Ajab sanskar ki gazab kahani chap -18

Hii guyzz sorry sorry for this much late update i know this is my old dialogue but what to do studies comes first na..So i have to concentrate on that also..N yess i saw the comments in my previous ff n really thank u so much for ur support n comments it really means a lot..

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Chap -18

The sunrays enters in the room of sanskar through balcony with a new hope,life n love..The sun rays brighted the whole room which is now covered with darkness.Sanskar is sleeping peacefully on the bed hugging the pillow tightly..His sleep is disturbed by the sunrays which is coming on his face..Swara comes n stands between the sunrays n sanskar’s face..A small curve appears near sanskar’s lips n he closing his eyez goes into sleep again..

Swara – Sanskar..Get up…!!!!

San- Swara just 2 min more..

N sanskar covers his face with the blanket..Swara removes the blanket forcefully..

Swara strictly – Sanskar…

San closing his eyes – hmm..

Swa loudly – Sanskar just get up otherwise i’ll pour this whole jug of cold water on u..

Sanskar gets up with a jerk..

San – No..no..no..

Swa smiles – That’s better..

Sanskar rubbing his eyes like a child n yawningly says..

San – Swara..What made u to wake me up so early..??

Swa – It’s becoz from today ur new life will start n for that first u have to wake up early..

San confusedly – Matlab..!!!

Swa – Matlab main tumhe baad mein samjhaungi.. Now don’t ask more question just go n get ready we have to go somewhere..??

San – Where..??

Swa – Everything u’ll get to know first get ready..

Swara makes stand up sanskar from bed n push him inside the washroom n closes the door..Swara shouts from outside..

Swa – Get ready in 20 min I’ll be waiting for u down..

After 20 min sanskar came down n swara is waiting for him with a car..

San – Lo aa gya..I came now tell where u have to go..??

Swa like a strict teacher – I tell u earlier na don’t question just follow me n keep ur mouth shut..

San innocent child – ok mam..

Swa arrogance – hmm..

Swara drives off the car with sanskar sitting behind her..After 30 min swara stops the car..Sanskar comes out of the car n gets astonished..

San – What the hell..??

Sanskar clearly reads the name of the place while swara is standing smiling near him..

San -Swara if u have to do shopping only then u also come here with ragini also..Why u disturb my beautiful sleep..??

Swara slaps tightly on the arms of sanskar..

San rubbing his arms – ouch..

Swa – Duffer..I didn’t came here to shop for me..I came here for u..U r going to do shopping..

San – What..!!! Swara I don’t want anything..I have enough of clothes..

Swa amazedly – Clothes..!! I know what type of clothes all of them are of 90’s cloth which are loosed from everywhere..

San fake anger – U r making fun of me..

Swa – No..Absolutely not..(touching his clothes n with a wide grin) I am making fun of these cloth..

San – Itss..

Swa strictly – Now stop talking n follow me..

Swara starts to go..

San – Boss yeh hai ki main..?? (She is the boss or me..??)

Swa shouts – Sanskarrr…!!!

San – coming…

Sanskar also went inside..Sales man starts showing dresses for sanskar..He shows him many dresses but he didn’t select one from them..He shows him one more dress..

Sales man – howzz this..??

San making weird faces – No…It’s not good..

Swa- huff..Sanskar..I don’t know how u become a fashion designer..

San – oh hello..U r doubting on me…Don’t forget my company got selected from 200 companies..

Swa – yaa..then also u r not able to select a one dress for urself..

San – wo..wo..woah..This sales man is not showing good clothes..

Salesman – No mam..I am showing best things to u..

Sanskar glares the salesman..

San – uuu..

Swara interuppted – ssshh..(strictly) Now u’ll not utter a single word just stand aside n let me see..

Sanskar stands in a corner n swara started selecting clothes for him..After a while Swara selects 2-3 dresses..

Swa – Sanskar take these 3 dresses n go in to trial room..

San – Buttt…

Swa interrupted n angrily – hmm..

San hurriedly – No..No..I am going..

He takes the clothes n goes inside the trial room..He comes out from the trial room by wearing white torso with a black leather jacket n blue denim damage jeans..He comes near swara..

Swa normally – hmm..Let’s go..

San gets confused that why she didn’t say anything but he didn’t ask anything from her just follow her..They pay the bill n goes from there..Swara drives the car straight towards the salon..

@Sanskar’s pov

Since morning she is doing weird things I think she is gone mad..First she didn’t compliment me n next this salon..I think i should consult a doctor for this that can a person get mad in one night..

Pov ends..

Sanskar is engrossed in his thoughts then swara waves her hand infront of his face..

Swa – Where u were lost..?? Let’s go inside..

San nods in yess..

They both gone inside n swara goes to the manager n talks something with him..Sanskar is standing far from them..Two mens come to take sanskar inside..

San – Areey..Areey.. who r u both..?? N where r u taking me..??

Man – Sir we r taking u inside for doing facial,masaage,etc…etc..

San- Wait..Wait..Who told u to do all this..??

Man pointing towards Swara – That mam..

San confusedly – What..?? But i don’t wanna all this..

Swara comes there by that time..

Swa – Aree u r standing here till now..

Man – Mam..Sir is not allowing us to take him inside..

Swa – Sanskar why u r not allowing them..??

San – Becoz i don’t wanna anything..I am good..

Swa (to the man) – U just take him..He is saying this only from the whole way..

San dumbstruck – Swara what r u saying..??

Swara signs both the Men n they take sanskar inside forcefully…..Till the time sanskar come out swara sits in waiting lounge n starts reading magazine…

@ After 1 hour..

Swara reading magazine then only a voice came Swaraaa….She saw up n gets awestruck..Sanskar is standing infront of her totally groomed.His hairstyle is changed now he no more wear that bigframe spects instead of it he use lens nd the dress is making him more attractive..(As same as my this update story pic) In total Sanskar is looking like a hot & handsome chocolate boy of which every girl dreams..Swara stands up from her place..She can’t believe her eyes that sanskar can look this much hot..She is looking him continuously..Sanskar comes near her n ask..

San scaredly – Howzz I am looking..??

Swara didn’t utter a word..

San again ask the same question but swara is engrossed in staring him..

San blabbers -I get it..I am looking like a monkey na that’s why u r not talking to me..U didn’t compliment me in the mall n here also..I know i am not looking good..

Swa interrupted – handsome..

Sanskar listens something but not clearly he ask..

San – What..What did u say..??

Swa happily – U r looking damn handsome sanskar…

Sanskar eyez sparked with happiness..

San – u r saying truth..

Swa – yess..U r looking absolutely tempting..

San jumps in happiness – Really..!!!

Sanskar saw himself in the mirror..

San smiling – Really..Swara I also can look handsome..

Swara nods in yess..

Swa – Now I am damn sure that when kavita will see u she will absolutely feel guilty to loose u..

Sanskar happiness get vanished n he confusedly ask..

San – kavita…

Swa – yess kavita..I had done all this to make her feel jealous from u..

San – U changed me for that kavita..

Swa – yess…

San – I don’t believe this..

He goes outside from the salon..Swara follows him..

Swa – What happen sanskar..??

San angrily – Swara u know na how much i hate kavita n i don’t want to change myself for her..

Swa – I know u hate kavita but who said u that u changed urself for her..N tell me from when sanskar maheswari getting changed from anyone..U changed ur style for urself not anybody else..

San – But u said that…

Swa interrupted – Acha tell me did u like this outfit or not..

San angrily – No becoz u did this for kavita..

Swa – Acha just leave kavita’s topic.. If u changed ur style for me then u had like this outfit or not..

San thinks – If it is for u then it will be nice..

Swa – only nice…

San- Good..

Swa- Now also only good..

San with a wide grin – It will be awesomeee..

Swa gives a smile n says – That’s like my frnd..

Swasan started laughing listening eachother’s statement..

Swa – Sanskar…U want to forget kavita from ur thoughts or not..

San – yess..I want to forget her..

Swa – Bas..Just do as per my instruction i m 100 percent sure u’ll forget her n surely we’ll teach her a good lesson..

San – But…

Swa- Do u believe me or not..??

San – yess swara i believe u more than myself..

Swa – Then there is no worry..Now don’t ask more question let’s go to hotel we have to proceed towards our mission..

San confusedly – Mission..??

Swa – yess mission kavita ka darr bhagao..

San gives a small laugh – Seriously swara..!! I mean from where u got these name..

Swa shruggs off – It’s a born talent u will not know..

Sanskar again laughs..They both went to hotel n raglak saw sanskar n totally shocking condition..Sanskar waves hii to both of them..Laksh stared him top to bottom n says..

Lak stutter – Sw..sw..swara…wh..who is..he..??

San – Laksh what type of question is this..?? I am sanskar..

Rag – No u r lieing sanskar didn’t look a like u..

San – Ragini I thought u r smart enough from this lucky but u..(swara) Now u only tell them the truth..

Swa – Guyzz..He is not sanskar..

Sanskar saw swara amazedly..

San utter surprise – Swara…

Rag interrupt – See i said it..

Lak scaredly – Then who is he..??

Swa slowly – Actually i gone market with sanskar n saw his duplicate there..So i left that khadus sanskar there n bought this one..

Sanskar gives a glare to swara..

San – Swara..It is not the time for joke..

Swa innocently – Aree why would i joke..??I m saying the truth..

San strictly – Swara…

Rag scaredly – (laksh) Laksh..laksh hurriedly call the police..He is behrupia of sanskar..He should be behind the bars..

San frightened – What..?? Ragini are u gone mad..??

Rag shouts – Laksh what r u waiting for..?? Just call the police..

Lak – yess..yess

San (swara) – Aree swara when u’ll tell them truth when i’ll be behind bars..

Swara hurriedly stops laksh..

Swa – Laksh..laksh..wait..He is not any behrupia..He is sanskar..Our frnd..Sanskar..

San – yess..

Rag – But how come he changed so instant..??

Swara tell them the whole truth that how swara took sanskar to the mall then salon bla bla bla..Raglak laughs by listening whole truth n yet feel happy that their frnd turned to be so handsome..

Rag (to laksh) – Dekha..From starting only i m saying na he is our sanskar..U r unecessarily worried..

Laksh confusedly – Acha..When u said this..I didn’t listen..N u r more scared than me..

Rag glares him n blamingly says – Acha i m more scared..U r more scared..

Lak pointing to her face – Ohh..From fear ur face hsd become pale..

Rag pointing to his face- No..its ur face..

Lak shouts – its urs..

Rag shouts back – its urs..

Lak – urs..

Rag- urs

Sanskar comes in between them by keeping his both hand on his own ears..

San shouts – chupppp..Just stop fighting..U both start everywhere..

Swara – Enough..Now first tell me howzz my hardwork is looking..

Ragini hurriedly comes towards swara n says

Rag excitedly- Sanskar is looking too good..Which salon u had gone..??

Swa same excitement – Xyz salon..n u know they have one more branch for girls also..

Rag happily – Really…

Swa – yess..

Rag – I wanna go there..

Swa – ok let’s go..

Swaragini leaves n sanlak are seeing them with shocking eyes n wide open mouth..

San – No one can understand these girls..

Lak – u r right bhai..

They turn their route n goes towards their room..

Precap – Sanskar proposes swara..

Guyzz done with the story n i know i just messed it all i hope u like it with crossed finger as i wrote this at night n i am in half sleep i don’t know what i had written..Sorry if its not up to the mark..Good night bye bye..

N ya i don’t know when i’ll post next update but if possible it will be after 29 if i’ll get time from my studies then i’ll surely update in between..

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