Ajab Sanskar ki gazab kahani Chap -16

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Chap -16


Sanskar calls everyone in the ofc for a meeting..Everyone is waiting for sanskar in the meeting hall..Sanskar comes there n everyone greets him gm..

San – Gm Everyone..Today i called all of u here for an imp meeting..U all know very well about Mr.D’ souza he want to do a ad with our agency..N it will get shooted in maritius..So for confirming this ad deal they had called us in maritius..So Ragini ur going is compulsory becoz u r the model nd…Other person’s list will get pasted on notice board after sometime..

Ragini – Sanskar but which product ad it is..??

Sanskar – Ragini..Which..what..why…?? All these answers we’ll get to know when we will reach there..Ok u all can go now..

Everyone leaves….

Swara – Woww..Ragini u will go to maritius..U know i only saw the pic of maritius on net..They r so exotic n cool pic.I just love maritius..I dreamt of going there..

Ragini – Really..Then very soon ur dream is going to fulfill..

Swara confusedly – How..!!!!

Rag – Aree I am damn sure in the list ur name will be on top becoz without u his one work will not complete properly..

Swara happily – Really..

Ragini nods in yess happily..

Swara – Ragini ghee n sugar in ur mouth..

Both swaragini side hugs eachother..

Then after sometime the servant of the ofc pasted the name list on the notice board.Everyone comes n see the list.Swara also comes n see the list nd gets sad becoz her name is not on the top nor at last..Raglak name is there m they gets happy that they together will go for foreign but they are sad for swara..Swara saw them n says with fake smile..

Swa – Congrats guyzz u both r going together…

Rag angrily – This is not fair..How could sanskar do this..?? Come swara…We will ask sanskar..

Ragini drags swara to sanskar’s cabin..

Rag – Sanskar how can u do this..??

San – Ab kya kar diya maine..

Rag – Why u didn’t put swara’s name in the list..We all frnds are going n swara will be here alone..This is not fair..

San – Wait a min…We all frnds are going means..Are u thinking this a weekend trip..??

Rag confusedly – What..??

San – See if u thinking this then i must tell u that its a business trip..Ohhh..I get it..get it…laksh is also going with u na thats why u r thinking this..??

Rag angrily – I didn’t say this..

San angrily – But u r reacting like that only..!!!

Ragini shocked – What..??

San – yess nd..I put laksh name becoz he is a photographer n urs name becoz u r model n we f going there just for work n if u r not intrested then u can cut off ur name rahi baat swara ki toh what will swara do going there..?? There is no work for her at maritius..

Rag – Sanskar when did i said that i am thinking this a weekend trip i know we all r going there for work..I am just asking that what will happen if swara will also come with us..??

San arrogance – See ragini i have lots of work to do..We will talk about this later..plzz go now..

N sanskar gets busy in his files..

Rag – Sanskarrr..

Swara held her hand n signs her to not say anything..N both leaves the cabin n sanskar giggles by seeing them..


All had done their night supper nd till now swara hadn’t utter a single word to sanskar infact by seeing her face anyone can say that she is damn angry becoz from the time sanskar came from ofc he is only talking about maritius..Dai ma is sitting on the dining table n swara is collecting the unwashed utensils..Sanskar saw swara working and intentionally he says..

San secretly eying swara – Dai ma tommorow i have to leave to maritius for an imp meeting..So plzz wake me up early..

Dai ma – Sanskar Since 1 hour u had said this to me 10 times..

San smiles – Woah actually dai maa..I don’t want to miss my Maritiusss flight na..He give more stress to this word..

As soon as swara listen the name of maritius again her anger boils at 100’celsius n she angrily stamps the utensils on table n leaves from there..Sanskar saw her n giggles..Dai ma saw both of them n gets confused..

Dai ma – Sanskar..What happen to swara..?? I am seeing from when she came from ofc she is angry..

San smiles – Dai maa ur ladli beti is angry from me n i m damn sure right now she only wants to kill me..

He laughs loudly..

Swara is standing in the garden..

Swara angrily blabbering- Samjhte kya hai apne aap ko..hmm..I know he intentionally talks about maritius again n again so that i get irritate n jeaolus from him..But I’ll not let him win..

Someone giggles from behind..Swara turns n find no one..She again starts talking to herself..

Swara – But the real thing is that in this also he wins yess i am irritated n jealous of his talks..

This time someone giggles more loudly..Swara again turns but find sanskar standing..

Swara – Sanskar u r laughing at me…

Sanskar hiding his laugh – No..

Swara turns her face other side..Sanskar comes to her nd says

San – Swara I m just confused in two dresses which laksh send me via whatsapp plzz help me out from this..Actually I wanna gift this to the co -sponsor of the ad who is in maritius..

Swara in his mind angrily – Again maritius..Now i wanna kill him..

San – If u kill me then who will take u maritius..

Swara saw here n there upward n downward..Sanskar saw her confusedly..

San – What happen..??

Swa – How did u listen my heart talk..??

San – Becoz jo tumhe pareshaan karega usse tum pyaar toh karogi nhi..

Swa – yess absolutely right..I wanna kill u..

San – Omg..Now what will happen to my two flight tickets..??

Swa confusedly – Two tickets..!!!

San – yess..I booked one more ticket to maritius for u but now u will kill me after that u’ll go to jail nd mine n urs i.e. two tickets money will get wasted..

Swara happily – What u booked a ticket for me..??

San sadly – Yess…!!!

Swara starts jumping in joy n shouts Omg..Omg..I can’t believe this..She all do crazy acts exact for five min n sanskar is just watching her..

San – Now if ur jumping session is over then hold this..He gives her ticket..

Sanskar turns to go but swara stops him..

Swa- Sanskar…

San – yess..

Swara hurriedly hugs him..

Swa – Thank u so much…

Tu Mohabbat Hai, Ishq Hai Mera..
Ek Ibadat Hai, Sath Yeh Tera..
Tu Mohabbat Hai, Ishq Hai Mera..
Ek Ibadat Hai, Sath Yeh Tera..
Jab Dil Se Dil Mile Hai..
Phir Kyoon Yeh Faansle Hain, Is Tarah..

Aa Bol De Tu, Ya Bol Du Main..
Kab Tak Chhupaayein, Yeh Bekhudi..
Tum Mein Hum Hain, Hum Mein Tum Ho..
Tumse Hum Hain, Humse Tum Ho..
Kismaton Se Milte Hain Do Dil Yahaan..

Her Kisi Ko Nahi Milta
Yahaan Pyar Zindagi Mein..
Her Kisi Ko Nahi Milta
Yahaan Pyar Zindagi Mein..x3

Sanskar unknowingly smiles..A unknown feel is rising inside his body..He is going to hug back swara but swara released the hug..Swara goes from there bidding good night to sanskar..

San monlogue – What is happening to me..??

Precap – Sanskar saw kavita in maritius..

Huff guyzz done with this one n now after this plzz don’t miss any episode becoz from here their swasan love story will begin..So keep waiting for the update n stay tuned..

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