Ajab sanskar ki gazab kahani chap -21

Hello to all my lovely readers thanku so much for all ur support nd beautiful comments..I am very glad that u all are liking the story nd sorry for make u all wait..Now start nd enjoy the reading becoz itz a little romantic one..

Chapter 20

Chap -21

Sanskar comes to swara..

San – Swara..I am sorry..I didn’t mean to say that..

Swa – Acha so what do u mean..??

San – I said boring to all those mens who didn’t made u as their gf..

Swa – Seriously sanskar..!!

San smilingly – yess..

Swa – What do u think of me..?? Did i look a like fool to u..??

San – No..no..no..!!

Swa angrily – Sanskar don’t u dare to say another word..

San – Swara..I am just saying that i am kidding with u yarr..N i m sorry for that..Plzz forgive me..

Swara stands there fuming in anger crossing her arms..

San in his mind – Ohh god her temperature is very high..Tu toh gya sanskar..

Then only host announces..

Host – Attention..Attention.. Ladies n gentlemen..First of all a very heartious congratulation to Mr & Mrs dsouza for their very first anniversary..I think this party is going bit boring..So u wanna some dhammal or not..

Everyone shouts yess..

Host – So come at the stage with ur respected partner n rock the floor with a romantic dance..

San in his mind – Wow…Swara loves to dance if i’ll do dance with her then her anger will flew away ..(to swara) Come on swara let’s go to dance..

Swa still angry – No..I am not interested in it..

San – Aree but u love dancing na…

Swa – yess but not with u..

San – Why..??

Swa – Becoz u r not at all good at dancing..

San surprisedly – What..??

Swa – yess..

San arrogantly – U r underestamiting me..The girls queued behind me for dancing with me..

Swa – Really..!!!

She lifts her up little to saw behind him..

San confusedly – What r u doing..??

Swa smilingly – Leave the girlz..Behind u ant also doesn’t queued up..

San – U r making fun of me..

Swara nods in no nd laughs on his face..

San angrily – Now wait n watch..I’ll dance with a girl who is much better n beautiful than u..

Swa smilingly – Go ahead..!!

San determined – yaa..N i think u don’t know dancing that’s why u r not dancing with me..Actually i said right u r boring..

Swa angrily – What..??

San victory smile – yess..

Swa angrily – Ok then i also challenge u that i’ll dance in this party with a person who is more handsome than u nd prove that I am not boring..

San – We’ll see..

Swa – yess..We’ll see..

Both gone to opposite direction..Sanskar is in search of girl but he didn’t find..

San tiredly – huff.. here no girl is present who is more pretty than swara..How will i win the challenge..?? (Determinedly) No sanskar u can’t loose like this..Just find..koi na koi toh mil hi jayegi..

Swara is standing at one place searching through her eyes a handsome guy but didn’t find..Suddenly a native man of maritius comes to swara..

Man smilingly – Hii..Actually i m single here..So will u join me for a couple dance…

Swara checks him from top to toe..

Swa in mind – Gosh..He is too handsome now I’ll show u sanskar maheswari that I am not boring..

Man waves his hand in front of her n swara comes out of her thoughts..

Man – Where were u lost..?? If u are not comfortable then I’ll go..

Swa – No..no..I am comfortable..I mean I am ready to dance with u..

Man – Ok..

Sanskar also finds a girl n both of them gone to dance floor with different partners..

The song played barish of half girlfrnd..All the couple dances on the beat of sanskar..Yet swasan are dancing with different partners their eyes r on each other..The songs voice slowed down n host again announces something..

Host – All r dancing beautifully but until nd unless there is not any twist in the dance it’ll not be fun..So the twist is that at my count 3 the song will stop for 5 sec nd in those 5 sec u have to change ur partner after changing who will left alone will be out n loose the game nd the couple who will non stop dance till end will be the winner of tonight’s party..So all of u ready..

All the couple said yess..The volume of song high up..After some min host counts 3 nd song stops everybody changes their partner as fast as they can..Swara tries to catch a partner in the rush suddenly some one pull her out.. Some are left alone n some are with their same partners so the host sperates away all of them from the stage..Nd the rest of the couple are on the stage..

Swara saw her partner n her eyes get wide sanskar is standing in front of her grinning widely..

Swa – u..

San smilngly – yupp..

Swa angrily – Why u pulled me..??

San – obviosly i have to dance with u that’s why..??

Swa – But i don’t wanna dance with u..Nd i am going..

The song played kuch khaas hai of fashion movie..I have given english translation of the song lyrics so who didn’t understand hindi can understand it in english..

All the lights goes off nd a flashlight gets on which focuses on every couple..

Kuch Khaas Hai, Kuch Paas Hai
Kuch Ajanabi Ehsaas Hai
Kuch Dooriyaan Nazdikiyaan, Kuch Hans Padi Tanhaaiyaan

(Swara turns to go but sanskar held her hand nd again pulled her up. This time swara looses her balance nd directly falls on the chest of sanskar..

San huskily – I’ll not let u go so easily..

The whole surrounding become silent only the song tune is coming.The cold breeze started blowing nd swara’s hair blewed in the hair..Some of the hair strands come at her angelic face..Sanskar removes those hair strands lovingly..They both have a beautiful eyelock..)

Kya Yeh Khumaar Hai, Kya Aitbaar Hai
Shaayad Yeh Pyaar Hai Pyaar Hai Shaayad


Kya Yeh Bahaar Hai, Kya Intazaar Hai
Shaayad Yeh Pyaar Hai Pyaar Hai Shaayad (x 2)

(He twirls her round nd for one sec also their eye contact didn’t broken..Nd this made their dance even more beautiful.. Both are feeling this new change of emotion .They don’t know how but they r lost & engrossed in eachother..)

Kuch Saaz Hain Jaage Se Jo The Soye
Alfaaz Hain Chup Se Nashe Mein Khoye
Nazar Hi Samjhe Yeh Guftagu Saari
Koi Aarzoo Ne Hai Angadaayi Li Pyaari

(He goes few inches away from her n swara is watching him confusedly.For some min swara’s attention got distracted nd taking this an opportunity he holds her from back nd lifts her up in the air.After some min he lands her on the ground safely..)

Kya Yeh Khumaar Hai, Kya Aitbaar Hai
Shaayad Yeh Pyaar Hai Pyaar Hai Shaayad

(Both are too close to eachother that they could hear eachothers heartbeat which is is beating very fastly.Swara is standing freezed at her place nd sanskar is just staring her as if they r reading each other’s eyes.He had a spark of strong desire of her in his eyes..)

Na Inkaar Hai Na Ikraar Hai
Shaayad Yeh Pyaar Hai Pyaar Hai Shaayad

(He forwards his hand nd as she holds it within a few seconds her back hits his chest nd she is wrapped in his arms..He slides his finger on her milky – white & smooth hand.A shiver goes down through her spines if sanskar didn’t held her from her waist then its sure that she would fall on her knees in sometime.)

Kehna Hi Kya Tera Dakhal Na Koi
Dil Ko Dikha Dil Ki Shakal Ka Koi
Dil Se Thi Meri Ik Shart Yeh Aisi
Lage Jeet Si Mujhko Yeh Haar Hai Kaisi

(She feels thousand butterfly flying in her stomach nd her cheeks become crimson red.Sanskar is just attracted by her inner & outer beauty.His mind is stopping him for doing this but his heart is saying something else.Here swara’s condition is also same.She is also debating between heart n mind by closing her eyes.He entagled his finger with her but she didn’t entangled it.Her fingers are straightly opened..)

Kyun Yeh Pukaar Hai, Kyun Bekaraar Hai
Shaayad Yeh Pyaar Hai Pyaar Hai Shaayad
Jaadu Sawaar Hai, Na Ikhtiyaar hain
Shaayad Yeh Pyaar Hai Pyaar Hai Shaayad
Pyaar Hai Shaayad

(Sanskar smirks naughtily thinking something.He brings his face a bit closer to her shoulder his warm breath is feeled up by swara..Swara’s breath got fastened..He brings his lips near her ears to say something but mistakenly his lips touches her collar bone nd its a kiss of some sec both of them opened their eyes with a jerk n shockedly they hurriedly seperates away..)

Kuch Khaas Hai, Kuch Paas Hai
Kuch Ajanabi Ehsaas Hai

Pyaar Hai Shaayad
Pyaar Hai Shaayad Yahi

The song ended…

Swara is not in the situation of making eye contact with him so she ran from the dance floor..Sanskar is standing there in utter shock..Swara comes out of the hall she is breathing like she instantly came out after running a marathon..

@Swara’s pov

What happened u inside..?? What was that..?? Why i am blushing like this..?? After what happened inside i should slap sanskar for this then why i am feeling happy..Did i started like his touch..?? Did i started liking him..?? No..no.no.This can’t be happen..?? Which type of feeling is growing inside me that instead of slapping sanskar i want to hug him..??

The game gets over n sanskar is standing lost in his own thoughts..

@Sanskar’s pov

What have u done sanskar..?? What had happened to u before a moment..?? Can’t u control ur emotions..?? What can i do today she is looking so much pretty that i looses my control..?? Shut up sanskar..What r u saying she is only ur frnd..?? What swara will be thinking about u..Surely she wanna slap me now..God knows how i’ll face her..But why i’m not feeling guilty of my doings..?? Actually i am feeling happy..Sanskar u r gone mad..U r feeling happy on ur such a stupid doing..Oh god such a mess i had created..Which feeling is growing inside me so strongly..??

Thousand’s of question are revolving in their minds but there is no single person available to answer them..Will u help them out by telling them what this unknown feeling called..??

To know what happens next stay tuned nd keep smiling..Nd don’t forget to tell howzz the chappy..

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