Ajab Sanskar ki gazab kahani chap-8

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Chap -8

Swara reaches to kolkata. she took a room on rent for refreshment n then she straightly leaves to the company for her interview..She goes there n meet with rohan..

Rohan – Swara u wait here for a min..I’ll tell boss that u had come..

Swara smiles – ok..

When rohan calls out the name of swara..She goes inside..The boss is very much greedy n cheap man..When swara enters in his cabin he started staring him with lusty eyes..He is just examining her whole body with a smirk n devilish smile on his face..Swara feels his gaze on her.She feels uncomfortable n irritated as well as angry..The sweat is visible on her forehead..Boss says forwarding his hand for shake..

Boss with a smirk – Hii..I am DK..The C.E.O of the dk group of industries..

Swara without forwarding her hands says – Hello sir…

Dk feels angry n insulted but he control his emotions n tells her to sit..

Dk – I have a perfect job for u..Actually my personal assistant post is vacant..So u can join as my P.A…

Swara – Sir..But Rohan said that the receptionist post is vacant n i should join that post only..

Dk – Oh come on…He stands up from his chair n comes near swara n sits on the table in front of her n says in husky tone..Main tumhe kahan pahuchana chahata hoon aur tum ho ki wahan jaana nhi chahati..

Swara understand his talks n angrily saw towards him with burning eyes..

Swara angrily – Excuse me..

Dk clearing his throat – I…Mean to say that i am offering u better than receptionist position n u r saying no to it..He comes more near to her n says Plzz say yess..

Swara hurriedly stands up from the chair – I wanna some time to think..

Dk smirks – Ok I give u a whole day think wisely n then come tommorow..

Swara hurriedly started to go from there..She opens the door

Dk shouts – Swara I am waiting for ur answer..

Swara feels disgusted n hurriedly leaves the cabin n company..She tries to search for job in other companies but she didn’t find any job..Like this the whole day passes n the night comes. she is walking on the road tiredly in search for some house..Then only some perverts comes behind her..Swara started feeling scared..The sweat is clearly visible on his forehead..She started to walk with steady yet fast steps they also starts following her in the same speed..She gulps down in fear..She saw here n there for help but no body is seen..Slowly slowly swara started to run n all of them also started to chase her..They run fast n comes in front of swara..She stops in the mid n gets scared..

Swara stammerly – Wh…o…r…u..???

All of then gives out a devilish smile n started coming towards swara..They take a step forward n swara takes a step back..Swara saw a stone behind her leg..She hurriedly picks it up n hit them hard n runs from there..Their leader got hitted by stone n he shouts..

Leader – Aaa..Just catch that girl..bhagne na paye woh..

All of them started running towards swara n she is running as fast as she can on the mid of the road shouting for help..She turns back n saw them cmng behind her..She is running madly on the road n suddenly a car comes in front of her n she gets hitted by it..The person who is driving gets shocked n he hurriedly comes out to see swara…Swara is lying on the ground murmuring something..The person comes near her..

Swara – H..el..p..Me…!!!

Person – hello..What r u saying its not audible..??

Swara – pl..z…z

Swara falls unconscious then n there only..The person pats her cheeks but she doesn’t respond..

The goons which are following her comes there n gets shocked by seeing the whole scene they ran away from there..The person thinks that the goons are the relatives of swara so he calls them but they didn’t listen n ran faraway from there..The person is confused as well as worried..

Person ( Monologue) – Now what should I do..?? Main toh slow hi drive kar raha tha..I don’t know from where she came in front of my car..He thinks for a while n says I should do one thing left her here only..But again he thinks n says No..no…What if something happens to her n if she recognise my face before lying unconscious..?? No I can’t take risk..My career is started now only n i don’t want any black spot on my name..

He picks swara in his arms n make her lie on the back seat of his car n starts to drive..

The bell rings of a house n a lady near about in her 50’s opens the door n gets shocked..

Lady shockingly – Sanskar baba..What’s this..??

Sanskar is carrying swara in his arms n standing on the door..

Sanskar – Dai ma..I will tell u everything later first call the doctor..

He hurriedly goes upstairs n in a room make her lie on the bed..Dai ma comes behind him..

Dai ma – Sanskar baba..Who is she.. n where u meet her ??

Sanskar – I don’t know…I am just driving the car n he tells the whole incident..

The doctor comes n examines her..

Doctor – Mr.Maheswari don’t worry she is fine she had a small fracture in her ankle..If she took a bedrest of 2-3 days..She will become absolutely fine..I had written the prescription just take care that she took her meds on time nd i will come after 2 days for a formal check up..

San – Sure doctor..Thank u so much..

Doctor leaves..

San – I had an important meeting tommorow for that I wanna good sleep..Dai ma U took care of her..

Dai ma – Sanskar baba..u go n take rest..i am with her..

Sanskar also leaves..

@next mrng..

Swara opens her eyes slowly..She saw entirely new place.She hurriedly stood up n sit on the bed shockingly..She saw here n there..

Swara – Where i am..??

She tries to remember the past night n she gets some flashes n it stop on the accident..Just then the door opens n dai ma enters with a glass of turmeric milk..

Dai ma smilingly – Aree beta u r awake…!!!

She goes near her n sits on the bed..

Dai ma carresing her hair – Beta are u fine..?? What is ur name..??

Swara – Swara..

Dai ma – Wow..Very good name..

Swara – Who r u..?? N How i came here..??

Dai ma – Sanskar baba took u here last night u r unconscious that time..

Swara confusedly – Sanskar.!!!

Dai ma- yess sanskar baba from whom’s car ur accident had happened..

Swara remembers his face..N again gets a head ache..

Dai ma – Now don’t stress ur mind too much ..Doctor said that u had a small fracture in ur leg so i bought this turmeric milk for u drink it fastly n come down for breakfast…

She stood up n goes towards the door n swara is watching her confusedly yet she feels a little bit scared..She comes down after getting ready..Sanskar had gone to his office early in the morning..

Dai ma – Swara beta come sit down..

Swara comes n sit on the breakfast table..

Dai ma – By the way where is ur house n what r u doing on the outer area of kolkata at night..??

Swara scaredly stutters – Wo..ah..ma..in..ma..in..

Dai ma carresing her hair – Beta no need of scaring from me..U can share ur feelings to me..

Swara saw towards her eyes n saw concern in her eyes..Tears rolls down from her eyes n she hugs her n starts crying..

Dai ma concernedly – Sshhh..Beta stop crying…See if u r not comfortable then don’t tell me..but plzz don’t cry..

Swara cries her heart out..Dai ma consoles her n she stops crying..

Swara – I will tell u everything..She tells everything to her from beginning to end..N tears marks are visible on her face..

Dai ma wipes her tears n says..

Dai ma with concern – Beta..Now u don’t need to worry for anything..From now onwards u will live here..N u don’t need to be scared also becoz from now u will be my priority..

Swara – But how can i live in this house..??

Dai ma – why..why u can’t live in this house..??

Swara – I mean if sanskar ji had any problem then..

Dai ma – Sanskar baba..U don’t need to be worried about him.. Waise bhi iss bade se ghar mein main akele rehte rehte thak gayi hoon..Now u will live here n acommpany me..Now jaldi jaldi do breakfast..I will come in a min..

Dai ma starts to stand up but swara holds her hand..Dai ma looks on to her..

Swara – I never seen my mom but i thinks she will be like u only..Can i call u maa..

Dai ma’s eyes welled up with tears she hugs her..

Dai ma – yess why not..?? Iwill be very grateful by finding so much loving daughter..(jokingly) Now stop all this I can’t control this much of emotional melodrama..I will come in a min..

After doing bf..Swara is helping dai ma in kitchen..

Swara – Maa..How many person live in the house..??

Dai ma – Only me n sanskar baba..He often comes home becoz of his hectic schedule..So u can say that i stay alone in the house..But now u came so i will not be alone..

Swara smiles..

After sometime sanskar came back from the office..Sanskar entering in the house..

San shouting – Dai ma..Dai ma..Where u are..??

Dai ma – Sanskar baba..U will not change ur habit na..In childhood when u come back from school u shout like this n now when u r grown up then u shout coming back from ofc..

San interrupted n says happily – Aree dai ma..Why u r giving stress to ur mouth so much on scolding me..?? I will always shout like this..So u have to bear me..When ma is with me she also scold me like this n u know I always calm her anger down with my big smile…

Just then reality hits him n all his happiness vanishes in the air..He gets sad realising that his mom is not with him..Tears filled in his eyes but he gulps it down n says..

San – Dai ma..Send the dinner in my room only..He goes upstairs..

Swara saw all this from the corner of the kitchen n gets confused by seeing the changed behaviour of sanskar..Dai ma is arranges the food in a plate n goes towards his room..Just then the phone bell rings which is put in the mid of the hall..Swara is passing from there so dai ma stops her..

Dai ma – Swara..U take this food to sanskar’s room.I’ll just come in a min after attending the call..

Swara scaredly – Me..

Dai ma – yess u..

It seems like the telephone bell rings more loudly..Dai ma makes her hold the plate..

Dai ma – Now go..Otherwise sanskar temprature will get rise due to hungriness..

She goes to attend the call..Swara started climbing stairs..She reached to sanskar’s room..

Swara (in his mind) – Should I go in or not..?? Come on swara u r taking food only for him n he is not any lion that u r so much scared..

Swara knocks on the door but no reply came.She again knocks it n sanskar shouts..

San – Dai ma come in..The door is already opened..

She turns the knob of the door n enters inside..A noise of shower is coming from the washroom..

Swara – Oh so he is taking a bath..I should keep this plate hurriedly n go from here..

She keeps the plate on table suddenly the washroom knob turns n the door opens..Sanskar comes out from the washroom only in a towel on his waist..Swara turns n gets shocked..Sanskar also saw swara n gets shocked..Their eyes met n both at the same time shouts Ahhhhhhhhhhhhhh…

Swara hurriedly turns her face aside n sanskar picks his shirt n hides behind the wardrobe..

Sanskar wearing his shirt angrily says – U… what r u doing in my room..??What’s ur name..??

Swara – I am swara ..Aunty said to take this dinner to ur room…So I came..

Sanskar saw towards the plate.Till now he wears his clothes n comes out..Swara is standing near the bed..He comes to her n says..

San angrily – U don’t have manners that before coming to anyone’s room..We should first knock the door..

Swara also gets angry n says – I knock the door twice n u only said me to come inside..

San angrily – I thought that dai ma is outside..That’s why i said come in..

Swara turns her face n angrily says – So how should i know that u said come in to dai ma not me..

San – See how ill mannered u are…First u do the mistake n now shouting on me..

Swara – Awww…I am shouting on u..Ulta chor kotwaal ko daate..(Inverse theif rebuked the inspector)..First u shouted on me..

Sanskar angrily takes a step forward n says – I shouted on u..

Swara in same tone takes a step forward – yess..U only sho..

Suddenly before completing his sentence her leg slips becoz of water on the surface but sanskar catches her on the right time by holding her waist..They have a beautiful & cute eyelock..They were lost in eachother..Suddenly sanskar comes back to his senses n his angry mode gets on..He releases his hand from swara’s waist n literally swara falls on the bed..

Swara in pain – ouchhh..

Sanskar is standing there by putting his hands on his waist making angry face…Dai ma enters in the room n swara stood up from the bed..

Dai ma concernedly – What happen why u both shouted..??

Sanskar angrily – First tell me dai maa what this girl is doing in my house..?? Why didn’t u send her to her house..??

Dai ma – Actually baba she is new in this city n till now she didn’t find any suitable house to stay thats why for 2-3 days i allowed her to stay here..

San angrily – From whom’s permission u decided that she will stay here..Aise bhi koi aira gaira aayega aur main usse apne ghar main rakh lu..Did u know her..??

Dai ma – But baba she is new..

San interrupted – If she is new in the city so what can i do..?? No..no..I can do one thing According to u I should open a dharamshala in my house n whichever new person comes in kolkata i should make him stay here..Right..

Dai ma sadly – I am sorry sanskar baba..Galti ho gyi mujhse…Tommorow morning only she will go from here..( to swara ) Let’s go swara beti..

Swara n dai ma goes from there..Sanskar’s anger when calms down he feels guilty that he talks to dai ma in this tone..He goes towards dai ma’s room..But she is not present there..He goes outside n dai ma is sitting in the garden she is crying..Sanskar feels bad for his so much rude behaviour..

San – Dai ma..

Dai ma stands up she tries to hid her tears..

Dai ma – Sanskar baba u didn’t sleep yet..What happen do u need something..??

San – yess a slap…

Dai ma – What do u mean baba..??

Sanskar comes to dai ma n makes her seat n he himself seat near her knees..

San – yess i need a slap becoz i talk to u in a very rude manner..N i am really sorry for that..This is ur house u can keep anyone in this house..If u want u can bring 100 no noo..1000 people n keep them in this house..I will not object but plzz don’t cry like this..Jaise main maa ki aankhon mein aansoon nhi dekh sakta waise hi aapki ankhon mein bhi aansoon nhi dekh sakta..If u want u can beat me but don’t get angry from me…Plzz..He makes a pout..

Dai ma smiles emotionally – Sach me annapurna ji gave birth to a gold hearted son..Warna in this time who concern about a maid like this..

Sanskar – Come on dai ma u r not a maid..U r my second mom..I know mom gave me birth but u gave me the culture n good sanskar n u support me that time when no one is with me.He gets sad for a moment but he negelcts all that thoughts n smilingly says Now give me a big smile..

Dai ma smiles n hugs him..

Dai ma – So swara beti can live here na..

Sanskar thinks for a min n says – yaa..But tell her to stay away from my room..

Dai ma gives out a laugh – ok..ok..yaa..One more thing actually she came in the city in search of job if she gets a job in ur company then it will be good for her..

Sanskar thinks for a while – Till now no post is vacant if i need someone in my ofc then i will consider her..Now go n sleep n don’t take tension of anyone..

Sanskar leaves n dai ma goes to swara n tells her that she can stay at their house..

Precap – Swara doing head massage of sanskar…

Done with chappy..I hope it is up to the mark n u enjoyed it..This is just the beginning of swasan scene u will get more in forward chappy’s..Till then stay tuned..N yess yess don’t forget to comment..

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