Ajab sanskar ki gazab kahani chap -19

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Chapter 18 here

Chap -19

@next day

Swara checking out sanskar n smilingly says.

Swa – Perfect..Now u r ready to meet to kavita..

San – Swara I am bit nervous..

Swa – Aree don’t get nervous when swara is here no fear..U just be calm n remember the lines which i tell u…

San confusedly – Lines..??

Swa glares him n says Sanskarr..

San remembering it – yess..yess..I will remember those lines..(confusedly) By the way hello ke baad kya bolna tha..

Swa irritated – Sanskar..If u’ll do like this then kavita will surely catch that u r acting..U just have to pretend her that u r very much happy without her n u just forgotten her like she never exist in ur life..

Raglak came there..

Lak – Sanskar u r ready..

Rag – Best of luck sanskar..

San smiles – Thanks..

Lak – Let’s go we r getting late for the meeting..Dsouza is waiting for us there..

San – yess..yess..

Both sanlak left the place..Sanlak reaches at the venue..Sanskar enters inside n his eyes met with kavita who is staring him shockedly..

Kavita (monologue) – Is he is sanskar..?? I don’t believe my eyes how he became so dashing n handsome..

Sanskar remembers swara’s word n he just ignores her n pretend like he didn’t recognise her..He straightly goes towards Dsouza..

Dsouza – Hey man..U got so changed..I mean u r looking nice..

San – Thanks man..It’s just the effect of someone..N smiles by remembering swara..

Kavita listens their talks n fumes in anger…

Kav mutters – ohoo..So he is living his life peacefully..Let’s see who is that person who changed him from champu to handsome..

Kavita straightly goes towards them..

Kav smilingly – Hii sanskar…

San normally – Hii..

Dsouza saw her n says..

Dsouza – Sanskar meet her..She is the sponsor of our ad..Miss.kavita..

San formally – ohh..Nice to meet u Miss.kavita..

N he again get engrossed in talking with dsouza..

Kav in his mind – Why he is avoiding me..?? (to sanskar) Sanskar i think u didn’t recognise me..I am kavita..

San confusedly – Which kavita..???

Kavita utter shocked – Sanskar u forgot me i m ur childhood frnd kavita..

San (thinks for a while) – I got..it..I got it..Kavita sinha..Right..

Kav smiles in relief – yess..By the way u changed to be pretty handsome..

San smiles – Ahh..Thanks..It’s just i thought the time is changing , people r changing so why should i not change..??

Kav smiles fake – yahh..

San with attitude – Actually i am so sorry i didn’t recognise u becoz from the time i became world’s famous fashion designer many peoples came to meet me especially girls..So thats why…??

Kavita fake smiles from outside but she only knows how much jealous she is feeling from inside..

Kav – yahh..I can understand..

San – By the way ur boyfrnd is some small architect in usa..Right..

Kav feels shame on herself n her bf n it is clearly evident on her face..Sanskar smirks by seeing her face..

Kav stutters – yahh..ra..rajat is an architect..Okay just leave my topic tell me about urself u r still single or someone is there..

San didn’t get words to say becoz he is not ready for giving this questions answer..His glowing face is becoming pale.Kavita saw this n smirks..

Kav smirkingly (in mind) – Wow..kavita ur arrow is target straight right away..I am sure he is still single..

San stutters – wo..wo..ah…

Sanskar saw kavita who is giving him a winning smile..

The scene changes to the room’s balcony where swasan n raglak are sitting making their faces sad..

Lak – yeh kya kar diya tune sanskar..

Rag – Why u do this sanskar..??

Swa stands up angrily n comes to sanskar..

Swa shouts – Did i told u to do this..??

Ragini also stands up n comes to sanskar..

Rag also shouts – u just messed up everything..

Laksh also joins them n says..

Lak angrily – you have..you have done it sanskar..

All the three surrounded sanskar n he is just sitting bowing his head down like a innocent boy who is getting punishment from their teachers to not completing his homework properly..

San puppy face – Dekho if u all will continue scolding me like this then surely I’ll cry..

Swara turns her face aside n says

Swa irritated – Ohh god..Sanskar I send u there with so much practice n u end it up with a mess…

Rag – yess..What is the need to tell kavita that u r going to marry..??

Lak – Chlo its ok to make kavita jealous u told her that u had a gf but d’souza u want to make jealous him also..

San – shut up laksh..Woah d’souza had mistakenely listened our talks..

Swa – Okay just leave all this.. why u took my name as ur fiance..??


San shouts – Nooo..I have a gf..

Kavita’s face gets colorless by knowing that he had a gf..

San – I have a gf n u know she is really really beautiful like an angel nd i love her a lot..N very soon i am going to marry her..

Dsouza comes from behind..

Dsouza- Really sanskar..That’s a grt news..Why u didn’t tell me before.. What is the name of that lucky person..??

San stutters – Mr.dsouza..U..

Dsouza – Sorry but i listened ur conversation..

Laksh comes there..

Dsouza – Hey laksh u didn’t tell me that ur boss is engaged to someone..

Lak shocked – What..??

Dsouza – yess..What’s that pretty girl name is..??

Lak – I don’t know..

Dsouza confusedly – What..??

Lak – I mean she is fiance of sanskar so it will be better if he only tell the name..

Laksh comes to sanskar n hugs him..He slowly says in his ears..

Lak slowly – Who is ur fiance sanskar whom i don’t know..??

San slowly in his ears – There is no one I am just saying this to kavita to feel her jealous..

Lak smiles fakely – Lag gyi teri watt..

He pats his shoulder n releases the hug n says..

Lak – Come on sanskar tell ur fiance name to Mr.dsouza he is waiting..

Dsouza smiles – yess..

Kav smirkingly – I am eager to know her name..

San smiles forcefully – hehehe..Her name…!!

Dsouza – yess sanskar..Why r u thinking so much..??

Kav – yess..kahin tum jhoot toh nhi bol rahe..

Everyone saw towards him.Sanskar closes his eyes tightly n swara’s face came in front of him..He shouts Swaraaaa..

Dsouza – Swara..Wowww…Such a nice name.I think u should brought her in tommorow’s party..

Kav – yesss Mr.dsouza u r right..Let’s see howz Mr.sanskar would be wife looks like..??

San – Butt..

Lak interrupt – yess..yess..He will surely bring swara in tommorow’s party..

Dsouza- Yess..Now this deal will get finalize when i’ll see ur would be wife..

Sanskar glares laksh..

Fb ends..

San – Swara..Laksh only tells dsouza to bring u there..

Lak – ohhhooo..First i handle the situation n now u r blaming me..I said that becoz i don’t want to create more mess..

San – u created the mess..

Lak – acha..I created the mess or u created it..

San – u..

Lak – u..

Rag shouts – uffoo.. Stop fighting u both..

She comes to swara who is standing at the balcony worriedly..

Rag – Swara..Now what will we do..??

Swa – I don’t know ragini…I am very confused..

San – There is no confusion swara..Just become my wife..

All three shouts What at the same time..Swara glares angrily towards sanskar..

San – Aree i am just saying its the matter of 2-3 hours..U just do the acting of my would be wife in the party nd when it is over u just go..

Swa – Acha n after that..

San – After that what..I just tell them that becoz of some reason u had gone back to india..

Rag – Nd when he will ask later…

Lak – Aree tab ki tab dekhi jayegi..But now swara’s going in the party is really important..

San – yess becoz if dsouza get angry then he may cancel the deal..

Rag – Swara..I think for now this is the right thing what we can do..??

San – plzz swara..Get ready..My respect is at stake..plzz..It’s very simple..

Swa – No sanskar..It’s not easy..

San – Aree u have to do only acting and i know u r perfect in it..

Swa – Sanskar its not the matter of acting..It’s just..

San confusedly – What..??

Swa – U’ll not understand..

She leaves from there..Raglak saw towards sanskar..

San – What..??

Lak – Just go behind her..

San – But why..??

Rag – If u want to take her to the party then go n convince her..

San – Butt..!!

Raglak pushes him to go behind her..Sanskar comes behind swara..Swara comes out on the road its the time of sunset.Sanskar comes running to her..

San breathing heavily -Swara how fast u walk..

She doesn’t react anything..

San – Swara..What’s the problem in doing acting..??

Swa – Sanskar..I have not any prblm in acting..

San – Then what’s the problem..??

Swa – Sanskar first thing i didn’t do anything like this before n second i m not comfortable..There at the party everyone will understand me as ur fiance n their thinking will be different towards us..At that time the surrounding will be different..nd..nd..

Sanskar holds her hand n says..

San – Swara u trust me or not..

Swa – San..

San – Just say yess or no..

Swa – I trust u but..

San – Then everything will be ok..I know the situation will be little awkward for u there as well as for me also but trust me.U’ll be always my bstfrnd n i promise in the whole drama I will not cross my limits..U can trust me..(mocks) My character is not that bad..

Swa smiles – Sanskar…

San – Now get ready to become my fiance..Plzz say yess my whole comapny n revenge is at stake..See if u want i fell on my knees..Wait a min i should do this..

In the mid of the road..He goes on his knees n folds his hand in pleading way..

San shouts – Plzz Miss.Swara gadodia say yess to my proposal..

People walking on the road saw swasan n laughs by seeing their love..

Old man – Child just say yess..He is very good guy..

San – See uncle also understood me that i m good guy..plzz say yess..

Some more person gathers there n a flower seller give him a red rose..

Seller – Just take this n then propose her..She will say yess

San – Really..

He takes the flower n forwards towards swara..

San – plzz say yess..

Everyone cheer up sanskar..

Swa – Sanskar what r u doing just stand up..??

San nods in no..

San – First say yess then i will stand..

Swa angrily – Sanskar..

San – umhh..hmm..say yess..

Swara saw more people were gathering there..

Swa – okay..yess.I am ready now stand up..

Sanskar stands up hurriedly..He forwards the rose n signs her to take it..Swara takes the flower..Sanskar hurriedly hugs her..

San – Thank u..Thank u..so much..

Swara smiles..

Swa – Acha now its ok..Let’s go to hotel..

San – yupp..

Sanskar thanks everyone who encourages swara to say yess..

Precap – party time..

I hope i had not bored u all thank u so much for everyone’s aoustanding support..Keep supporting n commenting like this..Now next update will be after 29 only..Till then keep waiting..

Wait..wait..Don’t exit one more imp thing..Actually I wanna show a dance of swasan..So i thought to ask.. u all want a romantic dance or normal dance or no dance..If u want dance then don’t forget to mention on which song..U all can give ur ideas also rather than dance..So plzz tell me in the comment box..

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