Ajab sanskar ki gazab kahani Chap -7

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Chap -7


All are doing dinner at dining table..

Adi – Baba..Today teacher had scolded me..

Swara concernedly – But why adi..??

Adi – Becoz my school fees is not paid..

Swa shocked – What..??

Adi – yess..And of 4 months

Swara shockingly – What..?? The fees has not submitted of 4 months..

Swara could say something shekhar interrupted..

Shekhar – Adi beta..U don’t worry I’ll talk to ur principal n in 2-3 days I will submit ur fees..

Adi – ok baba..I am going to sleep Good night baba..Gn swara di..

Swara fake smile – Gn adi..

Adi leaves n for changing the topic shekhar started to collect utensils n put it in kitchen..Swara comes to shekhar n ask him straightly..

Swa – Baba…What’s all this..?? Adi’s school fees has not submitted n of 4 months..

Shek stammerly – Woah beta..Actu..ally I for..go…t to sub..mit..the fees…I will submit…it to..mmorrow..U don’t take tension..

Swa – Are u telling truth papa..??

Shekhar – of course..And its late night let’s go to sleep..

Shekhar goes inside his room n swara stands there confusedly..

@next day

Early morning Everyone leaves for their respective work..


Shekhar returns at home very tiredly..Swara saw her baba n thinks that there is something which her baba is hiding from her..Everyone have their dinner..

Shekhar goes to the garden n sits there..Swara comes there n sits beside him..

Swa concernedly – Baba..What happen Is there any problem..??

Shek hiding his tension – No..beta..

She takes his hand in her hands n says..

Swa -Baba u always consider me as ur son not daughter..Plzz tell me..What if i help u in something..??

Shek saw towards his daughter n worriedly says – Beta..From 3 months our sweet shop is not working well..There is very less profit..I thought that its an off season thats why..But no..It’s not the problem of season..In the market many new competitors had come n buyers goes in new shops..And u know mehngai itni badh gayi hai ki…

Swa – U don’t worry baba..Everything will be fine..I’ll pray to my kanha ji..I have full faith in him He will surely help us..

Shek smiles – Hmm…

@next day..

The door bell rings..Swara opens the door..

Swa smilingly – Namaste Gupta uncle…Plzz come in..

Gupta – namaste beta..Is Shekhar ji at home.??

Swa – yess..yess baba is at home..

Shekhar comes there n he smiles by seeing him..

Shek – Aree gupta jii..When did u come..??

Gupta – Just now..

Shek – Aree beta..Just get some tea – coffee for uncle..

Swa – yes baba…

Swara goes towards kitchen n Shekhar n Gupta ji sits down to talk..

Gupta ji – Shekhar ji..Today I came here for a purpose..

Shek – purpose…Which purpose..??

Gupta – Shekhar ji..I gave u 10 lakh Rs loan…I want that back..

Shek – But gupta ji..It such a big amount n in such a short notice how i will arrange money..

Gupta – Actually..I am in very much need of money..Agar zaroorat nahi hoti toh main aapse kabhi paise wapas nhi mangta..U just give me 5 lakh rupees from it my work will done in that..

Shek – Ye toh aapka badappan hai ki aapne hame itne rupaye diye n without any interest..U don’t worry just give me 4-5 days I’ll give it to u..

Gupta – ok..Shekhar ji..Now I should leave..

Shek – Aree aise kaise chai nasta toh karte jaiye..

Gupta – tysm..Next time..

Gupta leaves from there n shekhar gets tensionised..Swara listened all the things from kitchen n she also gets worried..Swara hiding her tension comes there with tea n some snacks..

Swa – Aree baba gupta uncle chale gye kya..??

Shek – yess beta..

Swa – ohh..Chai nasta toh kar lete..

Shek – Actually he is in very hurry..

Swa – koi baat nhi..Baba u eat pakoras n drink this tea..

She puts it on the table..

Shek – No..Beta I am also in very hurry..I have many work on the shop..

Shekhar hurriedly leaves..Swara leaves to her singing classes..She met with one of her frnd surbhi..

Surbhi – Swara..Why u not think of doing any job..??

Swa – I thought that surbhi..But baba will not get ready..N i have don’t know any place where should I get the job..

Surbhi – I know..Swara saw towards her confusedly..I mean to say that I know one person who can help u getting in the work..

Swa – Who..??

Surbhi – Rohan..He is my best frnd.. He works in a company..He can help u in getting the work in his company..But one problem is there..He is in kolkata n works there only..

Swa – What..?? kolkata..It’s so far..First doing job n on that so far..Baba will never get ready..

Surbhi – Swara U’ll try for once…Shayad ur baba get ready..

Swa – ok..

She returns to her home..There is very much crowd gather at outside of her home..She hurriedly goes inside n saw her baba lying on the bed n doctor examining him..

Swa worriedly – Baba…What happen..??

Sharma ji ( Their neighbour) – Beta..Ur baba get unconscious in the mid of the road..I saw him there so I took him to home..

Swara at the verge of crying – Baba..

Doc – Shekhar ji..I told u earlier to not take any type of stress..Dekha stress lene ka natija..Ur bp gets low..Swara beta just take care of him otherwise many prblm will arise..

Swa – Thank u doc uncle I’ll remember ur talk..

Doc smiles – Now i should leave..

Swa ( to sharma ji) – Thank u uncle if u were not reached there on time then what will happen to my baba..?? Thank u so much..

Sharma – No beta u don’t need to thanks me..Ok I also should leave..Take care of ur baba..

Sharma ji leaves from there n with him the crowd also leaves..

After some time Shekhar gains consciousness..

Swa concernedly – Baba Are u fine..??

Shek smiles – yess beta I am absolutely fine..Mujhe kya hona chinta mat karo tumhara baba itna jaldi uppar nhi jayega..

Swara hurriedly put her hand on his mouth – Khabardaar..Baba If u say this kind of words again..U r not going anywhere n she hugs him tightly n tears form in her eyes..

Shek smiles – ohooo swara..I am just joking..N one or other day everyone should have to go..

Swa – No u will have to always be with me..n u only have to bear me n my mess..Shekhar gives out a laugh…Swara also laughs by seeing his baba laughing..Ok now stop emotional drama..Take this medicines n rest for sometime..

Shek smilingly – yess boss..

Shekhar takes the meds n goes in a deep sleep..

Swara’s monologue – I know baba how much u r stressed..For my sake u just laughed for a min..But I promise u baba I will sort out everything..This is ur daughter’s promise..

She calls to surbhi..

Swa – Hello Surbhi..you r saying about a job in kolkata na..

Surbhi – yaa..yaa..What happen..??

Swa – Actually I want that job..I know in the mrng i denied for it but now am ready..

Surbhi – Ok I’ll talk to Rohan n message u the address..

Swa – Thanks yarr..

Surbhi – No problm..

After it she receives a message from surbhi..

Swa – I got the address..But..I don’t know anything about this company..How can i go there without knowing anything properly..??

Adi comes there busy in his mobile..Swara saw him n got angry..

Swa – Adi..It’s ur study time na n u r playing game in the mobile..

Adi – No di…I am doing study only..

Swa – ohh..Did i look stupid to u..??

Adi looking in his mobile – yess..

Swara angrily – hmm..

Adi hurriedly – Di I mean to say that u r world’s most intelligent person..N by the way I am surfing on the internet for my school project..

Swara normally – oh..Suddenly her eyes spark with happiness n joyvn hugs him tightly (hugging him) Adi..Adi…Adi…U r great…U r great..

Adi can’t able to breath & speak due to tight hug of swara..When she releases the hug first he took a long breath n then saw towards her angrily..

Adi – Are u gone mad..??

Swara happily kisses him on his cheeks..N goes from there..

Adi surprisingly – I think I have to call in the mental hospital..My sis is gone mad..He shouts diii..n goes behind her..

Swara searches about that company on internet..She goes to shekhar..He is sitting in garden..

Swara – Baba I wanna say something to u..
Shek- yaa say..
Swara – Baba Woah actually..I wanna go to kolkata..
Shek – Kolkata..But why..??
Swara – Woah baba I get a job in kolkata that’s why..??
Shek – What job..?? Swara I said u earlier na that u will not do any job..
Swa – But..
Shek – I know u think for this job becoz of our bad condition na..But don’t worry tommorow I’ll do something if necessary I will sold this house also but u will not do the job..
Swa shocked – No baba u will not do this..She sits near his legs holds his hand n says Baba plzz It’s the matter of 3 months only n i also want some experience of work..N believe me this job help me a lot..
Shek – But…
Swa- Baba plzz plzz…U fulfilled so many wishes of mine..Plzz fulfill this last one also..N i promise when I’ll listen all ur talks n wishes..Plzz baba plzz say yess..
Shek – ok..For ur will i am saying yess..

Swara happily hugs him..

Next day swara leaves for kolkata biding bye to shekhar n adi..

Precap – Swara hitted by someone’s car..

Huff done with the episode..I hope its good..No proof reading so sorry for grammatical mistakes..And thank u so much for ur beautiful..beautiful response..

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