Ajab Sanskar ki gazab kahani chap-4

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Chap -4

Some people take him to the hospital.Hospital authorities call sanskar’s parents.Sanskar treatment happened and he got discharged from the hospital in 2 days..

@After 2 days..

San – Maa..call raj uncle & break this alliance..

Anu shocked – Beta …What r u saying..??

San – Maa..plzz don’t ask question just break this alliance..

Anu – But…

San – Maa..I want to spend some time alone..plzz..

Anu goes from there and talk to dp..

Dp – What ..?? But why..??

Anu – I also don’t know..I asked him but he said he want to spend sometime to alone..

Dp gone to his room and ask him..

Dp – Sanskar..What ur maa is saying is right..?? u r going to break this alliance..

San – yess..it’s right.

Dp – But why..??

San – Maa if u want ur son’s happiness then plzz broke this alliance..

Dp – But..

San – I am feeling sleepy..And he sleeps on the bed..

Dp & Anu comes out of his room..

Dp angrily – Annapurna ji..Did u saw he is not even giving me the right answer..??

Anu – Plzz shant ho jayiye..I think he needs sometime..Apne Aap sab thik ho jayega..

@After 15 days..

Sanskar started to live very quite.He didn’t talk much with anyone.He is lost in his world.His beautiful & charming smile get lost somewhere..He often comes to the office..He didn’t go out nor attend any parties..Some time Dp feels anoyyed & angry with his behaviour but annapurna calms him down and he didn’t burst it on sanskar..Annapurna is very much worried for his son.She knows that something is happened between him & kavita thats why he turns to be so strange..But when annapurna ask sanskar about the incident he gets angry & changes the topic..Annapurna also didn’t pressurise him more..He always get himself locked in his room..Dp & Annapurna is very much worried for their son..

One day dp’s best frnd Rakesh khanna comes to maheswari mansion with his daughter Nilima…

Dp & Annapurna welcomes them..All are sitting in the hall doing chit – chat with eachother..

Rakesh – Dp ji..Ur son is not seeing anywhere..Is he gone out..??

Nilima – yess uncle i also wanted to meet him..I saw him in school days only..Where he is..??

Dp – Ahhh..no..no he is at home only..Actually he is in his room..He looks towards annapurna and signal something..

Anu with fake smile – yaa..I will go n call him..

Annapurna goes to call sanskar and on dp’s face the tension is easily recognized..

@Sanskar room…

Sanskar is standing on his room’s balcony lost somewhere in his own thoughts..Annapurna comes and puts hand on his shoulder..

Anu – Sanskar…

Sanskar turns and smiles..

San – Maa..What happen..??

Anu – woah actually beta..Rakesh ji had come & his daughter nilima..

San confusedly – Nilima..??

Anu happily – yess that nilima who study with u in ur school…

San remembers & says happily – Ahh..I got it..!!!

Anu happily – yaa..they wanted to meet u..

San with sad expression – ohh..maa u know na i didn’t like to meet someone..

Anu – I know beta..But plzz beta for ur mom’s sake plzz come..

San happily – ok..maa..I ‘ll come..

Anu – Ok i am going u come fast hmm..

Annapurna leaves…

After sometime sanskar comes down..Dp & Annapurna gets happy..

Nilima happily stands up & hurriedly goes to hug him but as soon as she reaches to him.Sanskar took a step back & forwards his hand..Nilima gets sad but she fake smile & handshake with him..Both sits..

Rakesh is talking with dp & his wife is talking with ap..Nilima is continuously talking with sanskar but he gives only smile to her..Dp saw this & says

dp happily – Sanskar..nilima had come to home after so many years..Just help her in seeing the house..

Sanskar saw towards dp then at ap and he unwantedly gone with nilima..Nilima is continuously talking with sanskar about their school days & sanskar till now didn’t utter a single word..

Nilima – Sanskar u have a crush on kavita na..what happen..??

Sanskar got angry but he controls it – Nilima…I think now u saw the whole house..we have to get back to the hall..

Nilima – Aree nhi..nhi..I want to talk about kavita..I had listened that kavita had a bf also..

Sanskar fumes in anger – Nilima bohut der ho gyi hai I think now u have to leave..

He turns to go but Nilima holds his hand and sanskar jerks it away in anger..Nilima falls on the ground..He didn’t saw that she falls in the ground & he goes from there..Nilima somehow manages to stand up and goes from there to their parents..

Nilima angrily shouts – Mom..Dad lets go from here..

Anu – What happen beta..??

Nilima – Aunty better ask ur son..

Dp – But hua kya nilima beta..

Nilima tell them the whole story…

Dp folds his hand – Nilima beta i am sorry on behalf of my son..I will talk to him..

Nilima – Mom & dad let’s go..

Nilima lefts the place with her parents..

Dp angrily shouts -Sanskarrr…Sanskar

He goes towards his room shouting angrily..Annapurna tries to to stop him..

Anu – Plzz shant hojaiye..

Dp – No annapurna ji its high time…Now To handle him I have to become strong..

Dp comes in sanskar’s room..

Dp – Sanskar…Do u have any idea what u did with nilima..??

San – I told u earlier also and now also i am saying I don’t need anyone..

Dp angrily – Ohh..toh kya sari zindagi akele rahoge..

San – yess..

Dp looks on shocked – ok..if u decided this only then its ok..Now u can’t live in my house..

Anu gets shocked – ye aap kya keh rahe hai..

Dp – No annapurna ji..If he wants to live here then he have to change his behaviour..

Sanskar looks on towards his father with teary eyes yet dp face shows only anger..

San – Ok I am leaving this house….

Anu(To san) – What r u saying..??

San painfully – Maa..it’s his house he have full right to throw me out..(to dp) Ok Mr.maheswari I am sorry becoz of me u have to face so much insult..But now everything will be right becoz i am leaving..

Sanskar started packing his stuff..

Anu cryingly – Sanskar ur dad is now angry when he will get calm.I myself make him understand..plzz don’t go..

San – No maa..Main nhi chahta ki meri wajah se kisi ko koi bhi pareshani..Plzz maa don’t stop me..

He takes his stuff and started to go downstairs..Annapurna is crying & trying to stop him but he didn’t..Dp is still standing in his room fully shocked..Sanskar gone very far from them..He takes a room on rent in calcutta only & started to live his life only..The time passes like this and with hardwork of sanskar he setup his own business & become a famous industrialist..

Precap :- Swara’s entry..

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