dumb..U r dumb sanskar..

Pov ends..

Swara is also getting restless she is only watching her hand n feels his touch..N a unexpected smile came on her face..

@Swara’s pov

Come on swara..What r u thinking..?? All this things are rubbish..U have to be focused on finding the job n leaving this place as fast as u can..Becoz maa did so much for me now i can’t take more favour from her..N rahi baat khadus ki toh he gets mistaken..

Pov ends..

Screen gets frezzed on confused face of swasan..

2-3 days spends n in these days sanskar gets so much engrossed in his work that he didn’t come at home..One day swara is helping dai ma in cleaning the dust of the house n he enters to sanskar’s room for cleaning..

Swara enters in the room. Her sight goes towards his room..All the things are just messed up..The clothes are thrown on the bed..One leg shoes is here n one shoes is there..

Swara – I kept his name right Mr.khadus…He only knows to shout..Yesterday he only is preaching about the manners to me na n himself in cleaniness is zero. See how he messed up his room..?? Oh god now i have to arrange his room ..

She cleaned sanskar’s room n kept all the things at their place..Swara is folding his clothes..

Swara – Seems like Mr.khadus maheswari hasn’t have any taste in colors..Everything is white only..

She goes towards the dressing table..She picks one perfume n sprays it n started coughing..

Swa – uffo..What a bad smell..?? All the men’s perfume smells bad only..

She goes towards the wardrobe for putting the clothes inside..As she opens it all the things fall outside..

Swara – ufff…

Swara started arrangeing his wardrobe..Then only she finds a photo album..She opens it..A cute small sanskar photo is seen with a wide grin on his face n under that photo “ME” is written..

Swara – OMG..It’s nothing less than a miracle..Mr.khadus is laughing..I don’t think so he laughed in his dreams also..(smilingly) But keeping all things aside he looks very cute n handsome in his childhood days..

She turns the pages n Ap’s photo is seen hugging sanskar..Under that photo “MAA” is written then dp’s photo came n after that a photo came in which two children’s are playing but that photo is tore from between..Under that photo “ME &kav…” The name is erased..

Swara confusedly – Why this photo is torned..?? N who is this girl..Name is also not written clearly..??

But then only someone snatches the album from her hand..Swara saw up n sanskar is standing fuming in anger..

San roared – How dare u to touch my wardrobe..?? I told u na that don’t touch my things..

Swa – Main woah clothes..

San shout at top of his voice – Shut up n just get out from my room..

Swara gets shiver down through her spines becoz she never seen him in so much anger..His eyes are red..Sanskar holds her hands firmly n tightly in anger..

Swara in pain – Ahh..leave my hand its paining..

He doesn’t listen anything n drags her out angrily.He throws her out from his room..

San in same tone – Never ever try to enter in my room again..

Sanskar angrily shuts the door on her face..Tears rolls down from swara’s eyes becoz till now no body in her dreams has talk to her like this..Swara goes from there to her room cryingly..Sanskar is also crying remincising all the pretty moments..He saw towards the album n gets angry by seeing the photo of kavita..He tore the album n throw out from the window.He collapsed on the floor cryingly..There swara is also crying sitting on her bed..

Screen freezes on the crying face of swasan..

Precap – Swara gets a job in sanskar’s office..

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