Ajab Sanskar ki gazab kahani chap-12

Hii guyzz sorry sorry for giving update on time but what to do from 2 days i am so busy in studies that i can’t update it..So sorry for that n yess I saw the comments nd again sorry for not replying but really i read each n every comment n i am feeling very happy n glad that u all are liking my story..Thank u thank u so much for all ur lovable comments..

Chap -12

Sanskar n nilima get ready to leave for ofc.

San- Let’s go nilima..

Nilima is seeing towards swara’s room..Swara comes out from the room getting ready..Nilima saw her n smirks..

Nilima smiled – yess..Let’s go..

San (to swara) – U r going somewhere..

Swara – ye..

Nilima interupted – yess sanskar..She is going with us..

San confusedly – Means..

Nilima – Actually i forgot to tell u that i appoint her as my assistant..I hope u havn’t any problem..

San strictly – We r getting late..

Sanskar goes from there n niliswa comes behind him..


Sanskar is standing in his office with nilima n swara..Sanskar introduce nilima to everyone..

San – Guyzz..As u know that riya had left the work So Here is ur new costume designer nilima..She will help us out in this project..

Nilima smilingly – Hii everyone..

Every staff says hello to nilima..

San – Come nilima..I’ll make u understand the work..

They goes to the hall where all craftsman are busy in doing stiching..San introducing a old man near about in his 60 – 65 but nilima is feeling all this boring n not interested..

San (to nilima) – Nilima he is vyas babu he will help u out in this..

Laksh comes there..

Laksh – Hey sanskar i listened that u come with a new costume designer..

San smiles – yess..Here she is nilima..She only made all those designs..

Laksh – hello nilima..

Nilima fake smiles – Hii..

Laksh saw towards swara n ask sanskar who she is..

Nilima – She is my assistant…

Laksh smiles n forward his hand for shake- ohh..Hii I am Laksh khanna..The Assistant cum photographer of sanskar..

Swara smiles n shakes hand – Hii..I am swara gadodia.. The Assistant of nilima..

Laksh – I don’t wanna say but without saying i can’t stay also..

Swara smilingly – Don’t hesitate whatever is in ur heart just speak it out..

Lak – Ok..On that note U look pretty n ur beauty is natural..N as a photographer i think u can be a very beautiful n awesome model actually u r grown up for modelling..U don’t think so..!!!

Swara gives out a small laugh – No..no..I don’t think like that infact I am not interested in modelling..

Laksh sadly – Really..I mean are u sure..!!

Swara – yess..100 %..

Laksh- ok then not as photographer n model but as asistant..assitant hamari khub jamegi..(It seems like we have a grt bond together..)

Swara give out a laugh – yess..

A female voice came from behind with whom u r sharing the grt bond..

Swara turns n saw A girl in dark white crop top with black denim damage jeans are standing with anger all over her face..

Sanskar – Welcome my super model..

Ragini – Shut up Sanskar..

Laksh stutter – Ra..Ra..Ragini…What r u doing here..??

Ragini comes towards them..

Rag – I should ask u the same question..

Laksh – I came here to meet sanskar..

Ragini seeing towards their shaking hand and angrily says It doesn’t seems like that..

Laksh releases the hand comes to ragini n hold her hand..

Laksh – Ragini baby..Why u r getting angry..?? I am just saying formal hi…hello..to her..

Sanskar smirks n thinks to take the advantage of the situation..

San mocked – Really Laksh I didn’t think so..

Laksh glare sanskar angrily n murmured Just shut up sanskar else i’ll kill u..

Rag angrily eyes laksh – Why will u kill him..?? He is telling me the truth n u r saying that..

Laksh with a pout – No baby..I am just saying that he is lieing..

San with innocent face – Ragini..(laughing inside) Did i lied to u ever..??

Rag – No sanskar infact laksh tell a lie to me many times…

Laksh in his mind – Oh god..Where i am stuck..??

Swara interuppted – Ragini..If ur permission..Can i say something..??

Laksh almost jumping on swara- yess..yess..swara tell her the truth..

Ragini eyes to sanskar n laksh goes away n stands downing his head as if a small child is getting his punishment from his mom..

Rag firmly – yes speak..

Swara – First of all I wanna tell u something in the success of any relationship the honesty n truthfulness is the most important thing..(seeing towards laksh) By seeing u both i must say laksh truly loves u very much..N if u also loves him truly then u don’t need to get convinced by anyone’s talk(eyeing sanskar she says these lines). Try to keep faith on them who loves u truly..

All are seeing towards swara shockingly..

Laksh nearly crying – Wow u make me remember my mom by ur speech..N he claps for swara..

Sanskar is also seeing swara astonished becoz she really gives an amazing speech..

Swara (to ragini) – I hope u don’t feel bad..

Ragini emotionally – U said right swara n i don’t feel bad infact today i understand the true meaning of the relationship becoz of u..Thank u so much..N i must say u r very good person at heart..N i feel very happy if u’ll become my frnd..

She forwards her hand..Swara smiles n shakes her hand..

Laksh comes to them happily – Thank u so much swara for ur support..

Swara – By the way ragini u don’t need to worry by seeing laksh I can say that this monkey will always be urs..

Laksh in a flow – yess..Then he realizes n says confused u r supporting me or making fun of me..!!!

Swara innocent face – No laksh..I just say u r a cute monkey who never leave ragini..

Swaragini giggles..

Sanskar is standing numb having tears in his eyes..He gulps the saliva which is coming due to his tears..N in a strict n firm voice he says

San – I think we should get back to our work..

Sanskar goes from there ordering everyone..Swara looks on to sanskar n says in her mind I can’t understand this person one sec ago he is happy n now he is again on his rude behaviour..

Swara is doing her work n nilima is sitting in a corner busy on her phone..Vyas babu says to himself..

Vyas – Sir has given the responsibility to nilima mam but all the work is done by swara mam..

Like this the day passed n next day the same procedure is done..

Nilima (on phone) – yess yarr..I am feeling bored here..Let’s do party..I’ll come there in a min..

She cuts the phone n calls out swara..

Swara – yess nilima..

Nilima eyes to swara with attitude conveying that she calls her with name..Swara understand n says

Swara – Mam..

Nilima- hmm..I am going out due to some imp work u just take care of here..

Swara – Ok..Maaaam..(she gives more stress to mam..)

Nilima turns to go..Swara angrily make his palm like as if she press her neck..

Swara – Witch kahin ki..If i don’t have urge to earn the money na then i never become her assistant..

Then someone calls her from the staff for help..

Swara – yess comng..

After sometime sanskar comes there to take round he saw swara working instead of nilima..He goes to her..

San – Swara..Where is nilima..??

Swa – Woah actually Sir she have an imp work so she goes out..

San angrily – What..?? She gone out without my permission..How could she do this..??

He goes from there angrily..Vyas babu comes in sanskar’s cabin..

Vyas – Sir..One dress is ready..If u’ll see that then it will be better..

San – Ok vyas babu u go..I am coming..

Sanskar is seeing the dress..

San happily – It’s awesome vyas babu..Nilima had done a great work..

Vyas – No sir..Nilima mam hadn’t done anything infact u should thank swara mam for this..She only made this dress.

San confusedly – What but i gave this work to nilima..??

Vyas – It’s clear that u gave work to nilima mam but swara mam has completed it..And if its the talk of nilima mam so from morning to till now she is busy in her phone only..She didn’t even come to see the work..All her work are done by swara mam only..Sir..I think that those designs are also made by sw..

Sanskar shows his hand signalling him to stop..

San angrily – U meant to say that i am wrong..

Vyas stutters – No..s..i…r..I didn’t mean that..

San – U can go now..

Vyas babu leaves from there..Sanskar saw towards swara who is working hard n trying to give her best to the project..Then he saw towards the dress..

San confusedly – kahin vyas babu sahi toh nhi..(Is vyas babu is saying right..??)

Screen freezes on the tensed face of sanskar..

Precap – Sanskar shouts on nilima..

Guyzz i know this part is not so much long but i am able to write this much only..Next update will be on WEDNESDAY pakka promise..Till then stay tuned keep reading n commenting..

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