Ajab Sanskar ki gazab kahani Chap -17

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Chapter 16

Chap – 17

Nxt day seven person (Swasan,Raglak nd dipti, raj n ashok) board the flight n lands in maritius..Sanskar n his team comes outside the airport n a man receives them..Man gives the flower to sanskar..

Man – Welcome to maritius sir..!!

San – Thank u so much..

Man – Sir I am the assistant of Mr.D’souza..

San – ohhh…I see..

Man – yess sir he only send me here to receive u all..

San – That’s so sweet..

Man – Sir..plzz come..

All of them sit in a car n drove towards the hotel..At the entrance two girls are standing for welcoming..The two girls make all of them wear garland n welcomes them..

San – Ok Mr.gupta nice to meet u..

Mr gupta – Same here sir..

San – When will Mr.d’souza held the meeting..

Mr gupta – Sir u rest here for sometime n after that he himself will call u on the phone..

San – Ok..

Mr.gupta – Have a good day sir..

San – u too..

Everyone goes to take the key of their respective room..Ragini didn’t take the keys..Sanskar ask from receptionist

Receptionist – Sir one room is booked for raglak..

San shocked – What..??

Receptionist – yess sir..

Sanskar ask raglak n they also says the same thing..

San – See i didn’t stop u both from enjoying but just take in ur mind that we r here for an ad shoot..nd ragini plzz take care of urself..

Lak – Don’t worry sanskar u r my frnd n she is my girlfriend n i love u both nd i’ll make sure that both of ur work didn’t get disturbed..

Rag – yess sanskar..Don’t worry i will take care of myself n do rehersal..

Lak – With me…

San – yess i know if u were there then who else will ragini kiss..?? After all this is lipstick ad shoot..But u know na in ad u have to kiss someone else..

Lak bit jealous – I know..N now if ur order is there then can we go..

San slowly laughing seeing his jealousness…

San – yess ofcourse..

Laksh drags ragini from there..Sanskar laughs by seeing the jealousness of laksh..Then only sanskar receives a call..

San – Hello Mr.d’souza..No..no..don’t worry we reached here safe n sound..

D’souza- Actually our sponsor’s want to meet u..So if u r ok then plzz come to xyz hotel..

San – Wow thats grt we’ll surely come there..

After refreshing Raglaksan goes to meet sponsor n swara with dipti n raj goes to explore the city..

Raglaksan reaches at the hotel..

San- Oh sit..!!! I forgot my mobile in the car.Raglak u go I’ll just come in min..

Lak – ok..But come fast..

San – yess..

Sanskar runningly goes towards his car..He takes his phone frm and he is returning only then he saw the unexpected person of his life in front of him..

He saw kavita getting down from a car n going inside the hotel in which raglak went before sometime..Sanskar is just shocked to see kavita after so many years..Sanskar goes behind her inside the hotel..

D’souza – Welcome mam…Welcome..

Kavita smilingly – Thank u so much Mr.D’souza..

They both give a casual hug to eachother..Sanskar is seeing all this confused..

San- How come Mr.D’souza know kavita..??

D’souza introduces kavita with raglak..Raglak also gets shocked to see her there becoz they know about her but kavita didn’t know raglak..

D’souza (pointing towards raglak) – Miss kavita She is ragini our ad model nd he is laksh the photographer..(pointing towards kavita) N raglak She is kavita..Kavita sinha the sponsor of our ad company..

Raglak fakely smiles – ohh…Nice to meet u miss.kavita..

Kavita- Me too..

Sanskar listen everything n he just gone frm there silently..Raglak returns to hotel after attending the meeting but sanskar is nowhere to be seen in the hotel..Swara comes to them..

Swa – What happen…?? Everything goes well..Where is sanskar..??

Lak questioningly – Sanskar..???

Rag – Is sanskar didn’t come to the hotel yet..??

Swa – What u both r saying..?? Sanskar is gone with u na so he will come with u only..

Lak – No..Sanskar didn’t come to attend the meeting..

Swa shocked – What..??

Lak- yess..But the prblm is that if he didn’t come to hotel then where he is gone..??

San- I am here…

Everyone turns back n sanskar is standing in worse condition his eyes are red.His cloth are dirty n hair r messed..His face is totally pale as if he cried for many hrs..His spects are broken..In one hand he is holding his coat n in other hand a wine bottle..Swara came running to him..

Swa caressing his cheeks – Sanskar..Where u were..?? N what condition u make of urself..??

Swa – Sanskar..What happened just tell me..??

San – Nothing happend to me..

Sanskar free himself from her grip n straightly goes towards the receptionist of the hotel..

San – Give me my room keys..N make sure that no one should disturb me..

Receptionist – ok sir..U don’t worry..

Sanskar starts to go but he stumbles n going to fall but swara gets a hold of him..

Swa worriedly – Sanskar..?? Plzz tell me..I know something major is happened n tumne apni ye halat kyun banayi hai..?? U r gone for meeting na then..

Sanskar gets angry n he jerk swara away from himself..

San roared – Why should i tell u each n everything..?? See u r just my frnd so it will be better that if u will stay in ur limits.. U havn’t any authority to interfere in my personal life..If i ‘ll cry,laugh,getting angry it shouldn’t matter to u..Just get this in ur mind..N leave me alone..I just want to be alone…

He straightly goes towards his room..Swara have tears in her eyes..But this tears shouldn’t come becoz of sanskar’s scolding..It came becoz she gets to know that he is going through very much pain..

Swara – I know something really big happend sanskar becoz of which u r so much angry n in pain.N at this time I’ll not leave u alone..

Swara also goes behind him..Sanskar locks the door n swara knocks the door nearly about for 15 min but he didn’t open the door..But our swara is swara she goes to the manager talks with him n gets a duplicate key of sanskar’s room..She opens the room by duplicate key n enters inside..

Swara saw the condition of the room n gets shocked..The door gets shut behind..The room light’s is off but some lights are coming from the moon n stars.The room is totally messed up by sanskar..He is sitting in one corner of darkness..Swara goes to him n calls his name..

Swara – Sanskar…

He doesn’t reply anything..Swara comes near to him n listen that he is crying vigourously..Swara consoles him..

Swa consoles – Sanskar why r u crying..?? Plzz don’t cry..Just tell me what happened shayad main kuch thik kar sakoon..??

San blabbers – I saw her..I saw her..

N saying this he bents down his head..Swara is not able to control her tears seeing him in such condition but she gulps all her tears n says..

Swa – Whom did u saw..??

San cryingly – Who destroys my life n betrayed me..??

Swara stutters – w..h…o..??

Sanskar hugs her tightly n says in her ears..

San – kavita…

Swara becomes shocked..Sanskar is crying vigourously..

San cryingly – I saw kavita swara…He is happy in her life by destroying my life..Becoz of whom i lost my parents..Becoz of whom i lost each n every happiness..

Sanskar cries a lot remembering past moments..Swara releases the hug n holds his cheeks..

Swara – Ssshhh…First stop crying..Everything will get fine..

San scaredly – No swara..She again came back..Again came back to destroy me..To snatch my small life n happiness..She will snatch raglak , Dai ma nd nd u…u..From me..

Sanskar stands up n act like a mad person n blabbers n get away from him..

San – U’ll also leave me..Go frm here..Don’t come near me otherwise she will snatch u also frm me..

Swara takes a step forward by calling his name nd sanskar steps back scaredly..

Swa – Sanskar..No one will seperate me from u..I’ll never leave u..

San – No..No..U r lieing..Maa also said like this but see she left me alone to fight with this cruel world..U will also leave me..

Sanskar keepz his both hands on his ear n shouts n he falls on the floor with a thud..Swara runningly comes near him n hugs him tightly..Sanskar cries his heart out in the arms of swara..

(This is very beautiful song i liked it very much plzz don’t skip it becoz content is between the songs only..I also given english translation of this song at the end..)

Chaand ki aankhein bhaari si hain
Raat andheri haari si hai (x2)

Maan bhi ja, thehar zara
Savera koi Door hai kya

Bas, ab raat guzarne waali hai
Ab raat guzarne waali hai
Ab Raat guzarne waali hai
Bas, raat guzarne waali hai

(San still hugging – No swara..I can’t let u go anywhere..

He is shivering due to fear thinking of seperating from swara..Tears rolls down through swara’s eyes..He tightens the hug swara also hugs him back..

Swara releases the hug n holds sanskar cheeks..

Swa – Sanskar see into my eyes..)

Dard-dard andhera, Zakhm si chaandni
Dhul jaayegi dhoop mein
Sard haathon ka ghera, shehar ki berukhi
Kho jaayegi, goonj mein
Parindon ki azaane, gungunaati raah bhi
Kehti hai aankhein choom ke

(His puffed eyes saw her worried eyes..They have a sad eyelock..His eyes are conveying each n every message to her eyes.Swara is reading his eyez which is showing that pain which he hides from this cruel world from years but now it wasn’t able to hide from swara n they r shoutingly telling their pain..

Swara holds sanskar shivering n cold hands…

Swa – I promise u I’ll never ever leave u.. No any power of this world could able to seperate me from u..When u will be in any prblm or in any tough situation u always find me behind urself..

Sanskar looks on to swara’s face..Swara wipes off the tears of sanskar..

Swa – Now stop crying n be a good boy..

Then only he saw a cut on sanskar’s hand..

Swa worriedly – Aree how u got injured..?? So much blood loss is happening..Come I’ll do ur first aid..

Swara makes sanskar sit on bed n brings first aid box n starts doing his first aid she says..

Swa – N rahi baat kavita ki toh she is ur past just forget her thinking like a bad dream..

San – I tried my bst but i can’t able to forget her..To forget her i became cruel like this world but Her words are just echoing n piercing my heart n ears each time..I am just scared of her name..

Swa firmly – U know sanskar why u r not able to forget her..Becoz u didn’t tried ur 100%..Jaise loha lohe ko kat ta hai usi tarah darr darr ko kat ta hai..If u want to overcome ur fear then don’t ran away from him just face it n tell him that u r not coward..U r not scared from her..Just face her n then see how ur fear will go miles away from u..Just for once tell her that u r not a looser..Just change everyone’s thinking..N i know u can do this..See ur first aid is done..

Swara gets up n goes to keep first aid box on its place..Sanskar is just seeing her without blinking his eyes..Swara comes to him n says..

Swa – Now u take some rest..

She turns to go but a strong n cold hand hold her hand firmly.She turns her face n saw sanskar holding her hand..They again have a cute eyelock.Cold breezes blowed..The darkness which surrounded sanskar’s eyes from years are now getting lighted up through the spark of swara’s eyes..Sanskar sees his inner soul inside swara’s eyes..They have a beautiful eyelock..)

Bas, ab raat guzarne waali hai
Ab raat guzarne waali hai
Ab raat guzarne waali hai
Bas, raat guzarne waali hai

( San – Swara can u stop here for some more min till then i sleep..plzz…!!!!!

Swara saw his pleading eyes n she nods in yess..She sits near him on the bed..Sanskar keeps his head on her lap..Swara carresses his hair lovingly..Sanskar closes his eyes n he sleeps in her lap like a small child holding her other hand tightly..Today he got someone who cares for him n she will not leave him..Today he got someone who will get out him from darkness n take him toward the light ..After so many months he sleep peacefully in the lap of swara..)

Meri suno toh aankhein moondo
Khud mein hi dhoondho nayaa ik nazariyaa
Khauf mein tumne chhupa rakkha hai
Apne bheetar noor ka dariya
Behne do usey woh dho dega
Deewar jo mann ki kaali hai

(Swara saw his face which have the spots of tears..

Swa in his mind – Kanha ji..How u can give so much pain to a innocent person like sanskar..?? What’s fault of sanskar is that he is going through this much pain..??

A tears roll down through her eyes..

Swa – Sanskar today i promise u The next morning will be a new day for u..I’ll change everything..Kal ka suraj tumhare liye ek nayi umeed lekar ayega..)

Ab raat guzarne waali hai
Ab raat guzarne waali hai
Ab raat guzarne waali hai
Bas raat guzarne waali hai

Precap – Swara changes sanskar..

Guyzz done with this one hope not bored u all N if u like it then plzz commment..

Here is english translation of song Ab raat of film Dobaara..

Movie: Dobaara (2017)
Music: Samira Koppikar
Lyrics: Puneet Sharma
Singer: Arijit Singh
Label: Zee Music Company

chaand ki aankhein bhaari si hain
raat andheri haari si hai

the eyes of the moon are wet,
the night seems dark, lost.

maan bhi ja, Thehar zara
savera koi door hai kya

listen to me, stop,
is the morning far?

bas, ab raat guzarne waali hai
ab raat guzarne waali hai
ab raat guzarne waali hai
bas, raat guzarne waali hai

the night is about to get over,
it’s about to get over.

dard-dard andhera, zakhm si chaandni
dhul jaayegi dhoop mein
sard haathon ka ghera, shehar ki berukhi
kho jaayegi, goonj mein
parindon ki azaanein gungunaati raah bhi
kehti hai aankhein choom ke.

the aching darkness, the wound-like moonlight,
will all be washed away in the sunlight.
the circle of cold hands, the apathy of the city,
will all be lost, in the echos.
The path, humming the prayers of the birds
also says, kissing the eyes… (that)

bas, ab raat guzarne waali hai
ab raat guzarne waali hai
ab raat guzarne waali hai
bas, raat guzarne waali hai

the night is about to get over,
it’s about to get over.

meri suno to aankhein moondo
khud mein hi DhoonRho nayaa ik nazariyaa
khauf mein tumne chhupa rakkha hai
apne bheetar noor ka dariya
behne do usey wo dho dega
deewar jo mann ki kaali hai

if you listen to me, close your eyes,
look for a new outlook within yourself.
Out of fear, you have kept hidden
a river of light within yourself.
let it flow, it’ll wash
the black wall of the heart.

ab raat guzarne waali hai
ab raat guzarne waali hai
ab raat guzarne waali hai
bas raat guzarne waali hai

the night is about to get over,
it’s about to get over.

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