Ajab Sanskar ki gazab kahani chap-11

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Chapter 10

Chap – 11

The girls face reveals to be nilima.

Nilima – Hii sanky..

San – Nilima u here..When did u came..??

Dai ma – Last night..

Sanskar confusedly – Last night..!!

Nilima – yuppp..I saw u sleeping n..

Dai ma interupted – Nilima will u talk about everything on the door itself..

Nilima – No..no..Come inside sanskar..

Sanskar comes inside n swara is standing quite far away from them..He saw towards swara n their eyes met for just mere seconds becoz swara avoids his gaze..

San – Dai ma..I’ll come in a min..

He comes in his room n sits on the couch with restlessness in his mind..He goes in a deep thinking..

San – Is that girl is swara..?? But in the morning she clearly deny for it nd she will not lie to me..Then who is the person..??

He recollects all the memories n suddenly one word strike his mind..


Dai ma – last night..

Nilima – yupp..

Fb ends…

San – Omg why i didn’t understand this thing earlier.?? Nilima had also came last night only..She can be also that girl.But is she had a interest in drawing..!! I had to ask her..

@Nilima’s room..

Nilima is talking on the phone with her mom..

Nilima – yupp mom..I reached here safe n sound..

Mom – Oh thats grt n what about sanskar..??

Nilima – He is also good..

Mom – ohh..Did u talk with him..?? See nilima now we can’t miss this chance..U know na last time our plan got failed becoz of ur stupidity..

Nilima smirking – I know mom..But u don’t worry this time i don’t give a single chance to sanskar to avoid me..U just start the preperation of our wedding…When i will come at home ur son in law will be in front of u after all he is a golden fish for us..

Mom – yess..Ok i will talk u later..Bye..

Nilima – Bye..

She cuts the call n as she turns sanskar is standing on door making a serious yet with suspicious eyes..

Nilima stutters – wo..ah…ma..main…main..mom..

San – I got to know everything ..

Nilima – What u get to know sanky..??

San – It’s u who made all the designs of dresses..

Nilima confusedly – Dresses..!!! Design..!!

San happily- Oh come on nilima now don’t do acting infront of me..I know u like sketching from childhood n u came last night only n made my all designs..U r grt nilima..U r grt..

Nilima remincises last night incidence..

Nilima enters in the bungalow at late night..She dialed dai ma’s number n tells her to open the gate..

Nilima knocks the door but it is already open..She enters inside..She saw swara sketching something on paper n sanskar sleeping..She thinks to wake up sanskar but reminding his anger she stops there only..She goes from there n in the way dai ma met her..

@fb ends..

Nilima – Sanskar actually that design are…She stops in a mid (in her mind) No..no..nilima what r u doing..?? See sanskar is so much happy with u becoz of that designs..If u want to impress sanskar then say that u only made that designs..

Sanskar waves his hand in front of her eyes..

San – hello..Nilima where u were lost..??

Nilima making innocent face – yess..sanskar actually i don’t wanna tell u this..But now if u get to know this then yess i only made those designs…

San happily – U don’t know nilima what a big favour u done on me..Come with me i wanna share this with everyone..

N he drags nilima out..

San ( descending the stairs) -Dai ma..Ramu kaka..Everyone come here..

Everyone gathers in the hall including swara..

San – Dai ma u know what..I got that project on which i am doing hardwork since 3 months..

Dai ma happily – Really..!! It’s a grt news sanskar..

Everyone gets happy..Swara also smiles that he got the project..

San – Nd u know dai ma becoz of whom i got this project..Becoz of whom’s design i got this deal..

Swara (in her mind) – Omg..Did he get to know everything..?? No..no..If sanskar has get to know everything then he will again shout on me..Oh god plzz save me..

Swara closes her eyes due to fear..

San – It is all becoz of nilima..

Swara open her eyes with a jerk n give a what the hell.. look

San – yess dai ma..She only made all those designs becoz of which i got this deal..N See her stupidity she is not at all telling me..

Dai ma – Is this truth nilima..??

Nilima shyingly – jii dai ma..Actually i don’t wanna praise myself from my own mouth..

Swara (in her mind) – What this is all happening..?? I made the designs n credit is going to nilima..This is not fair..

Sanskar saw towards swara who is lost in her thoughts..

San – Why u r standing like this..?? Swara comes out of the thought.. Go n brought some sweets from the kitchen..After all this is the celebration time..

Swa – yess..

She goes from there murmuring angrily..

Swara taking out the sweets..

Swa angrily – This is not fair..Whole night i am doing the hardwork n all credit goes to that nilima..(thinks for a while)But i only wants this na..I only want that Mr.khadus didn’t gets to know about my those designs..Then why i am feeling hurted..??

Dai ma calls out swara’s name..

Swara – jii maa coming..

She goes out taking sweets in her hand..She gives everyone the sweets..

San – Nilima..Actually our company has to cover a very big event..So i want u to join in my company as costume designer.. only for this event..

Nilima gets scared becoz she doesn’t know the D of designing..So how can she become a costume designer of “SR Fashion” company..

Nilima stutters – San..skar..how ….i…ca…n..

San – Come on plzz don’t say no u r my last hope plzz help me..

Nilima fake smiles – ok..

San – Thanks nilima..n he gave a casual hug to her..But this hug only takes nilima to her own dream land..Which can’t be completed..

Swara looks on to them sadly..

Suddenly swara’s phone rings n she goes from there to pick the call..

Swa happily – hello baba!!! How r u..??

Shek – I am good..Tell about urself everything is going fine na..

Swa – yess baba..

Shek – N howzz ur work is going on..??

Swara reminds that she doesn’t get any job till now..

Swa stutters – y..e..sss…yess baba all going well..

Shek – oh thats good..

Swa – Baba…Is the loan’s matter is sorted..??

Shek stammers – ya..yaa..beta..Ever..ything is sorted..Some prblm is still there but u don’t i will manage it..U just concentrate on ur work..Ok bye beta..

Swa gets to know that his father is lying becoz whenever he speaks lie he stammers..

Swa sadly – ok bye baba take care..

Shek smilingly – u too..

In swara’s eyes tears formed..

Swara – I m not a good daughter..I can’t help u..I am sorry baba..I m not a good daughter…

A voice came No no u r a very good daughter..

Swara turns n saw nilima standing on the door smiling evilly..

Nilima – U r a very gud daughter swara..N if its the matter of money then i can help u..

Swara confusedly – Excuse me..

Nilima fake smiles n comes to swara n keep her hands on swara’s shoulder..

Nilima – I listened all ur talks n by that i guessed that u have some prblm of money n need a job n i can help u out in this situation..

Swara angrily – Thanks but i can manage..N i don’t need anyone favour..

Nilima saw her tevar n gets angry she thinks in her mind Do takee ki naukrani aur itna tevar..(she is a mere servant n had so much attitude..)

Nilima – Miss.Swara..I am not doing any favour on u becoz Nilima Mishra hates anyone’s favour n doing favour..I want something in return of money..

Swara confusedly – What can i give u..??

Nilima – Well..I saw u last night sketching those designs n i also know that all that beautiful designs are made by u but…

Swara – But..!!!

Nilima – As u know sanky thinks that i made all those designs so from now all those designs are made if anybody asks u about those designs then clearly say that all the things are made by me..N one more from tommorow u will come with me to sanskar’s ofc as my assistant n see all the works..In short all the things were made by u but the credit u will give it to me…Don’t worry u will be well paid off for this..

Swara – But this is wrong..??

Nilima laughs – Miss.Swara Everything is fair in love n war..Now its ur decision u wanna help ur baba with those money or apne uss sacchai ke raaste par chlna hai..(or u have to go on ur truth path..)

Nilima goes from there smirking..Swara goes in deep thoughts..

Precap – Sanskar’s dilemma..

Huff…Done with this chappy i hope u liked it n yaa next update will be on SATURDAY..So till then stay tuned n yaa don’t forget to give ur wonderful comments..

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